Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WH Communication Director: US Political System Not Worthy Of Obama

From White House Dossier:
This has been around for a couple of days, but I wanted to make sure you saw it.
One of President Obama’s top advisers suggested to the Washington Post the other day that neither Republicans nor the American political system are “worthy” of Obama’s political agenda.
“There’s a moment of opportunity now that’s important,” said White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer . “What’s frustrating is that we don’t have a political system or an opposition party worthy of the opportunity.”
Checks and balances are a cruel thing when you are trying to do great things that Republicans couldn’t possibly understand, I know. But because of those idiots who founded our country, that’s the system we got, Dan.
People should understand that Pfeiffer is not just the West Wing Minister of propaganda. He’s a smart political veteran who is one of a small handful of aides deeply trusted by the president. If he thinks this way, you can be sure the attitude is pervasive and extends straight to the top.
This guy is such a megalomaniac. Remember when "Dingy" Harry Reid bragged about a speech to That One and he responded, "I have a gift."?  Not a thank you, or any kind of humility, but an attitude of utter arrogance. That alone is proof that what Pfeiffer says is what Obama believes about himself. 

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