Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obama On BenghaziGate: Don't Go After My UN Ambassador, Go After Me...But I'll Dodge The Question

Richard Milhous Obama gave a rap session today to pre-selected members of his activist lapdog media, to whom he owes his re-election.

As usual it was more of the same BS we've come to expect from President Empty Chair.

First, he responded to threats from Senators John McCain and Lindsey Grahamnesty to oppose UN Ambassador Susan Rice, should she be nominated to replace Hillary Rotten Clinton as Secretary of State, saying they should "go after me" instead.

But Ed Henry at Fox News actually asked Obama a good question on BenghaziGate, whether or not he made an order to save the Americans at the US consulate while it was being attacked.

Mr. "Go After Me" didn't like the questioning.

Obama would not answer if he gave a direct order to save those in Benghazi, according to Ed Henry.
Well, you wanted to take the heat, so if you're not man enough to do it, step down.
I guess Ed Henry's chair at the next press conference will be given instead to Pimp With A Limp.
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Larry Johnson at No Quarter: Obama Is A F**king Moron

I have said all along that Rice was carrying Obama’s water at his direction. Now we have confirmation.  
But this fact begs a simple question–Why in the hell does Obama send someone who knows nothing about the issue to represent him to the nation?  
That’s the question the press should have asked and should press for going forward. Why turn to Rice, who clearly knew nothing about Benghazi? Why not send the Director of the CIA or the Director of the National Security Council or the Director of National Intelligence?  
It is a total, complete lie that Rice was “sharing what the intel community gave her.” The intel community was reporting the exact opposite. By the evening of 11 September 2012 in Washington, DC, the intelligence community, at least on the military side of the house, squarely and unambiguously placed the blame for the attack on Ansar Al Sharia.  
How long must we bear a liar and fraud like Obama?

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