Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Hey Ken Burns, Come Talk To Me & I'll Dispel Your Slanderous Allegations Of Tea Party Saying "N-Word"

I don't think I can call Ken Burns a "respected" historian anymore, because any respect I had for him has gone.

Why? Well, he's joined in on the war against the Tea Party that is being waged by the elites in both parties by claiming this authentic grassroots movement of Americans has engaged in a "rampant" use of the "n-word" (Breitbart.com, h/t Anne Sorock via Twitter).
Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns called both the current secessionist movement and elements of the Tea Party racist during an interview late last month on NBC's "Meet the Press."

The award-winning filmmaker doubled down on those accusations during an interview with Breitbart News.

Burns is currently promoting "The Central Park Five," a documentary detailing how five innocent teens were convicted of a horrific rape which shocked the Big Apple back in 1989.

The filmmaker, who works primarily on projects for PBS, says there wouldn't be a birther movement with a President Joe Biden in the White House. Burns then turned his attention to the Tea Party, saying a friend who attended a Tea Party event told him "almost every one she met there invoked the 'n-word'" about the president, he recalls.

That friend isn't the only one hearing that racial slur of late, he alleges.

"I have heard in last four years the 'N-word' used more often than in the rest of my life," the 59-year-old filmmaker says, adding Obama's detractors routinely call the president "un-American," the "other" and a Muslim.

"The Central Park Five" features news snippets of Donald Trump crying out for the death penalty in that tragic case involving four black teens and one Latino lad who lost a large portion of their youth as a result of the botched investigation. Burns says people in 2012 are still using racist code words to camouflage their true intentions.

"The message is still the same," he says.
Let me put it bluntly, Burns is full of crap. I've been to several Tea Party events in Washington DC and northern Virginia, and NOT ONCE did I ever hear a racial slur uttered about the President by a speaker or member of the crowd.

Let me remind Burns of March 20, 2010 in Washington DC, the day that the Congressional Black Caucus decided to walk through the protesters outside the Cannon Office Building to the Capitol Building, grabbed the press and said "they called us the n-word 15 times."  Obama's lapdogs in the media ran with the story, the cowardly Republicans like "Crybaby" John Boehner believed it....but it never happened.

You know how I know that to be true, Ken Burns? Because I was there. Not only that, I took two videos that day, one of which was circulated on the Internet within hours of the allegation being made, along with videos others took.

The second I never posted on YouTube, because it was only nine seconds long, but gave it to Andrew Breitbart almost a month later and recounted in a post after his death. It was also part of the recent movie "Hating Breitbart."

But there have been instances of racial slurs being yelled at black Tea Party members.  Here's one from November 2010 from Charlottesville, VA, where a liberal called a black Tea Partier a "house nigger" while destroying signs for Americans for Prosperity.

From February 2011, another black Tea Party member was told by a MorOn.org supporter "You're on Koch's Plantation."

And what about the liberal's answer to the Tea Party? Well, when they weren't crapping on police cars and committing sexual assaults, they engaged in several documented instances of racism, including anti-Semitism:


...as well as use of the "n-word" in Portland OR and Philadelphia, PA by Occupy squatters. In the video below from Phoenix, AZ, one Occupy squatter yells "Hey boy!" at a black man (around 2:40 via P/Oed Patriot).


So, do you want to talk about this some more about this, Ken Burns? Are you willing to publicly retract your incorrect and slanderous statement about Tea Party racism?


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Tweeted this post to @KenBurns. I agree that he is completely mistaken and hope that he is not deliberately lying to the public.

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