Thursday, January 31, 2013

Terry McAuliffe, VA Democrat Candidate For Governor, Friends With Doctor Linked To Sen. Menendez Sex Scandal

More is becoming known about the sex scandal involving New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez that broke right before the November elections and not shown a lot of interest by the activist lapdog media.

The Daily Caller, via Riehl World News, reports that:
In a little-noticed email published online Wednesday by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a young Dominican woman wrote nine months ago that she slept with 59-year-old New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez at a series of sex parties organized by Dr. Salomon Melgen, a longtime Menendez campaign donor.
That Senator also likes the youngest and newest girls,” the woman wrote on April 21, 2002, according to an English translation provided to The Daily Caller by a native Spanish speaker.
Menendez office is, as usual for a liberal, playing the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" card, while Dr. Melgen's offices were recently raided by the FBI.

The Miami Herald reported that Melgen has been linked to other politicians via fundraisers:

Among the politicians whom Melgen has befriended, and for whom he has hosted private fundraisers at his 5,000-square-foot home: former U.S. Sens. Christopher Dodd and Bob Graham, late Florida Gov. Lawton Chiles — who also was a patient of Melgen’s — former President Bill Clinton, and Leonel Fern├índez, former president of the Dominican Republic.
(Patricia) Goodman (former office admin for the doctor) noted that Bill and Hillary Clinton vacationed at the doctor’s home in Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, and that he became good friends with Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee chairman and co-chair of Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign.
“He used to go to Dr. Melgen’s home in Casa de Campo and play golf all the time,’’ Goodman said of McAuliffe.
Behind Melgen’s conspicuous success and powerful friendships, though, Goodman said, she also saw a man who behaved recklessly in his private life.
“There were things going on that I didn’t like, not necessarily in the office,’’ she said. “His personal life got to take a toll on me.’’
So much so, Goodman said, that she declined to return to work for Melgen in 1999 after she was diagnosed with cancer.
McAuliffe, part of Clinton's hillbilly mafia, is now running for governor of Virginia as a Democrat this year.  He's also the guy who made a small investment in a company called Global Crossings, then walked away with a bundle when the company went under and all the little people the Democrats claim to care so much about were left unemployed and with nothing.

Now I'm not saying McAuliffe is fooling around with underage hookers or accusing him of such, but it seems the doctor is a pretty disreputable character. Since McAuliffe is, according to the Miami Herald, good friends with the doctor, he needs to answer questions about it.

Virginia, be forewarned!

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