Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Media Outrage Based On A Lie: Sandy Hook Victim's Father Heckeled By 2nd Amendment Supporters

It's the phantom "n-word" supposedly yelled at the Congressional Black Caucus, so the Tea Party can be slandered as "RAAAAAACISTS" all over again.

This time, since the activist Obama Lapdog Media is carrying the water for their false Messiah and liberal Democrats who want to seize your guns, supporters of the Second Amendment need to be slandered with false attacks to gin up outrage at them.

Michelle Malkin's website Twitchy has been on top of this story of how the activist media has been claiming the father of a Sandy Hook shooting victim was "heckled" by Second Amendment supporters.

Except (as the video below shows) he wasn't heckled. He'd asked a question and members of the audience responded (starts at 15:00).

But that still hasn't stopped the activist media (MSNBC, Piers Morgan, the George Soro$ funded Media Mutters, the Huffington Toast, the failed banjo picker/blogger Charles "Icarus" Johnson), that no-talent Moby, the hateful athiest Richard Dawkins, and the phony conservative from Canada, David Fruuuuum, from "repeating the same lie over and over."

So if you hear about how those (as liberals say) "gun nuts" heckled a Newtown shooting victim's father, you can show them this video or send them to Twitchy.

Because you are armed with the truth now.  Don't let these bastards in the activist media get away with their lies.

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