Friday, December 21, 2012

US Marine Jailed In Mexico Since Aug., Obama Won't Help, Allen West Says Boycott Travel To Mexico

A US Marine who is an Iraq War Veteran, Jon Hammar, has been languishing in a jail cell in Matamoros, Mexico (across the US border from Brownsville, TX), in a prison controlled by the Zetas drug cartel.

The crime? Hammar was carrying an antique gun with him on a road trip to central America. He had declared possession of the gun to the US Border Patrol when he crossed the border at Brownsville.

Now, FOX News reports (via Nice Deb) that the Mexican Ambassador has dashed hopes of a pre-Christmas release in a letter sent to a Congresswoman looking into the case.

“As you know well, Mexico has had very stringent gun-control laws in place for many years, and have reinforced their application as a result of the flow of weapons illicitly purchased in the U.S. and then trafficked into Mexico and into the hands of transnational criminal organizations,” Sarukhan wrote.
Hammar has been stuck in a notorious, drug cartel-controlled prison just 15 miles south of the U.S. border since Aug. 13, after he crossed into Mexico and declared an antique shotgun to Mexican customs officials.
Sarukhan failed to mention that Tamaulipas, the state which the CEDES prison in Matamoros is located, is controlled by the Los Zetas Cartel, arguably the most vicious of the cartels.
Hammar’s father said the letter is fraught with statements at odds with what he knows and what his son has told him.
“There are huge inaccuracies about what is happening in their system,” Jon Hammar Sr., said.
Sarukhan said Hammar was arrested for possession of a weapon that, according to Mexican law, is restricted for the exclusive use of the Mexican Armed Forces.
But high-ranking Mexican military officials have told Hammar’s attorney, Eddie Varon-Levy, that the gun Hammar tried to declare shortly after crossing into Mexico on his way to Costa Rica is not the type of firearm the laws are meant to block. The gun Hammar claims he also declared to U.S. Customs and border protection is a .410 gauge antique Sears Roebuck shotgun.
But Mexico’s top diplomat to the U.S. said the letter of the law must be followed.
“Regardless of what he may have declared or stated to CBP agents and then to Mexican Customs authorities, the sole introduction or possession of this type of weapon (not withstanding its intended use or year of manufacture) in Mexican territory constitutes a federal crime in Mexico and is not subject to any prosecutorial discretion,” Sarukhan said.
To his eternal shame, Richard Milhous Obama and his State Department will not help Hammar out. But Obama had all the time in the world to place a phone call to a little Fluke who became the butt of a joke after she'd wanted taxpayers to fund her birth control. Not only that, but why is Mexico attacking a US citizens who took the time to declare he had an antique gun, but doesn't disarm drug cartels and kidnappers?  Of course, Obama and Eric Holder don't help matters on that either.

Allen West has made a statement that Mexico should be crossed off the list of places to travel because of this (The Shark Tank).
‘I agree Hammar’s treatment is an “absolute disgrace and it is unconscionable that Jay Carney knew nothing about this. There is no excuse for this and the picture of an American, a Marine, chained to a cot is despicable.
In some ways, Lance Corporal Hammar is another victim of the botched “Fast and Furious” program. Mexico has stringent gun control laws in part because of weapons illicitly purchased in the US and trafficked back into Mexico.
I pray that, just as with Benghazi, the new normal for Time magazine’s Man of the Year is not to abandon this Marine, as his Administration did two Navy SEALs. These actions only serve to erode the trust and confidence in the Commander-in-Chief from our men and women in uniform – and all Americans, for that matter.
Support the travel boycott to Mexico, and call the White House to let this Administration know we do not tolerate abandoning LC Hammar.”-Rep. Allen West

Meanwhile, Obama is about to head out on his $4 million dollar taxpayer paid Hawaiian vacation, while this Marine is chained to a jail cell in Mexico.

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