Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sour Grapes: Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling Is An Example Of What's Wrong With GOP

Virginia's Lt. Governor Bill Bolling decided yesterday to suspend his quest for the GOP nomination to replace Bob McDonnell as the governor of the Commonwealth next year, leaving Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as the favorite to be the GOP candidate.

In Bolling's statement, he said:
I know how divisive (state) conventions can be, and I was concerned that a prolonged campaign between Mr. Cuccinelli and me could create deep divisions within our party. The convention process would have forced Republican activists to take sides against their friends in local committees all across our state. The wounds that can develop from that type of process are often difficult to heal.
“Conventions are by their very nature exclusive, and at a time when we need to be projecting a positive image and reaching out to involve more Virginians in the Republican Party, I am unwilling to be part of a process that could seriously damage our image and appeal.
“While it may have been in my self-interest to have continued the campaign and done my best to win without regard to the consequences of those actions, I have never chosen to place my self-interest ahead of our Party’s best interest, and I will not do so now.
Well, so much for doing what's in the best interest of the Party, as Bolling showed his sour grapes today and declined to back Cuccinelli.
Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling refused to endorse former rival Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia governor's race Thursday and wouldn't rule out running against Cuccinelli as a third-party independent.
"I'm a loyal soldier [for the Republican Party], but I'm going to do what I think is right for Virginia," Bolling said. "I know that will make some people uneasy or unhappy, but at the end of the day, I've got to do what I think is right, and right now I'm not comfortable making an endorsement."

If you need to know what is wrong with the Republican Party, it is people like Bill Bolling, who are part of the "good ole boy" Republican RINO establishment who are simply elevated by the party poobahs to lead the party in a run for office because "it's their turn."

What has happened, especially since the Tea Party has become a political force? When the "good ole boy" establishment candidate loses to a conservative or a Tea Party backed choice, the "good ole boy" has a public temper tantrum, refuses to endorse his rival and engages in a sabotage of the conservative candidate or runs/supports a third-party candidate that aids the liberal in winning the general election.  We've seen this example play out with "good ole boy" RINO candidates like Dick Lugar, Lisa Murkowski, and Mike Castle. Now with Bill Bolling.  None of these sore-loser "good ole boy" RINOs have the decency of Tea Party/conservative voters who get behind the primary winner, even if the RINO candidate wins.

Many of us did not support Mitt Romney in the primaries, but we got behind him nevertheless in the general election. Just like while I strongly supported Jaime Radtke to be the GOP candidate for Virginia's US Senate seat this year, I nonetheless supported the "good ole boy's" candidate George Allen, who proved to be the disappointment I feared he would be, losing to the putrid Tim Kaine.

But Bill Bolling got what was coming to him. He's bitching and crying about how the system was changed to a convention selection that should help Cuccinelli get the nod. Let me remind Bill Bolling who it was that forced Mitt Romney on Virginia during the GOP Primary as basically our only choice.

It was Bill Bolling, who was the Romney Campaign Chair in Virginia, who was fine with the Republican Party of Virginia changing the rules one month before the deadline to turn in petitions for presidential contenders to get their names on the Virginia ballot, to where signatures had to be validated.  What happened? Texas Governor Rick Perry and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich both raised the number of signatures needed but had enough disqualified to keep them off the ballot. So, thanks to Bill Bolling, we didn't have a conservative to vote for in the GOP primary. When Ken Cuccinelli tried to remedy the situation, Romney's boy Bill Bolling publicly read him the riot act.

After seeing Bolling's Axlerod-style, Chicago tactics used to force Mitt Romneycare as our only choice, I wanted to see Bolling defeated for the GOP gubernatorial nod, because he didn't deserve it. The jerk even threatened to sue the RPV earlier this year when it came to the convention vs. primary debate for the 2013 race.  His sore loser attitude proves him even more unworthy of leadership.  He should just shut up and take his bruised ego back home, and if he plans on continuing his scorched-earth policy against Cuccinelli, he needs to be publicly rebuked.

Ken Cuccinelli is worthy of support for Governor of Virginia. He is a solid conservative. He was one of the leaders in the fight against the job-killing monstrosity known as Obamacare, as well as the overreach of the Obama EPA's activism.  Cuccinelli and his Texas counterpart Greg Abbott are, in my mind, two of the best state attorney generals in the nation today. Cuccinelli would be an excellent governor and deserves to continue the work Bob McDonnell has done to make Virginia a place where economic growth can happen.

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