Saturday, December 15, 2012

Michael Moore & The Liberal Gun Grabbers Exploit Another Tragedy, But Ignore Human Nature

One day after the tragic killing of 20 young children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, we're learning more about the victims, the little angels who are no longer a part of their families lives, and the heroic adults, teachers like Vicki Soto, who died but protected their students.

Unfortunately, in what has become too often the case, certain celebrities, media types, activists and politicians have shown nothing but an utter lack of class. Like buzzards, they swoop down on a tragedy and feed on their victims because they have a certain agenda they want to push on the rest of the country. In cases like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, Tucson AZ, or even more recently in Colorado, it involves law abiding Americans giving up more of their freedom...this being the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

I'm talking about Michael Moore, who, hours after the shootings, said the NRA "hates freedom" and "wants children dead." I'm also talking about CNN's Piers Morgan, that RINO from Canada David Frum. Then, there's Reps. Jerrold "Jabba the Hut" Nadler, Nita Lowey, Jim "Alexandria Town Drunk" Moron, "Jihad" Gerry Connolly, as well as Sens. Frank Lautenberg and Barbara Boxer, all these liberal Democrats who swooped down like buzzards to exploit this tragedy for their own selfish purposes.

In pondering this, yesterday and today, it occured to me that the trouble is, in their quest for "Utopia" or "Ameritopia" (as Mark Levin wrote), the gun-grabbers forgot to factor in one element....human nature.

There is good and evil in the world.  All the gun laws, all the human efforts made will not stop someone motivated by evil from committing an atrocious act on someone else or an entire group.  Think of this.  The largest mass murder at a school in the United States happened in 1927, and it was not executed with guns, but by bombs.

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were not committed with guns, but using box cutters to take over passenger jetliners and crash them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and an attempt on our nation's Capitol building.

The gun laws of Connecticut kept this lowlife, Adam Lanza, from buying his own weapon. He was underage, for one thing, and would have had to go through a "waiting period" to obtain his weapons. So, how did he get the guns to commit these killings? He killed his mother, a gun enthusiast and stole her weapons. Does it not matter that, at Sandy Hook, at the theatre in Colorado, at Virginia Tech, all were designated "gun-free zones" but it did not stop these criminals from killing with guns. Does it matter to these anti-gun liberal Democrats that it's easier to steal a gun than purchase one?

No, because those who obey the laws have to be punished, because liberals like Moore, Piers Morgan, Frum and these Democrats all want to feel better about themselves and exert more control over our lives.

I don't often agree with Mike Huckabee and I understand where he's coming from when he made the statement just after this tragedy. Of course, being an ordained minister, he's coming from a theological background. But does he have a point?  Liberals who claim to be so open-minded but react to Huckabee with such hostility only prove their minds are so open their brains fell out.  Maybe it should be something for us to ponder.

I'm just an ordinary citizen who blogs about the state of the nation as I see it, because I care about it's future. Not for me, but for the next generation. I've often believed that it's our job to make this place better, more prosperous, more free, than when it was handed to us.  Neither do I pretend to be "Holier than thou." I'm an imperfect (some might say backsliden) Christian.  But I shudder at the atrocities that have been committed in the name of a "religion" or as a result of someone's mental illness.  Add to that the lack of civility in our daily lives, as well as in our nation.  I'm not just talking about political discourse.

I can actually remember a time when it was safe for me to walk around the neighborhood on Halloween in the early 1970s, while my parents and neighbors sat in the front yard to hand out candy at our place. You can't do that with your children today.  Our entertainment today has become go graphically violent it's almost mind-numbing. Except for some modern country music, I only listen to classic rock. Rock & roll was killed in the 1990s by "grunge rock" which was all about suicidal depression, followed by (c)rap "music" which glorified the "gangsta" mentality, and the demeaning of women as "bitches" and "hos". Suburban kids have copped the "gangsta" look with the "baggy pants" below the underwear or butt-crack (a look that comes out of prisons). It's not enough to wear an earring. Facial piercings look like stapes, add to that the tattooed look, even among women.  People have, in especially the last 20 years, have become more uncivil and mean.  How much does our modern culture have to do with it?

Add to that the number of parents who, let's just say, don't give a damn. They don't teach their kids any values or are too busy wrapped up in themselves to be parents. The TV and computer are babysitters, and God only knows what they're looking at.  Parents are more likely to come to their little angel's rescue when they get in trouble at school. Getting in trouble at school for me wasn't an option. Not only would I have consequences at school, I knew I'd have them at home when I arrived.

What has happened in the last 40 years? Have we as a nation devalued life so much that we sometimes wish we could hide our children from the outside world?  Activists will fight for the lives of animals and even against the death penalty for the worst scum sociopathic killers, but many of them cannot be found when it comes to protecting the unborn. Barbara Boxer, for example, will use the horrible killing of children as an excuse for us to lose more of our freedom, but she'll demand women have the "right" to kill their unborn children by the method of infanticide known as "partial birth abortion."  What sense does that make?

You want to talk about violence, fine. But I don't need a lecture from Michael Moore, who stands by violent, racist union thugs in Michigan, but blames guns, the NRA and everything else but a sick individual for what happened at Sandy Hook.  I don't need a lecture about violence and guns from a Congressman who has a history of assaulting people, and who's trying to cover up his son battering his girlfriend's head into a garbage can as an "accident" and "embarrassing" incident.  Most of these same gun-control liberals have regularly attacked the brave members of our military, but give support by proxy to our enemies by blaming the nation they are sworn to serve.

As much as they might try, these social-utopians will never be able to create "Heaven on Earth." But since when have facts gotten in their way?


Politichicks: Can America Handle the Truth? If Not, More Will Die.

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