Monday, January 21, 2013

While DC Preacher Calls GOP "Enemies," Obama Seeks "Fuller Understanding" Of Jihadist Attack In Algeria

It may be January 21, 2013, but we're living once again in a 9/10 America.

After a deadly hostage situation in Algeria, the work of Al-Queda, Richard Milhous Obama has hardly addressed the situation, including the killing of one American and other Americans who were taken hostage.

But he's seeking to "fully understand" what happened (Reuters, via FreeRepublic).
President Barack Obama offered on Saturday to provide any assistance the Algerian government needs after a deadly hostage siege at a desert gas plant and said the United States was seeking a "fuller understanding" from Algerian authorities of what took place there.
"The thoughts and prayers of the American people are with the families of all those who were killed and injured in the terrorist attack in Algeria," Obama said in his first comments on the hostage crisis.
Obama's written statement was issued by the White House after the Algerian army carried out a dramatic final assault to end a siege by Islamist militants in which 23 hostages were killed, many of them believed to be foreigners.
The statement made no mention of Americans who were caught up in the hostage crisis.
Reports show that the al-Queda jihadists wanted to "slaughter" the Americans at the gas plant and even said “We’ve come in the name of Islam, to teach the Americans what Islam is.”

A lot of us learned that on 9/11/2001. But too many have forgotten because that day has become a national day of service thanks to Obama.  What happened at Ft. Hood was "workplace violence," and Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11 last year was because of an idiotic, obscure YouTube video.

Never mind that we have real enemies who want to kill all Americans, Obama went to a liberal racist black "church" in Washington DC yesterday, and those of us who believe in the Constitution and liberty were branded as "enemies" (Breitbart, via Newsbusterrs).
At Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, Braxton reportedly crafted his speech around Obama’s personal political slogan: “Forward!”

Obama, said Braxton, was just like Moses facing the Red Sea: “forward is the only option … The people couldn’t turn around. The only thing that they could do was to go forward.” Obama, said Braxton, would have to overcome all obstacles – like opposition from Republicans, presumably, or the bounds of the Constitution.  
Braxton continued, “Mr. President, stand on the rock,” citing to Moses standing on Mount Horeb as his people camped outside the land of Israel.

But it wasn’t enough to compare Obama with the founder of Judaism and the prophet of the Bible. Braxton added that Obama’s opponents were like the Biblical enemies of Moses, and that Obama would have to enter the battle because“sometimes enemies insist on doing it the hard way.”

The service ended with the pastor leading the crowd in a chant of “Forward.” 
Why didn't they just say "Seig Heil" or "Il Douche?"

This is why Republicans like Boehner and McConnell irritate me so much with their nice guy attitude towards Obama and Democrats. Obama and the Democrats treat criminals and Islamic terrorists as "victims" or "imperialist oppression." But those of us who believe in the Constitution and oppose their socialist agenda are called "the enemy."

Really? Worse than al-Queda.

Well, as far as I'm concerned, al-Queda is a foreign enemy. But those who want to dismantle the foundation on which this nation was founded and "fundamentally transform" this nation are domestic enemies.

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