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Terry McAuliffe, VA Democrat Candidate For Governor, Friends With Doctor Linked To Sen. Menendez Sex Scandal

More is becoming known about the sex scandal involving New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez that broke right before the November elections and not shown a lot of interest by the activist lapdog media.

The Daily Caller, via Riehl World News, reports that:
In a little-noticed email published online Wednesday by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a young Dominican woman wrote nine months ago that she slept with 59-year-old New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez at a series of sex parties organized by Dr. Salomon Melgen, a longtime Menendez campaign donor.
That Senator also likes the youngest and newest girls,” the woman wrote on April 21, 2002, according to an English translation provided to The Daily Caller by a native Spanish speaker.
Menendez office is, as usual for a liberal, playing the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" card, while Dr. Melgen's offices were recently raided by the FBI.

The Miami Herald reported that Melgen has been linked to other politicians via fundraisers:

Among the politicians whom Melgen has befriended, and for whom he has hosted private fundraisers at his 5,000-square-foot home: former U.S. Sens. Christopher Dodd and Bob Graham, late Florida Gov. Lawton Chiles — who also was a patient of Melgen’s — former President Bill Clinton, and Leonel Fern├índez, former president of the Dominican Republic.
(Patricia) Goodman (former office admin for the doctor) noted that Bill and Hillary Clinton vacationed at the doctor’s home in Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, and that he became good friends with Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee chairman and co-chair of Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign.
“He used to go to Dr. Melgen’s home in Casa de Campo and play golf all the time,’’ Goodman said of McAuliffe.
Behind Melgen’s conspicuous success and powerful friendships, though, Goodman said, she also saw a man who behaved recklessly in his private life.
“There were things going on that I didn’t like, not necessarily in the office,’’ she said. “His personal life got to take a toll on me.’’
So much so, Goodman said, that she declined to return to work for Melgen in 1999 after she was diagnosed with cancer.
McAuliffe, part of Clinton's hillbilly mafia, is now running for governor of Virginia as a Democrat this year.  He's also the guy who made a small investment in a company called Global Crossings, then walked away with a bundle when the company went under and all the little people the Democrats claim to care so much about were left unemployed and with nothing.

Now I'm not saying McAuliffe is fooling around with underage hookers or accusing him of such, but it seems the doctor is a pretty disreputable character. Since McAuliffe is, according to the Miami Herald, good friends with the doctor, he needs to answer questions about it.

Virginia, be forewarned!

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Read more here:

NAME & SHAME EM - GOP Senators Who Side With Dems To Stop Amendment Forbiding F-16 Sale to Egypt

At the same time they are wanting to disarm American citizens, the Obama Regime wants to give the Muslim Brotherhood run Egypt some of our F-16 fighter jets and tanks.

Sen. Rand Paul recently proposed an amendment to stop the transfer of this advanced technology to the Muslim Brotherhood, but that amendment was tabled today by a vote of 79 to 19.

In other words, every Democrat in the US Senate wants to give the Muslim Brotherhood these weapons, as well as most Republicans.

Via The Right Scoop, who has the roll call vote, here are the names of the Republicans who voted along with the liberal Democrats to side the Muslim Brotherhood
Alexander (R-TN), Ayotte (R-NH), Barrasso (R-WY), Blunt (R-MO), Burr (R-NC), Chambliss (R-GA), Coburn (R-OK), Cochran (R-MS),Collins (R-ME), Corker (R-TN), Enzi (R-WY), Flake (R-AZ), Graham (R-SC), Hatch (R-UT), Hoeven (R-ND), Inhofe (R-OK), Isakson (R-GA), Johanns (R-NE), Johnson (R-WI), Kirk (R-IL), McCain (R-AZ), McConnell (R-KY), Murkowski (R-AK), Portman (R-OH), Toomey (R-PA), Wicker (R-MS )

Shame on all of them.

Sen. Paul, according to the Bridget Johnson at PJ Tattler, is now making the amendment a stand-alone bill that would...
“prohibit the sale, lease, transfer, retransfer, or delivery of F-16 aircraft, M1 tanks, or certain other defense articles or services to the Government of Egypt.”
“I think this is particularly unwise since Egypt is currently governed by a religious zealot, a religious zealot who said recently that ‘Jews were bloodsuckers and descendants of apes and pigs.’ This doesn’t sound like the kind of stable personality we would be sending our most sophisticated weapons to,” Paul said.
“I think it is a grave mistake to send F-16s and tanks to a country that detained American citizens on trumped up political charges. On a country that currently is still detaining Egyptian citizens on trumped-up political charges.”
On 2016 watch, Paul will be delivering a “major foreign policy speech” on Feb. 6 at the Heritage Foundation here in Washington.
It's more than just unwise, it's absolute insanity to give our enemies these weapons.

It's good to see Sen. Paul take the leadership on this.  Similarly, it is refreshing to see the new Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, come on in support of this and also sliced and diced Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel. We all know Hagel the RINO was nominated because he, like Obama, hates Israel, and Obama could blame any crippling of our defenses to a Republican (in name only), in his efforts to destroy the party.

Right now, we need a lot more Ted Cruz's and Rand Pauls in the US Senate.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Economy Shrinks In 4th Quarter, But Obama, Libs Pass The Buck

How's that Wreckcovery Winter working out for you, Richard Milhous Obama?

The U.S. economy posted a stunning drop of 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter, defying expectations for slow growth and possibly providing incentive for more Federal Reserve stimulus.
The economy shrank from October through December for the first time since the recession ended, hurt by the biggest cut in defense spending in 40 years, fewer exports and sluggish growth in company stockpiles.
But the Regime, and the liberal Democrats are quick to pass the responsibility onto.....Republicans! (The Hill, via Michelle Malkin/Doug Powers)
White House press secretary Jay Carney laid the blame for a surprise economic contraction squarely at the feet of congressional Republicans Wednesday, saying economic threats during the “fiscal cliff” negotiations had prevented important defense spending.
“Our economy is facing major headwinds, and that’s Republicans in Congress,” Carney said.
In other words, nothing is ever the fault of the Chicago Jesus.

Notice that the press has been mostly quiet about this today?

Obama sure inherited a mess in his second term, and he's not blaming his predecessor this time!

Whistlestop Train Tour & 3,600 Events Planned This Week For National School Choice Week

Liberals only like talking about one type of "choice." But when it comes for choice in giving the best education options for your children, well, they don't want you to have that.

Various events, including a whistle stop train tour are occurring this week as part of National Choice Week.

Planned by a diverse and nonpartisan coalition of individuals and organizations, National School Choice Week features special events and activities that highlight support for school choice programs and proposals. The effort is a collaboration of more than 200 partner organizations, which each use the week to advance their own messages of educational opportunity while uniting with like-minded organizations across the country.
National School Choice Week believes that parents should be empowered to choose the best educational environments for their children and supports a variety of school choice options -- from encouraging increased access to great public schools, to public charter schools, magnet schools, virtual schools, private schools, homeschooling and more.

3,600 events have been planned across the nation. You can go here to find an event near you.

The train tour winds up this Saturday, Feb. 2 in New York, NY. You can find out more here.

New Media Outrage Based On A Lie: Sandy Hook Victim's Father Heckeled By 2nd Amendment Supporters

It's the phantom "n-word" supposedly yelled at the Congressional Black Caucus, so the Tea Party can be slandered as "RAAAAAACISTS" all over again.

This time, since the activist Obama Lapdog Media is carrying the water for their false Messiah and liberal Democrats who want to seize your guns, supporters of the Second Amendment need to be slandered with false attacks to gin up outrage at them.

Michelle Malkin's website Twitchy has been on top of this story of how the activist media has been claiming the father of a Sandy Hook shooting victim was "heckled" by Second Amendment supporters.

Except (as the video below shows) he wasn't heckled. He'd asked a question and members of the audience responded (starts at 15:00).

But that still hasn't stopped the activist media (MSNBC, Piers Morgan, the George Soro$ funded Media Mutters, the Huffington Toast, the failed banjo picker/blogger Charles "Icarus" Johnson), that no-talent Moby, the hateful athiest Richard Dawkins, and the phony conservative from Canada, David Fruuuuum, from "repeating the same lie over and over."

So if you hear about how those (as liberals say) "gun nuts" heckled a Newtown shooting victim's father, you can show them this video or send them to Twitchy.

Because you are armed with the truth now.  Don't let these bastards in the activist media get away with their lies.

Monday, January 28, 2013

"Comprehensive" Immigration Reform: We've Heard This Song Before & Why Now?

Never mind that America still has an economy that has (despite all the propaganda from the Obama Regime and their media mouthpieces) not recovered and has a lower labor participation rate than four years ago, the Senate, led by the usual RINO suspects want to give more amnesty under the guise of "comprehensive immigration reform."

Tea Party superstar Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio wrote a column in the Las Vegas Review Journal that illustrated his proposal.  Some parts of it I can agree with. However, for the most part, it's the "same as it ever was" (to quote The Talking Heads).

Do we need immigration reform?  Yes. But a defacto amnesty is not the solution.  And, why are we doing it now when we still have Americans who cannot find work?

Rubio and his "Gang of Eight" including RINOs John McLame and his lapdog Lindsey Grahamnesty, along with libs "Tiny" Dick Turbin and Chuck Schumer, the ambulance chaser from Brooklyn, put forward a proposal that supposedly gets tough on immigration in exchange for a "pathway to citizenship" for the 11 million estimated illegal aliens currently in America.

But what guarantees do we have that the immigration laws will be enforced and the border secured?  That was part of the reason that Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens in the Simpson/Mazzoli act of 1986--it was on the assurances that immigration law would be enforced.  What happened?  Just like the liberal "tax increases for budget cuts" the 1986 amnesty was not followed by serious border enforcement.

This does not include the inability for immigration enforcement to enforce visa violators. Michelle Malkin has examples of that, including several of the 9/11 hijackers and other radical jiahdists.

Sure, there needs to be immigration reform to encourage legal immigration. How about getting rid of the red tape that legal immigrants must go through?  Keeping track of visa violators?  Before there is any talk of any "pathways to citizenship" how about securing our nation's borders so that we know who is coming in to our nation?

Really, what McLame, Grahamnesty and the sellout Marco Rubio are doing is bowing to the demands of the liberals and their elite media lapdogs, who have convinced the Republican establishment that the only way to victory and gaining more Latino votes is to give amnesty.  As recent history has shown, when the elite media and liberals say "JUMP," there are many RINOs in Congress who are quick to say "how high?"

Problem is, most Americans want a secure border and reject amnesty. Polling quoted here from after the election showed that.

Keep in mind too that the 2007 McLame/Bush amnesty was only killed by the American people, which was in many ways, the first spark of the Tea Party movement that rose up two years later. It's going to be up to all of us again to make our voices heard and stop this.

Daily Caller: Bodyguard For Media Matters Founder Carried Illegal Weapon

Maybe David Gregory Can Help Them Escape Prosecution

In light of the Leftists' war on the Second Amendment, the Daily Caller breaks a story this morning about the paranoid founder of the George Soro$ funded smear machine Media Mutters, David Crock, who the DC has learned had a bodyguard who carried illegal weapons.
According to a knowledgeable source, multiple firearms used to protect the Media Matters founder were purchased with Brock’s blessing — and apparently with the group’s money.
TheDC has previously reported that Brock’s one-time aide, Haydn Price-Morris, carried a concealed Glock handgun as he traveled with the liberal leader to public events in Washington, D.C. (RELATED: Sources, memos reveal erratic behavior, Media Matters’ close coordination with White House and news organizations)
But the extent of Brock’s armed activities have been largely unknown until now, even among those closest to him. An array of current and former Media Matters sources, all with intimate knowledge about the inner workings of the organization, granted extensive interviews to TheDC.
Brock, whose struggles with mental health have seen him hospitalized in the past, became increasingly concerned by late 2010 that he was being targeted by right-wing assassins.
TheDC has learned that by that time, Brock had armed his assistant — who had no permit to carry a concealed firearm — with a Glock handgun.
According to an internal email exchange obtained by TheDC, the gun was purchased with cash in Maryland, likely to diminish the chances such a purchase would appear on the tax-exempt group’s books.
Between Price-Morris’ early 2009 arrival and late 2010 departure from Media Matters, he also acquired a shotgun for Brock’s protection.
Well, yeah, the law is the law. But as we all know, it's who you know that matters.  So if the Washington DC authorities begin an investigation into Crock, Media Mutters and Price-Morris, all the Left wing group has to do is go to David Gregory for help to get out of any prosecution.

Because the elites always have a way of taking care of each other, never mind that any other person would go to jail for the same crime.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dictator Obama: If Not For Rush Limbaugh & Fox News, We'd Get Something Done

Someone is to blame for his failures, and this time, it the freedom to question Dear Leader that is the problem (Ben Shapiro,
In a sycophantic interview with The New Republic, conducted by former campaign staffer Chris Hughes and leftist writer Franklin Foer, President Obama suggested that he had all the answers to the pressing issues facing America and therefore no compromise was necessary with Republicans. He added that Republicans should compromise. And if those Republicans don’t compromise, Obama suggested that the fault would lie at the feet of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh – and that the calculus had to be changed to force Fox News and Limbaugh to stop holding Republicans accountable to conservatism.
...That opposition, said Obama, has to be forced to embrace his positions:
And I think if you talk privately to Democrats and Republicans, particularly those who have been around for a while, they long for the days when they could socialize and introduce bipartisan legislation and feel productive. So I don't think the issue is whether or not there are people of goodwill in either party that want to get something done. I think what we really have to do is change some of the incentive structures so that people feel liberated to pursue some common ground. One of the biggest factors is going to be how the media shapes debates. If a Republican member of Congress is not punished on Fox News or by Rush Limbaugh for working with a Democrat on a bill of common interest, then you'll see more of them doing it.
How, exactly, will Obama achieve changing that incentive structure, exactly? Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are a free press. But according to Obama, that media must apparently be curbed. The media on the left, however, need not be curbed, because “more left-leaning media outlets recognize that compromise is not a dirty word.”
Some of this goes in with what I'd written about earlier.  Obama, his party, the media, entertainment, are the elite. They think they know it all when, in reality, they know nothing. Their ideas are failures, but they live in a bubble from the rest of the world, people like you and I.

The problem is, there's this little roadblock called the Constitution of the United States of America.  Right know, there are two amendments that are in the crosshairs of this megalomaniac Obama--the First Amendment and the Second Amendment.  They're attacking the Second Amendment, and the quicker they can disarm America, they faster they can shut us up.

This is only part of the danger...

Two Americas -- Was John Edwards (Partially) Right?

Blogger extraordinaire Ace of Spades hit a nerve with many of us in the blogosphere (see Legal Insurrection and Gateway Pundit, among others) and conservative movement, in a recent post about how the media and government are practically one.
It's important.
I already mentioned the media's Hillary Tributes, but there's even more of it.
And I've mentioned this before, but I'm truly alarmed about it: What we are witnessing is the full and seamless fusion of media power with government power.
The media used to hide it a bit, in their actions; they would temper their scorn of conservatism, throw them a bone now and again just to prove they were capable of such a thing.
No longer. The media no longer hides it in their actions. They are fully fused with the Obama Administration and DNC. The only way in which they do hide it is by simply lying when confronted about it: They'll issue a snide denial, then go about doing precisely what it is they were accused of doing.
This is dangerous and unhealthy. I keep banging this drum but honestly, some patriotic billionaires do have to band together to purchase or build a media outlet. The outlet would be founded upon a simple premise: that it is dangerous and ultimately fatal for democracy for media power to fuse with government power, that the adversarial press is vital.
Go read the rest. Ace is right on the money. The testimony by Hillary on Benghazi and the media reaction confirmed what I always believed, that if Nixon would have been Obama, he'd have gotten away with Watergate.

But I must say that, as dangerous as the "Democrat Media Complex" is, it is only part of the problem.  It is wider than just the media.

Remember when John "the Breck Girl" Edwards talked about "Two Americas?" He used this argument of two Americas to attack "straw men" that the Left commonly attacked--corporations, health-insurance companies, Big Oil, the rich--to make the working class feel as if they were being screwed.  In other words, the same old class warfare.

To the extent Edwards was partially right, there are Two Americas.  It can be summed up in terms of red states vs. blue states. Or, as I see it, the elites vs. the people who make this nation work.

Who are the elites? Richard Milhous Obama, the Clintons, Algore, most of the Democrat Party leadership and elected officials, even John Edwards.  There are also Republican elites, though they may not act like Republicans (Colin Powell, Susan Eisenhower, the RINO establishment). The elites are also their ultra-wealthy donors who live off investments and trust fund babies who attack and punish wealth creation and creators out of their own guilt.

Then there's those who "get the message out" for their fellow elites: the media (centered in the Capitols of Elitism--New York, DC), the entertainment industry, the heads of the labor and education unions, and the academia in higher education who continue the Leftist indoctrination after the 12 years of government schooling.  They are part of the elite, but more importantly, they are the main way in which the message is passed out to the rest of us via educational and pop-culture indoctrination.

The elites live in the big cities, while looking down over "flyover country" with contempt.  They talk alot about "diversity," but if you look in their exclusive neighborhoods, you can't find any of the diversity they claim to champion.  Those of us who are not in the elite are looked at as "bitter clingers" who "cling to guns and religion," as Obama said to an elite gathering in San Francisco.  We're a bunch of hayseed, hick, rednecks who, in the mind of the elites, have a "backwards" view of the world...too much black and white thinking, not enough gray.  They send their kids to elite, private schools, but do not want the rest of us to have "choice" in where to send our children to school (Abortion is the only choice we're supposed to have, according to the elites).

The elites in the political class act as if all rights come from them, which is contrary to what our Founding Fathers thought (rights come from our Creator). The political class think their job is to dictate to us what to do; not the way the Founders saw it (the government works for us).

As an example of this, look at California liberal elitist Senator Dianne Feinstein's gun-grabbing proposal.  Who does it target?  Law abiding citizens who simply exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for sporting and for self-defense. But since an armed society is a threat to the elites who would take our liberties, they have to find a way to disarm us. So, they use tragedy to play on emotions.  But of course, if you look at the fine print, the government elites exempt themselves from this gun-grabbing law. Just like Obamacare. It doesn't apply to the political class who make the law, or to their friends (labor unions, etc), but only the rest of us.  The political class has their own retirement funded by taxpayers, but the rest of us can't privatize our Socialist Security (or you're forced to give it up if you've received a pension, in some states).

This idea has been on my mind over the past few months, leading up to the election, and especially after the Inauguration and the Benghazi testimony.  The "Democrat Media Complex" is part of it. Along with other bloggers, I plan to do my part in exposing this where I see it, as well as the actions of the elitism in entertainment and academia.  We not only have to expose it, but also run counter to it, and make inroads into these arenas of thought and break the monopoly of the elites.

A Rebuke To CA Gun Grabber Dianne Feinstein...Long Lines At Orange Co. CA Gun Show

Even in ultra liberal California, people understand how precious the Second Amendment is.

Donald Douglas at American Power was at the gun show in Orange County, CA. You can read his entire report here.

He reports that there were long lines getting not only into the show:

But also to get ammunition, which people are having a hard time finding these days.

Somewhere, the gun grabbing Senator from California Dianne Feinstein is disappointed. Which is great! Now, if we could get enough of these people to purge these freedom hating liberals from office at the ballot box, California and America would be in better shape.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hillary "What Difference Does It Make?" Rep. Duncan, "I'll Tell You..."

Secretary of State Hillary Rotten Clinton finally showed up on Capitol Hill today to testify on the lingering questions that have not been answered in regards to BenghaziGate, the attack on the US Consulate in Libya on September 11, 2012.

Unfortunately, in the Senate, it looked as though the DC Political Class was protecting themselves. Democrats, proving why they are the Party of Treason, stood by Hillary and Obama's lies while attacking the GOP and "budget cuts."

The only two bright points in the Senate today was questions by Sen. Ron Johnson.

After which Hillary responded in the manner that has earned her the comparison of...

Sen. Johnson was followed soon by Sen. Rand Paul who, let's just say, "knocked it out of the park!"

As Sen. Paul noted, $80 million was spent on a consulate that is not going to be built.  Plus, Sen. Paul did not note how $70,000 in taxpayer funds was spent on an "apology" video in which Richard Milhous Obama and Hillary Rotten appeared that was shown in Pock-EE-Sthan, back when the Obama Regime was blaming an obscure YouTube video for the attacks.
But it got better in the House, as Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina set the Hildebeast straight on Why It Makes A Difference (video via NiceDeb).

Of course, neigher Hillary or the Regime will answer why not only were warnings of an attacks ignored, but a State Department website was scrubbed of a memo stating no threat warnings for 9/11/2012.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sharyl Attkisson, A Real Journalist, Seeks Answers From Obama Regime On BenghaziGate

I've been really glad to see someone, especially at notoriously liberal CBS, do some real watchdog work that is worthy of the title "Journalist." (Twitchy).

CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has been one of the few members of the media willing to hold the Obama Administration’s feet to the fire over Benghazigate. Despite Obama et al.’s toxic mixture of silence, prevarication, and obfuscation, Attkisson has doggedly pursued the truth about the September 2012 attacks that left four Americans dead. Today, she spotlighted the list of questions that the Obama Administration has yet to answer:
Attkisson's questions, which she posted via Twitter:
What time was Ambassador’s Stevens’ body recovered, what are the known details surrounding his disappearance and death, including where he/his body was taken/found/transported and by whom?
Who made the decision not to convene the Counterterrorism Security Group (CSG) the night of the Benghazi attacks?  
We understand that convening the CSG a protocol under Presidential directive (“NSPD-46”). Is that true? If not, please explain, if so, why was the protocol not followed?  
Is the Administration revising the applicable Presidential directive? If so, please explain.
Who is the highest-ranking official who was aware of pre-911 security requests from US personnel in Libya?  
Who is/are the official(s) responsible for removing reference to al-Qaeda from the original CIA notes?  
Was the President aware of Gen. Petraeus’ potential problems prior to Thurs., Nov. 8, 2012? And What was the earliest that any White House official was aware? Please provide details.  
What is your response to the President stating that on Sept. 12, he called 911 a terrorist attack, in light of his CBS interview on that date in which he answered that it was too early to know whether it was a terrorist attack? And Does this mean that the Administration would have used them if available?  
Is anyone being held accountable for having no resources close enough to reach this high-threat area within 8+ hours on Sept. 11, and has the Administration taken steps to have resources available sooner in case of emergency in the future?
A Benghazi victim’s family member stated that Mrs. Clinton told him she would find and arrest whoever made the anti-Islam video. Is this accurate? If so, what was Mrs. Clinton’s understanding at the time of what would be the grounds for arrest?  
The Administration is reported to have asked that the anti-Islamist YouTube video initially blamed in Benghazi be removed from YouTube. If true, what is the Administration’s view regarding other videos or future material that it may wish were not published, but are legal?  
What is the Administration's criteria in general for requesting removal of a YouTube or other Internet video?

All questions that need answers, for the families as well as for the nation. Unfortunately, Attkisson noted that "a White House official has indicated they will not be answering these questions."  Even though the Regime promised to be one of the most transparent when they took office in 2009.

One more question that should be asked...What happened to the 30 or so people who survived the attack on the Benghazi consulate?

Back in December, Jonn Lilyea at This Ain't Hell wrote:
I’ve said before that I know someone who is stationed at Landstuhl Hospital in Germany and was in the operation room when casualties from the attack on the consulate in Benghazi arrived there from Libya. This person told me that there were more than 30 casualties that day and the staff at the hospital was pretty busy.
Now, according to Breitbart, Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz claims that the Obama Administration is hiding those folks;
…he has been “thwarted” by the State Department from seeing any Americans who survived the deadly attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi. Many people forget that there were Americans who survived the Benghazi attack, some of whom were badly injured and are still recovering.
“My understanding is that we still have some people in the hospital. I’d like to visit with them and wish them nothing but the best but the State Department has seen it unfit for me to know who those people are—or even how many there are,” Rep. Chaffetz said. “I don’t know who they are. I don’t know where they live. I don’t know what state they’re from. I don’t even know how many there are. It doesn’t seem right to me.”
It seems to me that some of those folks would have some insight into the events of that day which we haven’t heard yet.
Are these survivors being hidden and under whose directive?  Where are they and why have they not been allowed to be questioned by investigators?

Northern Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf has reintroduced legislation calling for a select committee to investigate the Benghazi attack.

Someone needs to get to the bottom of BenghaziGate. This is worse than Watergate and even worse than Monica-Gate, as this involves national security, and also due to the fact that there were lives that were lost because of what happened in Benghazi (as well as Fast and Furious).

There need to be more Sharyl Attkissons and less of the Al Rokers, who call out to That One and Joe Bite Me like teenyboppers at a Justin Bieber concert.  We need more watchdogs instead of lapdogs.

WH Communication Director: US Political System Not Worthy Of Obama

From White House Dossier:
This has been around for a couple of days, but I wanted to make sure you saw it.
One of President Obama’s top advisers suggested to the Washington Post the other day that neither Republicans nor the American political system are “worthy” of Obama’s political agenda.
“There’s a moment of opportunity now that’s important,” said White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer . “What’s frustrating is that we don’t have a political system or an opposition party worthy of the opportunity.”
Checks and balances are a cruel thing when you are trying to do great things that Republicans couldn’t possibly understand, I know. But because of those idiots who founded our country, that’s the system we got, Dan.
People should understand that Pfeiffer is not just the West Wing Minister of propaganda. He’s a smart political veteran who is one of a small handful of aides deeply trusted by the president. If he thinks this way, you can be sure the attitude is pervasive and extends straight to the top.
This guy is such a megalomaniac. Remember when "Dingy" Harry Reid bragged about a speech to That One and he responded, "I have a gift."?  Not a thank you, or any kind of humility, but an attitude of utter arrogance. That alone is proof that what Pfeiffer says is what Obama believes about himself. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Radical Leftist Dept Of (In)Justice Lawyer Brags About Starting Crowd Booing Of Paul Ryan

If you had been online or following the coronation of Richard Milhous Obama today, you would have heard news that Rep. (and former GOP Vice Presidential Candidate) Paul Ryan was booed by a crowd of Obamabots today.

Ben Howe, via Twitter, found that a DOJ Lawyer named Dan Freeman bragged on Facebook about starting the crowd booding of Rep. Ryan.

Yes, this is the same Dan Freeman, via his Linkedin page:

More background on Freeman from Robert Knight, writing at American Thinker in 2011.
If you thought the U.S. Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder was already shockingly biased toward far-left causes, get ready for a more permanent problem.

As Hans A. von Spakovsky has outlined in the first of five articles for Pajamas Media about DOJ's Civil Rights Division, Holder has hired 16 civil service employees -- not political appointees -- in the Voting Rights Section. This means they will be part of the permanent bureaucracy.

It's part of an overall trend of loading the Civil Rights Division with card-carrying leftists despite Holder's promise to hire qualified people regardless of ideology.

All of the new hires have radical backgrounds, including several with the ACLU displayed prominently on their resumes. Some specifically oppose measures to curb voter fraud, such as requiring photo I.D.s. Since no conservatives have been hired, Mr. von Spakovsky aptly titled his article

"Every Single One: The Politicized Hiring of Eric Holder's Voting Section."

Daniel Freeman: Mr. Freeman comes to the Voting Section following a fellowship at the New York Civil Liberties Union. He previously interned at the ACLU, where he assisted the organization with its efforts to attack the Bush administration's national security policies. He also helped to challenge the "state secrets privilege" and to support the rights of terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay during an internship at Human Rights First
Who would have thought? A radical Leftist in the Obama/Holder InJustice Department who sided with terrorists that sought to kill Americans, leads in the booing of the GOP running mate.

I'm sure Eric "My People" Holder will probably promote this Leftist scumbag, since his InJustice Department has become the most political in US History.

So much for denouncing name calling, Mister Obama.

Linked by The Lonely Conservative. Thanks!

Inauguration Day Trash - Jan. 21, 2013

I'm sure more photos will be forthcoming, but I wonder if it will compare with what we saw in 2009.

From Jason Mattera, via Twitter:

Here's a larger shot:

Nice Deb, thanks for the link!

Two More Americans Dead In Algeria Attack By Al-Queda

Just breaking, via AP.
A U.S. official says two more Americans were killed in the hostage standoff at a natural gas complex in Algeria, taking the final U.S. death toll to three U.S. citizens.
Seven Americans made it out safely.
The official said Monday that the FBI had recovered the bodies of the Americans and notified their families.
The official had no details on how the Americans died. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak publicly on the matter.
But we were told "Al-Queda has been decimated" from Dear Leader, weren't we?

Meanwhile, Obama is silent trying to understand it all, and I'm sure will spend most of today in his coronation speech attacking those whom a racist preacher in DC called his "enemies."

Not al-Queda mind you, but instead those of us who believe in the Constitution.

God Help America.

While DC Preacher Calls GOP "Enemies," Obama Seeks "Fuller Understanding" Of Jihadist Attack In Algeria

It may be January 21, 2013, but we're living once again in a 9/10 America.

After a deadly hostage situation in Algeria, the work of Al-Queda, Richard Milhous Obama has hardly addressed the situation, including the killing of one American and other Americans who were taken hostage.

But he's seeking to "fully understand" what happened (Reuters, via FreeRepublic).
President Barack Obama offered on Saturday to provide any assistance the Algerian government needs after a deadly hostage siege at a desert gas plant and said the United States was seeking a "fuller understanding" from Algerian authorities of what took place there.
"The thoughts and prayers of the American people are with the families of all those who were killed and injured in the terrorist attack in Algeria," Obama said in his first comments on the hostage crisis.
Obama's written statement was issued by the White House after the Algerian army carried out a dramatic final assault to end a siege by Islamist militants in which 23 hostages were killed, many of them believed to be foreigners.
The statement made no mention of Americans who were caught up in the hostage crisis.
Reports show that the al-Queda jihadists wanted to "slaughter" the Americans at the gas plant and even said “We’ve come in the name of Islam, to teach the Americans what Islam is.”

A lot of us learned that on 9/11/2001. But too many have forgotten because that day has become a national day of service thanks to Obama.  What happened at Ft. Hood was "workplace violence," and Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11 last year was because of an idiotic, obscure YouTube video.

Never mind that we have real enemies who want to kill all Americans, Obama went to a liberal racist black "church" in Washington DC yesterday, and those of us who believe in the Constitution and liberty were branded as "enemies" (Breitbart, via Newsbusterrs).
At Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, Braxton reportedly crafted his speech around Obama’s personal political slogan: “Forward!”

Obama, said Braxton, was just like Moses facing the Red Sea: “forward is the only option … The people couldn’t turn around. The only thing that they could do was to go forward.” Obama, said Braxton, would have to overcome all obstacles – like opposition from Republicans, presumably, or the bounds of the Constitution.  
Braxton continued, “Mr. President, stand on the rock,” citing to Moses standing on Mount Horeb as his people camped outside the land of Israel.

But it wasn’t enough to compare Obama with the founder of Judaism and the prophet of the Bible. Braxton added that Obama’s opponents were like the Biblical enemies of Moses, and that Obama would have to enter the battle because“sometimes enemies insist on doing it the hard way.”

The service ended with the pastor leading the crowd in a chant of “Forward.” 
Why didn't they just say "Seig Heil" or "Il Douche?"

This is why Republicans like Boehner and McConnell irritate me so much with their nice guy attitude towards Obama and Democrats. Obama and the Democrats treat criminals and Islamic terrorists as "victims" or "imperialist oppression." But those of us who believe in the Constitution and oppose their socialist agenda are called "the enemy."

Really? Worse than al-Queda.

Well, as far as I'm concerned, al-Queda is a foreign enemy. But those who want to dismantle the foundation on which this nation was founded and "fundamentally transform" this nation are domestic enemies.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Actor Danny Glover To Texas A&M Students: 2nd Amendment Created To Protect Slavery

Radical far-Left, Communist, race-baiting actor Danny Glover went to the main campus of Texas A&M in College Station to use a Martin Luther King Jr. event to bash whitey and the US Constitution (Campus Reform).
“I don’t know if you know the genesis of the right to bear arms,” he said. “The Second Amendment comes from the right to protect themselves from slave revolts, and from uprisings by Native Americans.”
“A revolt from people who were stolen from their land or revolt from people whose land was stolen from, that’s what the genesis of the second amendment is,” he continued.
...Director of Texas A&M’s Memorial Student Center, Luke Altendorf, told Campus Reform on Friday that the university was unaware of Glover’ talking points prior to his speech.
“I had no idea, we really didn’t know that topic was coming up,” he told Campus Reform. “Someone was asking a question about activism, I think that’s where some of that came from.”
Altendorf declined to say if, or how much the school had paid for Glover’s speech, but said student fees were not used.

In the past, however, the university paid Angela Davis and Harry Belafonte $25,000 for their speeches at the same event.
Altendorf also defended the school’s decision to host those controversial speakers with university resources.
“We didn’t feel those speakers you are referring to are bad decisions on these topics because we want to foster discussion,” he said.
The video recording of the event was captured by members of a student group, the Texas Aggie Conservatives (TAC). That group has also created an online petition blasting Texas A&M for its speaker selections.
Eric Schroeder, chairman of the conservative group, called the event “outrageous.”
“It should be a time for real reflection and respect,” he said referring to the memorial breakfast for King. “Instead, the university pushes a political agenda.”
Schroeder also called on university President Bowen Loftin to make up for the event by inviting a conservative speaker of equal star power.
First of all, racist America haters like Glover are too ignorant to realize the Second Amendment was created as a buffer against a tyrannical government like the kind we see coming from the Obama Regime (that Glover supports).

I'd like to ask Mr. Altendork why a great university like Texas A&M (whose university system I'm alumni of) feels the need to pay thousands of dollars to Communists like Angela Davis (implicated but acquitted in the 1970 murder of a Marin County judge) and Harry Bellacommie (supporter of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez). Glover is also (according to Discover the Networks) a supporter of Cuba's Fidel Castro and appeared with Hugo Chavez as well.

I would challenge Texas A&M University to invite Dr. Alveda King to speak in honor of her uncle, if they want to honor Dr. King. It is sickening how his legacy of a better America for all races and a color blind society has been hijacked by radical liberals who use MLK Day as a day of bashing America and whites as inherantly racist.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Bitter Fruits Of the "Arab Spring"--Terrorism, Hostages, & Death Instead of Democracy

I wonder how many Americans are aware of what has been going on in Africa the last couple of days, or are they addicted to the latest episode of Honey Boo Boo or the "news story" about the football player and his composite girlfriend who allegedly died.

Well, to get up to speed, go visit Donald Douglas at American Power, who has been doing a great job getting the latest information about the spread of radical Islamic terrorism in Algeria and Mali.

From Al Jazeera on Twitter, "BREAKING: 35 hostages and 15 hostage takers killed in Algeria as they tried to move from one plant location to another."

And Telegraph UK has live updates, "Algerian gas field crisis: 35 hostages 'killed by air strikes'."

And France 24 has background on Mokhtar Belmokhtar, who has claimed responsibility for the kidnappings:

Expect updates...

ADDED: At Jawa Report, "
Algeria: Some Hostages, Including Americans, Escaped Captors; Unconfirmed Report: Several Hostages & Their Kidnappers Killed In Algerian Airstrike; FRANCE 24: Hostages Forced To Wear 'Suicide Belts'?"

Also, updates at the Guardian UK, "
Fears for hostages as Algeria launches raid." And at the New York Times, "Hostages’ Fate Is Unclear as Algeria Mounts Rescue Attempt."

More, at background analysis at the New York Times, "
U.S. Sees Hazy Threat From Mali Militants."

Here's this from the Guardian, "David Thomson of France24 flags images circulating on jihadist web sites that glorify Mokhtar Belmokhtar, believed to be behind the raid on the Amenas facility":1:22pm Pacific
: At Reuters, "'We'll kill infidels,' Algeria gunmen told hostage."

And at Foreign Policy, "White House: We don't know if American hostages in Algeria are alive or dead."
Don't know if American hostages are alive or dead? Well, that fills me with a great deal of confidence, as does the White House response (or lack thereof) on the situation in neighboring Mali.  Who knows, give the Regime some time. Maybe they'll find an obscure video on YouTube they can blame it all on, just so they can avoid saying the words "Islamic terrorism."

Robert Stacy McCain tweeted earlier today:

Think of it. Obama and everyone went on and on two years ago about how great the Arab Spring was, that Democracy was taking shape because That One went to Egypt in 2009 and so moved the Arab Street with his Messiah-like oratory that was changing our image in the world in a way that the "cowboy" Bush didn't.

Well, now we see the bitter fruits of the Arab Spring. The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt that is hostile to Israel. Al-Queda in Libya and the deaths of our Ambassador, his aide and two Navy SEALs on the anniversary of 9/11. Now, hostages and deaths in Mali and Algeria while Obama ignores Islamic terrorism, dismantles our military and attacks law abiding citizens as criminals and tries to dismantle our Constitution by executive fiat.

Instead of Democracy, its terrorism, hostages, and death that is taking shape, while Obama is blind to it all.

We've become a 9/10 nation again, I fear.

RINO Chris Christie Protects Gun-Grabber Obama, Attacks NRA Ad

Before Richard Milhous Obama issued his dictatorial decrees (23 of them) against law abiding citizens who own guns, the National Rifle Association released this spot on ad, attacking the elitism of Obama and other liberals whose children have armed protection at private schools, but many public schools are protected only by a "gun-free zone" sign.

Naturally, the Obamabot Media had a cow over this ad and attacked it.

Tonight, Obama got some help from the GOP side, in the form of RINO New Jersey Governor Chris "Krispy Kreme" Christie, who decided to throw his weight around to help his new BFF Obama (Washington ComPost).

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday condemned the new National Rifle Association Web ad that invokes President Obama’s children, the latest move by the prominent Republican to sharply criticize a group closely aligned with his own party.

“To talk about the president’s children or any public officer’s children who have — not by their own choice, but by requirement — to have protection and to use that somehow to try to make a political point I think is reprehensible,” Christie, a potential 2016 White House contender, said at a Thursday news conference. “My children had no choice that I wanted to run for governor. I pretended that they did. I asked them what they thought. But in the end, they had absolutely no choice in whether I ran for governor or not. And they knew that, by the way, when I was asking them, which is why they didn’t spend a whole lot of time answering.”
“But the effects on their lives are significant,” he continued. “And they’re a full couple of steps down from the effect that it would have if, you know, when your father’s president of the United States, and the security concerns that go along with that.”
But you notice Krispy Kreme didn't go after Obama for hiding behind schoolchildren and using them as political props when he made his attacks on lawful gun owners and the Second Amendment of the Constitution yesterday.

So what's it going to be Fat Boy? If using Obama's or any other elitist politicians kids in an ad is wrong, shouldn't Dictator Obama use of kids as political pawns to steal more of our liberties be wrong as well?

Ever since his public embrace of "That One" and gushing over Obama letting him talk to that over hyped draft-dodger Bruce Springsteen, Krispy Kreme has become a useful idiot for Obama in attacking the GOP.  Witness what happened a couple of weeks ago.

Earlier this month, Christie criticized House Speaker John Boehner by name when he blamed the Ohio Republican for House consideration of a Hurricane Sandy relief bill.
“All I can tell you is this was the speaker’s decision, his alone,” Christie said at the time.
Notice that Fat Boy Christie didn't attack "Dingy" Harry Reid and the Senate for loading up the bill with pork that had nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy relief.  Instead, it was attack members of his (alleged) party.  I've never understood why some think just because he likes to shoot his mouth off and act like a tough guy, it makes him a conservative. But some, like that dingy Ann Coulter, just wet themselves over this Tony Soprano wannabe.

Honestly, Christie's ego has become just as big, if not bigger, than his waist size.  Obama has a plan and it is to destroy the Republican Party, especially the conservative side of the party. He needs as many useful idiots as he can get to help him accomplish that (Colin Bowell, Chuck Hagel). Christie provides Obama with a lot of cover.  He and his activist media lapdogs will say, "Hey, you rotten mean Republicans, listen up, this is your big star telling you how to act."  This really has nothing to do with the NRA, it's about attacking the Republican Party and the "bitter clinger" elitists like Obama and northeastern RINOs like Krispy Kreme detest.

I have a feeling Christie will end up leaving the party in a public spat, a la Arlen Sphincter ("they've just moved too far right for me"). When he does, I say, don't let the door hit you in your fat ass on the way out.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

James O'Keefe Shows Anti-Gun Journalists As Bunch Of Hypocrites

Well what do you know!

A bunch of "journalists" who are agitating for Dear Leader and are anti-gun don't want signs in their front yard saying they're "proudly gun free."

Undercover video from James O'Keefe of ACORN fame.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pro-Abortion Obama To Use Kids As Props To Seize Liberty In Name Of Safety

Utterly shameless!

Richard Milhous Obama, no longer constrained by the pressure to be re-elected, is going to show how he's a dictator tomorrow, and surround himself with children, because he claims he's taking these illegal measures in the name of safety (

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced this afternoon that President Obama will unveil a “concrete package” of gun control proposals including assault weapons bans, high capacity ammunition magazine bans, and closing loopholes on background checks.

Carney said that the president will be joined by Vice President Joe Biden as well as children who wrote to the president after the Newtown shootings.

“They will be joined by children around the country expressing their concerns about gun violence and school safety, along with their parents,” Carney confirmed.  

Because every Cult of Personality figure has to surround themselves with children to further their cause.

Stalin did it....

Adolf Hitler did it....

Even radical Leftist The Rev. Jim Jones, feted by the San Francisco Bay Area liberal elite like martyred gay icon Harvey Milk, Gov. Jerry "Moonbeams" Brown, and former San Francisco Mayor, State Assembly leader Willie Brown, surrounded himself with children. Many of whom he later killed in 1978, in a South American jungle under the guise of "Revolutionary Suicide."

Keep in mind this is the same Obama who opposed a bill that would have given medical aid to a baby who survived a botched abortion.

Yet he cares about the safety of our children?

He's just doing what demogauges do.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Where Was Colin Powell When Black GOPs Received Racist Attacks?

As pointed out yesterday, former Secretary of State Colin Powell accused the Republican Party (of which he is allegedly a member of) of having a "dark vein of intolerance" towards minorities and the Leftist President he cheer leads for, Richard Milhous Obama.

Never mind that Ronald Reagan, the man who brought Powell into prominence, was and still is ridiculed by liberals as a racist, a homophobe, and any number of slanderous terms liberals use against conservatives.

But when:

When those blacks were being viciously attacked in racist terms by liberals, where was Colin Powell to denounce those attacks?

Colin Powell was nowhere to be found. He was silent while these racial attacks happened.

Yet Colin Powell, alleged Republican, wants to lecture the GOP about intolerance, while attacking a woman who has also been vilified by liberals in the process?

Texas Congressman Threatens Impeachment If Obama Uses Executive Order On Guns

It's about time someone in Congress had Ball Number One, and it's a Texan! (Chron - Texas on the Potomac).

U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Friendswood, said in a statement today that he would “thwart” any executive action by Obama “by any means necessary including but not limited to eliminating funding for implementation, defunding the White House and even filing articles of impeachment.”

Stockman has a history of fighting gun control. He ran for Congress in 1994 and defeated veteran Rep. Jack Brooks, D-Beaumont, who had sponsored legislation to ban the sale of automatic assault weapons.

...“The White House’s recent announcement they will use executive orders and executive actions to infringe on our constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms is an unconstitutional and unconscionable attack on the very founding principles of this republic,” Stockman said.

“The President’s actions are an existential threat to this nation. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is what has kept this nation free and secure for over 200 years.”

The Constitution’s Second Amendment permitting citizens to keep and bear arms provides the citizenry the “means to defend themselves against tyranny,” Stockman said. “Any proposal to abuse executive power and infringe upon gun rights must be repelled with the stiffest legislative force possible.”

Obama used a nationally televised news conference from the White House today to signal that he expects to take executive action to implement unspecified gun control measures in addition to submitting legislation to Congress to change some laws affecting guns.
If Boehner had an ounce of courage, he'd tell Obama that Articles of Impeachment have been drafted if Dictator Obama tries to usurp Congress in raising the debt ceiling or thwarting the Second Amendment by executive fiat.

Levin: We Have An Imperial President

Mark Levin, aka "The Great One" was on Fox News today being interviewed by Megyn Kelly about Richard Milhous Obama's "press conference." (Real Clear Politics)

I'm not into imperial presidents who act imperial and speak imperial and Obama forgets there's a Constitution. Yes, he keeps telling us he won reelection. Congratulations, but guess what? The Constitution wasn't up for election, it's not up for a referendum. He has to comply with it, too.

He was sent back to Washington, but he's got a strict list of rules that he has to follow as president. When he gets up there and starts saying, if Congress doesn't do this, I'm going to do this unilaterally, it violates separation of power a lot of the times. And this is a man pushing the edge of the envelope as far as i'm concerned, whether it's the appointment clause, whether it's his unilateral action on immigration, whether it's trashing the commerce clause and the tax clauses under Obamacare. Now they're talking about executive orders on the Second Amendment. They've issued regulations on First Amendment attacking religious liberty. This notion that he might be able to lift the debt ceiling, you know, unilaterally under the Fourteenth Amendment.

What the hell is this? He was elected president. Congratulations. This guy makes Richard Nixon look like a man who followed the law all the time. I think we have an imperial president, he sounds imperial, he's arrogant as hell and I'm furious about this and I'm going to tell you why. We are a magnificent country. We don't need to be turned upside down. We don't need to run from crisis to crisis to crisis. He's bankrupting this country.

He said we've had a discussion about the debt. When did we have a discussion about the debt? We've had a debate about taxes. The man's never around to have a discussion about anything. So, yes, he causes me to be furious when I watch and listen to him.
Obama is arrogant as hell and showed it today in his "press conference," claiming he's "so nice" when it comes to Republicans...

Unless Obama the Arrogant SOB defines being "nice" to Republicans as telling them to "sit in the back of the bus."

North Carolina Hippie Has Political Argument With Woman, Allegedy Tried To Run Her Down With Car

So will the Obama Regime decide to ban cars, or categorize them as assault weapons, after a North Carolina hippie allegedly tried to attack a woman who criticized his politics by driving his car into a bar trying to hit her with it (WWAY).

Investigators say Friday night, 26-year-old Jacob Spivey drove into the side of Katy's on South College Rd. on purpose. 
Police say Spivey got into a political argument with a fellow patron at Katy's restaurant and bar.

They say he was so upset he left the bar and got in his car, but not to leave.

Detectives say Spivey drove his car through the wall of the restaurant in an attempt to run down the woman he had argued with.

That woman was sent to the hospital with severe cuts and broken bones but is expected to be okay.

Police later found Spivey and they say he admitted he drove through the restaurant on purpose.

Spivey was charged with hit and run causing serious injury, reckless driving, injury to real property, and 11 counts of assault with a deadly weapon.
Here's a photo of Spivey, thanks to StarNews Online:

According to North Carolina voter records, Spivey is a registered Democrat.  How many Obama stickers does he have on his car?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Obama Cheerleader (& Racist) Colin Powell Attacks GOP As Bigots, Ignores Hagel's Anti-Semitism

Sometimes, I wonder if Colin Powell isn't on the Obama Regime payroll, because he seems to be trotted out on the Sunday shows when the Regime needs him as a reliable "Republican" to attack other Republicans.

As Colon Bowell always does, he cheer leads all of Obama's decisions like a Democrat sheeple, specifically the nomination by Obama of RINO Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary, today on Meet the Depressed with David Gregory (who really should be in jail, but isn't because he has friends in high places).

But then, Bowell took Jailbird Gregory's bait into attacking the Republican Party as a bunch of bigots. Specifically, calling Obama "lazy" and Sarah Palin using the term "shuck and jive" against That One is RAAAAACIST according to Bowell.

But Bowell has double standard on racism, as he has no problem with Chuck Hagel's anti-Semitic statements, as pointed out at FrontPage Magazine.
There’s also a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party,” Powell said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “What do I mean by that? What I mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities.”

Powell also pointed to former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, who was an aggressive surrogate for Mitt Romney, for calling Obama “lazy” after the first debate during the campaign.

Clearly that’s the worst case of racism, since the time someone called Obama “stupid” or “Socialist” or “incompetent” or criticized him in any way.

But conspiracy theories about Jewish control of the government are nothing to take seriously.

GREGORY: You brought up Israel. He referred to a “Jewish lobby,” saying it intimidates a lot of people on Capitol Hill. What kind of thinking does that reflect? Can you understand pro-Israel senators being concerned by that comment?

POWELL: They shouldn’t be that concerned. That term slips out from time to time… Chuck should have said “Israeli lobby,” not “Jewish lobby”–and, perhaps, he needs to write on a blackboard a hundred times, “It is the Israeli lobby.”

Everyone makes a slip sometimes. So long as it’s nothing big. If Hagel had said something truly offensive, like calling Obama lazy, that would be something to be truly concerned about.

Some “slips” are pardonable. Some “slips” are unpardonable. “Lazy” is proof that the entire Republican Party is a bunch of evil racists. Except for Chuck Hagel who isn’t a racist, but thinks the Jews should stop controlling the world.
Never mind that it was the supposedly "bigoted" Republican Party, specifically Ronald Reagan, who brought Colin Bowell into prominence. But Bowell has been angry ever since the end of the second Bush presidency, especially how he was blamed by the liberals for the whole WMDs in Iraq controversy.

And let's be honest if we want to talk about racism. Isn't is just as racist to vote and support for someone specifically because of their skin color? In that case, that makes Colin Bowell a racist in my book.  Everything Obama has done, Bowell has rubberstamped and supported. Bowell is not a Republican or even a conservative, he's just an opportunist who wants to get back in good standing with other liberal racists like Harry Bellacommie who attacked him in racial terms.  So, backing Obama while bashing the GOP as bigots is his way to make amends to the libs.

Oh, by the way Colin, are you going to call liberal Democrat Andrew Cuomo a RAAAAACIST? In 2008, he used the term "shuck and jive" against Obama.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Obama Ready To Surrender War On Terror To Taliban Savages In Afghanistan

It's not a surprise. They wouldn't use the term "War on Terror" or even call the Ft. Hood jihadist attack an act of terror (it was workplace vandalism.

Now, Richard Milhous Obama is overseeing the surrender of the War on Terror to the Islamic butchers who harbored Osama bin Laden. (CNN).

The Obama administration is considering the possibility of removing all U.S. troops in Afghanistan after the NATO combat mission officially finishes at the end of 2014, White House officials said Tuesday.
The comments by Ben Rhodes, the White House's deputy national security adviser, come as the Pentagon and White House mull over the number of troops that could be left in Afghanistan after 2014 to fight insurgents and train Afghan security forces.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai and President Obama are scheduled to meet on Friday in Washington.
Rhodes said the administration is considering a range of options, with one scenario having no U.S. troops there. The range, according to defense officials, had until recently been between 6,000 to 15,000 U.S. troops possibly remaining in the country, based on an assessment by the U.S. top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen.
"We have an objective of making sure there's no safe haven for al Qaeda within Afghanistan and making sure that the Afghan government has a security force that is sufficient, again, to assure the stability of the Afghan government and the denial of that safe haven," Rhodes said.
Well, Karzai came to meet with Imam Obama yesterday, and they want to set up an office for the Taliban to have "peace talks" with these Islamonazi savages who would execute women in stadiums for sport. (CNSNews).

 WAR ON WOMEN - The Islamonazi Butchers Obama wants to hold peace talks with...The Taliban
The Taliban, which harbored al Qaeda in Afghanistan in the lead up to the 9/11 attacks on America in 2001, will have an office in Afghanistan and engage in direct talks with the democratic government there, President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai affirmed at a joint White House news conference Friday.
“Ultimately security gains must be matched by political progress, so we’ve recommitted our nations to a reconciliation process between the Afghan government and the Taliban,” Obama said. “President Karzai updated me on the Afghan government’s road map to peace, and today we agreed that this process should be advanced by the opening of a Taliban office to facilitate talks.”
Karzai agreed this would be an important step for the peace process.
“We also agreed on the steps that we should be taking in the peace process, which is of highest priority to Afghanistan,” Karzai said. “We agreed on allowing a Taliban office.”
All while Obama took a swipe at the military for "falling short of the ideal" in Afghanistan (Weekly Standard, via Nice Deb).
In remarks with Afghan president Hamid Karzai at the White House this afternoon, President Barack Obama said the U.S. has fallen “short of the ideal” in Afghanistan:
“So, you know, I think that, have we achieved everything that some might have imagined us achieving in the best of scenarios? Probably not. You know, there’s a human enterprise, and you know, you fall short of the ideal,” said Obama.
To which Nice Deb aptly noted:
Note the use of the royal “we”. When things go bad, it’s a collective, “we” – The United States – all of us, and “you” fell short the ideal- not “I” as when Obama gave the gutsy call to kill Osama Bin Laden. Oh no….things aren’t “optimal” and it’s only going to get worse so it’s “we”.
But it was Obama himself who sealed Afghanistan’s fate when he announced to the enemy our peace partners a withdrawal date from the beginning of the surge in late 2009, ensuring that the over 2,000 US combat deaths would be for naught.
Exactly! Everyone of our fallen who sacrificed their lives for the defense of this nation has done so in vain, thanks to this S.O.B. Obama who hates our military and only wants to cut their budget so he can spend more on deadbeats in America who are only going to be sheeple who can be counted on to vote for Democrats every election to keep their gravy train going.

All from the same Obama and Democrap Party (a.k.a. The Party of Treason) who told us how Afghanistan was the war we should be fighting all along.  You "low information" voters bought that lie too? (Ace of Spades, from 2009).
Yes, so I imagined. While Glenn Greenwald, for example, was accusing those on the right of being "chickenhawks" for not serving in Iraq, he was never quite able to explain why he wasn't accumulating Congressional Medals of Honor and Taliban tooth-necklaces in the war he supposedly supported, Afghanistan.
The liberal blog Hullaballoo admits what has been obvious all along.
And no, this isn't just about some seedy, nasty liberal bloggers.
It's about our lying POS POTUS, too.
Escalation is a bad idea. The Democrats backed themselves into defending the idea of Afghanistan being The Good War because they felt they needed to prove their macho bonafides they called for withdrawal from Iraq. Nobody asked too many questions sat the time, including me. But none of us should forget that it was a political strategy, not a serious foreign policy.
There have been many campaign promises "adjusted" since the election. There is no reason that the administration should feel any more bound to what they said about this than all the other committments [sic] it has blithely turned aside in the interest of "pragmatism."
But none of us should forget that it was a political strategy, not a serious foreign policy.
You claimed to support a war in which American soldiers were fighting and dying, leaving friends and limbs on the battlefield, as a cynical political strategy?
You... um... voiced support of a real serious-as-death war to cadge votes out of a duped public?
We won't forget, champ. And we won't let you forget, either.