Friday, November 23, 2012

Van Susteren Alleges Obama Regime "Punishing" Fox News Over BenghaziGate Reporting

With the exception of Sharyl Attkisson's reporting at SeeBS, only one network has tried to get to the truth about what happened at the American consulate in Libya on 9/11/2012 -- Fox News.

Greta van Susteren, host of On The Record, alleges that the Obama Regime has been trying to "punish" the network and says it is time for them to "grow up." (via Gateway Pundit).

The Obama Administration has done everything but give us the straight story and they are fighting us on getting the facts.
And why do I say the Obama Administration should grow up? Because the Obama Administration is trying to punish Fox for trying to get the facts from the Administration (do I need to remind anyone that 4 Americans were murdered?) The Administration in what looks like a coordinated effort is denying Fox access to information that they are handing out to other news organizations. Why exclude Fox? That is simple – to punish — to try to teach us a lesson not to pry, not to look further for facts.
Here is my proof. The Administration is now 3 out of 3:
1/ The State Department called a media conference call the night before its employees testified on Capitol Hill and OMITTED FOX FROM THE CALL; (they claimed it was an accidental oversight);
2/ About 2 weeks after the above State Department conference call to all in the media, the CIA had a media wide briefing and released their timeline. The CIA invited major news organizations to the briefing but THE CIA EXCLUDED FOX FROM THOSE INVITED TO THE BRIEFING
3/ and now the latest…. DNI Director James Clapper told Capitol Hill last week that the DNI did not know who took the term Al Qaeda out of the talking points that was given to Ambassador Susan Rice. It turns out that is not true and the DNI released a memo to the media last night indicating that DNI Director James Clapper was wrong last week when he said that (incidentally two plus months after the murders.) The DNI / Intelligence removed Al Qaeda from the talking points memo given to Ambassador Susan Rice. But that’s not all – it isn’t just the “who is on first” at the DNI, it is also what the DNI did to Fox last night. The DNI LEFT FOX NEWS CHANNEL OFF ITS DISTRIBUTION LIST last night when it released this new memo to the media.
You know why Fox is left out 3 out of 3. We at Fox are not simply accepting what they say, what they dish out. We are looking for facts and corroboration when there are inconsistencies and discrepancies. To the extent we get anything wrong is because the Administration is doing whatever it can to thwart us from getting the facts.
They are trying to punish us into going away — hoping we get their message that we will never have access to them as long as we dare to challenge what they put out. And guess what? What they have put out and what we have challenged shows they are cagey and not giving the straight story.
Keep in mind how the Regime has punished Fox News in the past, as well how pool reporters during the 2008 campaign were kicked off his campaign plane when their employers endorsed his opponent.  Some longtime White House reporters have even been blocked from attending events like the White House Correspondents Dinner because they dare to ask tough questions of the Regime.

BenghaziGate is significant because four Americans were murdered by Islamists, and the Regime (for some reason) wanted to lie about why this happened, because the truth might have hurt That One's re-election campaign.  It is a story that needs more Woodward and Bernsteins, instead of a compliant, sheeple media of lapdogs.

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