Friday, December 21, 2012

Raw Footage Of Attack By MI Union Thugs On Steven Crowder Released

Fox News Contributor and conservative comedian/blogger Steven Crowder has released raw footage of last week's assault on him, as well as the moments leading up to it and the attack on the American's for Prosperity tent. (video below).

You will see that, a certain union member keeps following and taunting Crowder in the early parts of the video. This is the thug who physically assaults him later.

Union workers chant "F*ck the tent" "take the tent" and "Snyder (MI Governor) is a dick."

At about 4:06 in the video, the assaults and attacks on the tent are documented.

At 6:00 you see the union members clearly taking the tent down, followed by some Neanderthal screaming a bunch of f-bombs into the camera.

Keep in mind too, that Richard Milhous Obama visited Michigan the day before and stood on the side of union workers. Despite his pleas of "civility" after Tucson in 2011, Obama and his Regime have been silent about the violence by his union supporters.

Likewise, liberal bloggers, like Daily Kooks and the failed banjo picker Charles "Icarus" Johnson at Little Green Doucheballs, have engaged in "Tent Troofer" tactics, claiming the AFP members brought the tent down and blamed it on the unions.

This video clearly shows that those nutty Leftist conspiracy theories are not true.

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