Friday, December 14, 2012

TSA Thugs Leave Wheelchair-Bound 12 Year Old In Tears, Detain Her For One Hour

More TSA abuses, this one to a wheelchair bound 12 year old girl at Dallas/Ft Worth Airport (UK Daily Mail).

Shelbi Walser was travelling to Florida with her mother, Tammy Daniels, for treatment for her brittle bone disorder when she was stopped at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Texas.

A TSA agent swabbed Shelbi's hands and she tested positive for explosives. But the wheelchair, which is likely to have transferred any substance to her hands as she pushed it, was never tested, her mother said.

A video of the December 8 incident shows Shelbi sobbing as officials detain her in front of hundreds of travellers at security, but refuse to allow her mother to get close enough to comfort her.

Daniels told Fox that they even called a bomb specialist to the scene, while other passengers reportedly spoke out in support of Shelbi and offered her tissues and candy.  
'There were people saying, "Really? You're going to do this to her? Y'all have to take her somewhere private where she's not out in the public and everyone can see her",' Shelbi told Fox in Fort Worth.
'It was frightening. I kinda got mad.'
Here's the video:

And a report from WFAA in Dallas.

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