Saturday, November 03, 2012

Chicago Media Ignores Black Protesters At Rahm Emanuel Fundraiser For Obama

Just as the Obama Lapdog Media is ignoring the deteriorating situation in New Jersey and in Staten Island, NY after Hurricane Sandy, they are ignoring another significant story that shatters a perception about Richard Milhous Obama.

Anne Sorock has the details at Legal Insurrection:
Black Chicagoans from the south and west sides took their message to what they say is the source of the problem when they converged outside of a fundraiser held by Mayor Emanuel for Barack Obama and then marched to the studios of ABC News.
Their message, “let us work in our own community,” was made all the more poignant as the ABC News crew ignored the news event outside their very studious. Not one camera was sent to cover the news that was, literally, placed at their doorstep.
The protest, which took place Thursday evening, addressed these community members’ growing desperation as their wartorn neighborhoods are redeveloped by political cronies, evicting residents and shutting out local investors, and use union labor from outside the community to do the work. It’s a corrupt cycle of government “work” that takes advantage of the poor, evicting them, and then redeveloping the properties to benefit anyone but the community.
In the video below, community members who say they are desperate for jobs and investment, focus their protest against liberal leadership, including Obama and Emanuel, so-called community organizations like ACORN, and unions:

As the new jobs numbers show black unemployment has risen to 14.3 percent, this community is desperate for work. They are desperate to find a new way outside of liberal leadership. And they are desperate for the media to stop the blackout on the real stories happening in the inner-city communities.
What can the inner-city black community do to get ABC News and other outlets to cover their plight, if bringing them news to their very doorstep is not enough for them to pay attention?

Rebel Pundit had filmed another video that was posted last week talking to members of The Broke Party that is very telling of discontent among this community in Chicago toward the liberal Democrats who run the city.

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