Sunday, December 02, 2012

Obama's Silence Is Complicity In Rise Of Sharia Law & Slavery In Egypt

"Silence is complicity"

Richard Milhous Obama was quick to call for former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step aside almost two years ago, and hailed the so-called "Arab Spring" and the alleged rise of Democracy in Egypt, as well as other areas of the Middle East.

As many of us feared, the Arab Spring is leading the way into the cold chill of a new dark age, even worse than the rise of Islamism in Iran. New Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is not only granting himself absolute power, but the new draft constitution that would impose a Sharia state upon Egypt.

As Andrew McCarthy writes at National Review Online:
Morsi grabbed the reins with a shrewd caveat: His dictatorship would end once the draft constitution was approved by Egyptians in a national referendum — which is to say, once the dictatorship had served its purpose. Nearly three months ago, in my e-book Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy (which is about to be published in paperback), I explained that Morsi’s agglomeration of power — which was already underway only weeks after his election — was just a placeholder. He is an Islamic-supremacist hardliner whose ultimate goal has always been to impose sharia, the real dictatorship.
Remember the Brotherhood’s notorious motto, which includes the proclamation “the Koran is our law.” It is about to be. In effect, Morsi has used the West’s democracy fetish to put a gun to his population’s head: Either democratically approve anti-democratic sharia or accept the sharia-compliant rule of your democratically elected Islamist despot. Some choice.
Naturally, secularists and religious minorities are grousing. This has the Western media, once again, in full spring-fever flush. For our intelligentsia, the Middle East is a wonderland where Islamists are imagined to be “moderate” (even “largely secular”!) and — to hedge their bets, on the off chance that the Islamists turn out to be, well, Islamists — the population is imagined to be teeming with freedom-loving Jamal al-Madisons who crave American-style civil rights. In reality, supremacist Islam is the predominant ideology of the region. The Muslim Brotherhood is strong because it is the avant-garde of the Islamic masses. Non-Islamist democrats are a decided minority.Of course, in a place like Egypt, with its population of 80 million people, a decided minority can easily be masqueraded as the majority. The West’s progressive media is good at that — ignoring tea-party throngs while lavishing coverage on five-person Occupy protests as if they were a groundswell.
But, you see, the hocus-pocus works here only because we’ve ceded all the leading institutions of opinion to progressives for a half-century. Conditioned to see what they’ve been told to believe, half of our population no longer sees through the smoke and mirrors.
All this is in contrast to what so many said during the rise of the so-called Arab Spring in early 2011, that we didn't have to fear the Muslim Brotherhood, that they were "a minority" they "didn't want to turn (Egypt) into an Islamist state." It's turning out to be the opposite from the bill of goods the Leftist media and the internationalists tried to sell us.

And the Obama Regime is silent about this new constitution, even as it would mean oppression of other religions like the already oppressed Coptic Christians, even if the new Egyptian constitution allows for slavery, you hear nothing but silence from Obama.

Obama and his Secretary of Hate, Hillary Rotten Clinton, are overseeing the expansion of Sharia on a large scale. The news Islamist Egypt is bordering Israel, where a 34 year peace treaty is being threatened. Add to that the attacks by Clinton, who has a past history of anti-Semitism ("You f*cking Jew Bastard") and kissed the wife of former PLO leader Yasser Arafat, on Israel the other day:
So, look, I’m not making excuses for the missed opportunities of the Israelis, or the lack of generosity, the lack of empathy that I think goes hand-in-hand with the suspicion. So, yes, there is more that the Israelis need to do to really demonstrate that they do understand the pain of an oppressed people in their minds, and they want to figure out, within the bounds of security and a Jewish democratic state, what can be accomplished.
Keep in mind these are the same people (Hillary and Obama) who attacked George W. Bush on a daily basis for "alienating" our allies and tarnishing the US image to the world. However, they're the ones who have alienated long time American allies (Great Britain) and our most important ally in the Middle East. Hillary and Obama seem to be more concerned with appeasing our enemies and those who would harm us and our allies.

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