Monday, December 24, 2012

Arrogant Lib David Gregory Mocks Armed Guards For Schools, But His Kids Go To Private School With Armed Guards

NRA's Wayne LaPierre was on Meet the Depressed with David Gregory yesterday. In typical Obama Lapdog Media style, Gregory acted like a jackass talking to the NRA executive over gun laws and the idea of having armed guards in schools.

But while David Gregory mocks the idea of regular Americans having their children protected by armed guards or school staff, he sends his kids to the same private school as Richard Milhous Obama.

And they have armed guards (Weekly Standard).
The Gregory children go to school with the children of President Barack Obama, according to the Washington Post. That school is the co-ed Quaker school Sidwell Friends.  
According to a scan of the school's online faculty-staff directory, Sidwell has a security department made up of at least 11 people. Many of those are police officers, who are presumably armed.  
Moreover, with the Obama kids in attendance, there is a secret service presence at the institution, as well.
It's safe to say the school where Gregory sends his kids is a high-security school. It's just odd he'd want it for his kids, but wouldn't be more open to it for others.
But David Gregory is an Obamabot with his nose so far up "That One's" backside is face would almost become toilet paper.

The elites are the ones who are repulsed by guns and don't want the rest of us "hicks" to protect ourselves. But they have their private schools with armed guards, and armed escorts wherever they go.  I'll bet they even have armed guards at 30 Rock in New York, or wherever "Meet the Depressed" is taped.

Gregory and all the other Hollyweird idiots and liberals are hypocrites. One set of rules for us, another for them.

MORE: Legal Insurrection: Did David Gregory just violate D.C. gun law by possessing a high-capacity gun clip?
Here is the segment of today’s Meet the Press show in which Gregory holds up what appears to be a high-capacity (i.e., more than 10 round) ammunition clip while interviewing Wayne LaPierre this morning: 
I sent Gregory a tweet, and I’ll try to reach out to NBC News, and I’ll update if I can get NBC’s position on whether Gregory just violated the law. Maybe it was just a dummy clip, not a real one:
 and the follow up: The importance of prosecuting David Gregory if he violated D.C.’s gun law

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