Monday, December 10, 2012

Michigan Right-to-Work Law, Fiscal Cliff...The Campaign Never Ends For Obama

The election is over, but for the Campaigner-in-Chief, it's always time to hit the road and "community organize."

Better yet, the lyrics to Robert Earl Keen's classic song "The Road Goes On Forever" (done below by Joe Ely) could be rewritten for Obama as "The Road Goes On Forever, and the Campaign Never Ends."

Why? Well, Obama wants you to "get motivated" and call Congress to "tax the rich" (Twitchy).

Liar pants Stephanie Cutter recently sent out a breathless email on the fiscal cliff. Then, the official White House website displayed political #My2K tweets. Now, this (featuring Liar Pants Cutter again).

 Then, it's off on the campaign road, this time to go into Detroit, MI for a twofer...not just push his "tax the rich" scheme, but also slam Michigan for passing "right-to-work" legislation that doesn't benefit Obama's labor union allies (video at Gateway Pundit).

As they did almost two years ago in Wisconsin, things are going to heat up in Michigan. William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection notes:
The Michigan congressional delegation has warned the Governor of the fight to come, according to Greg Sargent of WaPo who has good Democratic sources, “Right to work” push guarantees all out war in Michigan”:
Top Democrats in the Michigan Congressional delegation just wrapped up their meeting with Governor Rick Snyder, during which they urged him in no uncertain terms: If you go forward with “right to work” legislation, you’ll be consigning the state to years of discord and division. They urged him to consider vetoing the legislation or postponing it until the next session — or even agreeing subjecting it to referendum…..
The tenor of the meeting, which participants described as urgent and intense, underscores the gravity of the situation — not just for Democrats, but for the state itself. Dems told Snyder that forging ahead with “right to work” legislation risked undermining the progress in labor-management relations in the state and could create a situation similar to Wisconsin, where an ongoing battle over collective bargaining tore the state apart for over a year.
Michigan appears headed for the same long, strange trip Wisconsin experienced, assuming Gov. Snyder has the guts of Gov. Walker.
But as the economic experience in Wisconsin shows, it’s worth the effort.
Stay strong Gov. Snyder.
So, as I noted with the Psy crapper controversy and how Obama ignored military families, I'd like to point out again how Obama slammed Mittens Romney during the campaign, stating:

"One of the things I've learned as president is you represent the entire country. My expectation is if you want to be president, you've got to work for everybody, not just for some."

So, if we take your words at face value, Richard Milhous Obama, why then are you siding with labor unions and not with non-union workers?  Why are you taking sides against small-business owners and people who invest money in businesses with higher taxes?  Why are you pitting one group of Americans against each other?

Because you don't represent all of America. You only represent the interests that work in the interest of the Democrat Party. And it's always in the Democrat's best interest to pit one group of Americans against each other.  Because Democrats don't look at Americans as one from many. Instead, they look across the country and see who they can pit against another, either by class, race, gender or sexual orientation.

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