Friday, November 30, 2012

Democrat Hank Johnson's New Doozy, Says Constitution Should Be Amended To Limit Speech

Because how dare anyone question politicians, let alone liberal ones (SeeBS Atlanta):
A Democratic representative is calling for an amendment to the United States Constitution that would allow for some legislative restriction of freedom of speech.
“We need a constitutional amendment that would allow the legislature to control the so-called free speech rights of corporations,” Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) was quoted as saying by CNS News.
He reportedly made these comments while speaking at the Annesbrooks HOA candidate Forum held last month.
In a video obtained by the website, Johnson asserts that “corporations control … patterns of thinking.”
“They control the media. They control the messages that you get,” he added. “And these folks … are setting up a scenario where they’re privatizing every aspect of our lives as we know it. So, wake up! Wake up! Let’s look at what’s happening.”

Video of Johnson's comments via CNSNews:

And who can forget what Johnson said almost three years ago about the Pacific island of Guam.

"My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize"

Notice that this is all coming from the same Democrats and liberals who claim to be such champions of free speech. They cannot stand to have their ideas questioned.

Obama Gets Ready To Take Another Ritzy $4 Million Hawaiian Vacation On Taxpayer's Dime

Well, there they go again. Now that the election is over, no need in acting thrifty, the Obamas, and especially Moochelle, need to vacation like the one percenters.

All on the taxpayer dime, of course (Hawaii Reporter, via FreeRepublic).
Residents living near the beachfront homes where President Barack Obama and First Family vacation with their friends every year since 2008 were alerted on Monday to some specifics of the Obamas' holiday vacation plans.
The report delivered to residents living along the ocean and canal that surrounds the multi-million dollar homes at Kailuana Place where the President stays, informed them of restrictions that will be implemented for 20 days beginning December 17 and running through January 6.
In a matter of weeks, Kailua residents will see the familiar street barricades fronted by U.S. Secret Service agents and Navy Seals and the U.S. Coast Guard stationed in canal and ocean waters.
The President, who spent some of his childhood years in Hawaii, brings his wife, two daughters, Sasha and Malia, with dog Bo in tow, each holiday season. They settle into the small town community known for its spectacular sparkling beaches, warm turquoise ocean, rolling surf, country shops and restaurants and friendly people.
The homes where they stay are just a two-minute drive from Kaneohe Bay and the Marine Corps Base Hawaii, where the Obamas and friends can access private white sand beaches and military workout facilities.
While many residents welcome the First Family, others are disheartened by the restrictions put on air, water and road travel while the President and family are in town, especially because it is the holiday season and many families on vacation want to use their boats or surf and paddle in the welcoming ocean waves fronting the Kailua homes. In addition, the President's caravan of at least 22 vehicles including an ambulance can easily overwhelm the community that typically has single lane streets.
The biggest cost is travel, according to the Reporter:
Travel time for Air Force One direct from Washington D.C. to Hawaii is about 9 hours or as high as $1,635,813 each way for a total of $3,271,622 for the round trip to Hawaii and back.
The cost for USAF C-17 cargo aircraft that transports the Presidential limos, helicopters and other support equipment to Hawaii has never been disclosed in the years the President has traveled to Hawaii. However, the flight time between Andrews Air Force Base and Hawaii is at about 21.5 hours roundtrip, with estimated operating cost of $12,000 per hour. (Source: GAO report, updated by C-17 crew member). The United States Marine Corps provides a presidential helicopter, along with pilots and support crews for the test flights, which travel on another C-17 flight. That is $258,000, not including costs for the 4 to 6 member crew's per diem and hotel.
The rentals are fronted by the ocean and backed by a canal. So, the taxpayers must cover the costs for housing U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Coast Guard and Navy Seals in beach front and canal front homes around where the President stays.
Last year, that added up to about $200 per bedroom per day, or $21,600 per average home for a nearly three week period, with special forces renting at least 7 homes. Security arrives ahead of the President costing taxpayers about $176,400 for the length of the visit.
The President’s staff and White House Press Corps typically stay at one of Hawaii’s oldest and most elegant hotels, the Moana Surfrider. Besides its stunningly beautiful view of Waikiki, and its traditional Hawaiian architecture and decor, it is one of the most pricey hotels in the state and government rates are not available during the holiday season. Rooms start at around $270 but can cost as much as $370 a night for an ocean view before Christmas, and climb much higher around the new year.
A conservative estimate with rooms at $270 (excluding a 9.25 percent Transient Accommodation Tax and a 4.712 percent General Excise Tax on each bill, meals, internet charges and other charges) means the taxpayers are covering more than $129,600 in hotel bills for some two dozen staff.
Local police are paid over time for the President’s visit, which has historically cost Oahu taxpayers $250,000.
The city ambulance the accompanies the President 24 hours a day through his entire visit is about $10,000 to city taxpayers.
So, once again, the Obama's, who claim to represent the middle class the "99 Percent" act as if they are royalty, especially while many Americans may not afford to take even a trip to another state to visit family for Christmas.

Bully-in-Chief Obama "I'm Keeping My Own Naughty & Nice List"

He can't run for re-election again, but the campaign never ends if you're Richard Milhous Obama.

The Bully-in-Chief said the following today to members of Congress, in the middle of the so-called "fiscal cliff" crisis, at the K'NEX plant near Philadelphia (Real Clear Politics).

"Now, of course, Santa delivers everywhere. I've been keeping my own naughty and nice list for Washington, so you should keep your eye on who gets some K'NEX this year. There are going to be some members of Congress who get them, and some who don't."

From the same guy who once talked about "punishing your enemies."

What a jerk!

Radtke Letter To State GOP Asks Bill Bolling To Repudiate His Comments On Ken Cuccinelli

As a follow up to the story yesterday of sour grapes Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, GOP primary candidate for US Senate Jamie Radtke wrote the following letter (sent to supporters via e-mail) asking the central committee of the Republican Party of Virginia to issue a resolution asking Bill Bolling to repudiate his attack on Attorney General (and gubernatorial candidate) Ken Cuccinelli. 
I humbly request your consideration to adopt a resolution calling on Lt. Governor Bill Bolling to repudiate his unfortunate statements made earlier this week about the character and electability of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as Governor. The Committee should resolve further that Governor Bob McDonnell should withdraw his delegation of responsibility to Mr. Bolling for economic development (Chief Jobs Creator) if Mr. Bolling fails to repudiate his statements.
Mr. Bolling's voting record and public positions vary little from those of Mr. Cuccinelli. Mr. Bolling's personal criticisms of Mr. Cuccinelli are groundless and would be just as offensive and outrageous if directed at a Democrat. Mr. Bolling has further stated to the media that he will refuse to support Mr. Cuccinelli as the Republican nominee for Governor at the conclusion of our Republican Convention in May, which is in direct violation of our Republican Party Plan. Conservatives have consistently demonstrated a willingness to abide by the process outlined in the Party Plan. The expectation should be no different with our elected officials.
Thank you for your time and consideration of this important proposal that will reaffirm our support and dedication to represent the Republican grassroots of Virginia. Family obligations will prevent me from being at your business meeting Friday afternoon, but I will be in attendance at the Republican Advance later in the day and Saturday.
...The only real “independent” in the race for Governor of Virginia is the man Bolling gratuitously attacked on his way out the door: Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.
Cuccinelli has built his political reputation on actually producing the kind of conservative government that establishment Republicans -- like Bolling -- always campaign on, but never even attempt to produce once they get elected.
As he left the race, Bolling publicly questioned the ability of Cuccinelli -- a tea party star -- to win the general election, even as he claimed that, “I love the Republican party …”
Bolling also refused to endorse Cuccinelli, saying, according to The Richmond Times-Dispatch, “I have serious reservations about his ability to effectively and responsibly lead the state… And given those reservations, I could not in good conscience endorse his candidacy for governor.”
Bolling’s most revealing comment about the end of his candidacy also pretty well summed up why the Republican activists who were likely to be delegates to the state convention weren’t warming to his candidacy, “The party has to decide whether we’re more interested in engaging in great ideological debates, or winning elections and earning the right to lead,” said Bolling.
Yet, as Virginia Republican Party Chair Pat Mullins observed, “Nowhere in his [Bolling’s] statements does he mention a policy disagreement with the Attorney General.”
As rumors swirl about whether or not Bolling will leave the Party, many are now wondering whether his “love” for the GOP was disingenuous to begin with, applying only so long as the Party served as a vehicle to advance his personal ambitions.
Bolling was about to be passed over for the nomination for Governor because today’s Republican activists have no interest in establishment-type insider candidates, like Bolling, who are all about biography and “my turn” and are not willing to campaign on, fight for and govern according to conservative principles.
If Bill Bolling leaves the GOP and runs as an independent, it won’t be because Ken Cuccinelli and today’s Republican Party of Virginia are “too conservative” or solely interested in “engaging in great ideological debates.” It will be because today’s Republican activists want candidates, like Ken Cuccinelli, who will actually produce on their campaign promises to govern as conservatives, and that got in the way of Bolling’s personal ambition.
As I wrote last night, Bill Bolling is an example of what ails the Republican Party today--the "good ole boy" country club establishment types who have nothing contempt for the conservative and Tea Party grassroots.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sour Grapes: Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling Is An Example Of What's Wrong With GOP

Virginia's Lt. Governor Bill Bolling decided yesterday to suspend his quest for the GOP nomination to replace Bob McDonnell as the governor of the Commonwealth next year, leaving Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as the favorite to be the GOP candidate.

In Bolling's statement, he said:
I know how divisive (state) conventions can be, and I was concerned that a prolonged campaign between Mr. Cuccinelli and me could create deep divisions within our party. The convention process would have forced Republican activists to take sides against their friends in local committees all across our state. The wounds that can develop from that type of process are often difficult to heal.
“Conventions are by their very nature exclusive, and at a time when we need to be projecting a positive image and reaching out to involve more Virginians in the Republican Party, I am unwilling to be part of a process that could seriously damage our image and appeal.
“While it may have been in my self-interest to have continued the campaign and done my best to win without regard to the consequences of those actions, I have never chosen to place my self-interest ahead of our Party’s best interest, and I will not do so now.
Well, so much for doing what's in the best interest of the Party, as Bolling showed his sour grapes today and declined to back Cuccinelli.
Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling refused to endorse former rival Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia governor's race Thursday and wouldn't rule out running against Cuccinelli as a third-party independent.
"I'm a loyal soldier [for the Republican Party], but I'm going to do what I think is right for Virginia," Bolling said. "I know that will make some people uneasy or unhappy, but at the end of the day, I've got to do what I think is right, and right now I'm not comfortable making an endorsement."

If you need to know what is wrong with the Republican Party, it is people like Bill Bolling, who are part of the "good ole boy" Republican RINO establishment who are simply elevated by the party poobahs to lead the party in a run for office because "it's their turn."

What has happened, especially since the Tea Party has become a political force? When the "good ole boy" establishment candidate loses to a conservative or a Tea Party backed choice, the "good ole boy" has a public temper tantrum, refuses to endorse his rival and engages in a sabotage of the conservative candidate or runs/supports a third-party candidate that aids the liberal in winning the general election.  We've seen this example play out with "good ole boy" RINO candidates like Dick Lugar, Lisa Murkowski, and Mike Castle. Now with Bill Bolling.  None of these sore-loser "good ole boy" RINOs have the decency of Tea Party/conservative voters who get behind the primary winner, even if the RINO candidate wins.

Many of us did not support Mitt Romney in the primaries, but we got behind him nevertheless in the general election. Just like while I strongly supported Jaime Radtke to be the GOP candidate for Virginia's US Senate seat this year, I nonetheless supported the "good ole boy's" candidate George Allen, who proved to be the disappointment I feared he would be, losing to the putrid Tim Kaine.

But Bill Bolling got what was coming to him. He's bitching and crying about how the system was changed to a convention selection that should help Cuccinelli get the nod. Let me remind Bill Bolling who it was that forced Mitt Romney on Virginia during the GOP Primary as basically our only choice.

It was Bill Bolling, who was the Romney Campaign Chair in Virginia, who was fine with the Republican Party of Virginia changing the rules one month before the deadline to turn in petitions for presidential contenders to get their names on the Virginia ballot, to where signatures had to be validated.  What happened? Texas Governor Rick Perry and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich both raised the number of signatures needed but had enough disqualified to keep them off the ballot. So, thanks to Bill Bolling, we didn't have a conservative to vote for in the GOP primary. When Ken Cuccinelli tried to remedy the situation, Romney's boy Bill Bolling publicly read him the riot act.

After seeing Bolling's Axlerod-style, Chicago tactics used to force Mitt Romneycare as our only choice, I wanted to see Bolling defeated for the GOP gubernatorial nod, because he didn't deserve it. The jerk even threatened to sue the RPV earlier this year when it came to the convention vs. primary debate for the 2013 race.  His sore loser attitude proves him even more unworthy of leadership.  He should just shut up and take his bruised ego back home, and if he plans on continuing his scorched-earth policy against Cuccinelli, he needs to be publicly rebuked.

Ken Cuccinelli is worthy of support for Governor of Virginia. He is a solid conservative. He was one of the leaders in the fight against the job-killing monstrosity known as Obamacare, as well as the overreach of the Obama EPA's activism.  Cuccinelli and his Texas counterpart Greg Abbott are, in my mind, two of the best state attorney generals in the nation today. Cuccinelli would be an excellent governor and deserves to continue the work Bob McDonnell has done to make Virginia a place where economic growth can happen.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Glenn Beck's Obama Art: The Liberal's False Messiah In Yellow Liquid

In a discussion of the crucified Obama painting, Glenn Beck decided to come up with a little creativity of his own, using the "saviour" of Jamie Foxx and fellow liberals as his subject.

More at Glenn
Earlier today on radio, Glenn told the audience about the artist in Boston who displayed a painting of Obama crucified on a cross like Jesus. And while many have protested the art, including people in New York City, Glenn actually agreed with the artist that the first amendment should override people’s hurt feelings over the image. That’s why he decided to create some art of his own.
“Art is in the eye of the beholder and this guy has a right to do this. I think its offensive. I don’t think its close to reality but whatever floats your boat. I support his right to do exactly that. I agree with him that people who are upset should not trump his right to be able to do it and be able to hang it wherever he wants – as long as its wanted there,” Glenn said.
And while some may find it surprising that Glenn would support the right for a person to paint a picture of Obama as Christ, he said it all goes to the Constitution – the one irrefutable piece of art which gives people the freedom.
“That document says I can’t stop him, and the spirit of that document is that I shouldn’t try,” he said.
But would people on the left agree with Glenn? In the same way that the artist pushed the buttons of conservatives and people of faith with his painting of Obama, Glenn decided to create his own piece of art with Obama.

After a day drinking a lot of water, Glenn had a mason jar filled with…his own special brew of yellow liquid on set. Glenn took a Obama figurine, and then placed it in the jar. The result? “Obama in Pee Pee” – which will soon be up for sale for $25,000.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Painting Displayed Showing Obama As Being Crucified

A couple of days after celebrity idiot Jamie Foxx called Richard Milhous Obama "our Lord and Saviour," a painting is on display in Boston showing Obama as a crucified, Christ-like figure (Fox News Radio).

A painting that features President Obama posed as Jesus Christ crucified on is on display at a community college art gallery in Boston.
The painting by Michael D’Antuono is part of a larger exhibit called “Artists on the Stump – the Road to the White House 2012.” It’s on display at the Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery until Dec. 15th.
....The painting is called “Truth” – and shows the president with his arms outstretched. A crown of thorns rests on his head.
It was originally supposed to debut nearly four years ago at New York City’s Union Square. But that event was cancelled due to public outrage.
“I always regretted cancelling my exhibit in New York because I feel my First Amendment rights should override someone’s hurt feelings,” D’Antuono told Fox News. “We should celebrate the fact that we live in a country where we are given the freedom to express ourselves.”

Except, of course, if you make a YouTube video mocking Mohammed, in which case the Obama Regime will put you in jail, as the "the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."
A spokesperson for the art gallery told Fox News there hasn’t been any criticism of the painting.
D’Antuono said the public exhibition “has afforded me the ability to right a wrong.”
He dismissed critics who called the display blasphemous.
“The crucifixion of the president was meant metaphorically,” he told Fox News. “My intent was not to compare him to Jesus.”
D’Antuono blamed the controversy on conservative media “trying to promote the idea that liberals believe the president to literally be our savior.”

Excuse me, conservative media promotes the idea that liberals believe Obama to be their savior? Liberals do a pretty damn good job of that. I already mentioned Jamie Foxx. Here's more examples.

The "Halo" images from the Obama Lapdog Media:

The 2007 paper mache statue of Obama, "The Blessing"

DNC 2012 - Obama "Heaven Sent" & Prophecy Fulfilled

Quotes comapring Obama to God, Jesus:
A website in 2008, which called itself “Is Barack Obama the Messiah?,” carried this quote: “OBAMA BE THY NAME, THY CHANGE WILL COME, THY WILL BE DONE …” 
In an interview with the Associated Press, British pop singer Sting said Obama could be the divine answer to the world’s problems: “In many ways, he’s sent from God, because the world’s a mess. 
Maggie Mertens, associate editor of the student newspaper Smithsophian at Massachusetts’ Smith College, wrote that “I will follow him” because “Obama is my Jesus”
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan declared that when Obama talks, “the Messiah is absolutely speaking. 
Even the Dutch were similarly stricken with the messianic zeal. Extolling Obamacare, an editorial in the Dutch newspaper Politiken in 2009 actually declared that “Obama is, of course, greater than Jesus.”
Obama himself encouraged the idolatry. In a speech on January 7, 2008, at Dartmouth College just before the New Hampshire Primary, the POS told the gullible students: “A light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote” for Obama.

Florida Professor Pens Book Comparing Obama to Jesus - College Insurrection

Evan Thomas of Newsweak, Obama is "sort of a God"

"Thy Kingdom Come...." Lake City, FL campaign headquarters

Bill Donohue of the Catholic Leage made the following statement:
Michael D’Antuono is a left-wing artist known for exploiting racial tensions (e.g, depicting George Zimmerman as a Klansman and Trayvon Martin as a generous child). But now he has succumbed to a new low.
D’Antuono’s painting of President Barack Obama with outstretched arms wearing a crown of thorns, against the backdrop of the Seal of the President of the United States, is called “Truth.” [Click here.] It is being hosted by the Bunker Hill Community College Arts Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts.
What makes this display so interesting is the flat denial of truth by so many artists and academicians, as well as their irrepressible hostility to Christianity. Yet when it comes to their savior, President Obama, they not only pivot, they proselytize.
“Truth” was supposed to make its debut on April 29, 2009 in New York’s Union Square; it was to commemorate the first 100 days of Obama’s presidency. But D’Antuono withdrew his masterpiece after being hit with angry e-mails. Now he is back, apparently thinking that after Obama won reelection, the time is ripe to witness his crucifixion. Imagine if his God had lost what our Christmas gift would look like.
It is one thing for the Italian nativity scene builder Ferrigno to include Obama as a figurine in this year’s crèche (it has regularly featured public persons such as Princess Diana), quite another for an angry artist to rip off Christian iconography for the purpose of making a cheap political statement.

Obama Silent On Egypt President's Power Grab, But Got In Front Of Calls For Mubarak To Step Down

While we were enjoying our Thanksgiving dinner in America, Egypt's new President Mohamed Morsi made a power grab to seize full control of the country (Nice Deb).

On Fox News Sunday, Arizona Sen. John McCain called on the President to renounce Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s move to seize full control of the country through executive fiat.
“First we must condemn it,” McCain, the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, told “Fox News Sunday.” “Then we can outline what actions might be taken.”
Morsi announced the power grab Thursday, just one day after he helped broker a cease-fire agreement in Israel between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas in the Gaza strip.
“This kind of power is not acceptable to the United States,” McCain said. “Renounce the statement and the move that (Morsi) just made.”
Rather than condemn the move, the Regime on Friday meekly asked Egypt to adopt a constitution complete with checks and balances.
“We call for calm and encourage all parties to work together and call for all Egyptians to resolve their differences over these important issues peacefully and through democratic dialogue,” said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.
McCain is requesting a stronger response since “the United State has leverage” in any effort to persuade Morsi to back down because of the billions it gives Egypt in financial aid, as well as forgiving its debt.
Mohamed ElBaradei weighed in, as well:
“I am waiting to see, I hope soon, a very strong statement of condemnation by the U.S., by Europe and by everybody who really cares about human dignity,” declared Mohamed ElBaradei, who is one of Egypt’s more visible non-Islamist politicians.
So far, no word from the President, but the US Embassy Cairo continued to epically fail on Twitter, as captured by Twitchy:
In fact, word is that Obama has been so disengaged from the whole process that he hasn't spoken to Morsi since the power grab.
Compare that to when the so-called "Arab Spring" happened, and Obama got in front of the calls for Morsi's predecessor, Hosni Mubarak, to step down.
President Barack Obama warned Tuesday of "difficult days ahead" for Egypt and said the transition following President Hosni Mubarak's earlier announcement that he won't run for re-election in September must begin immediately.
In a brief statement to reporters at the White House, Obama pledged continuing U.S. support for both a longtime ally and the aspirations of protesting Egyptians, whose eight days of growing demonstrations led to Mubarak's dramatic announcement on state television.
"We've borne witness to the beginning of a new chapter in the history of a great country and a long-time partner of the United States," Obama said of the Mubarak statement less than three hours earlier.
Noting that he and Mubarak had just spoken by phone, Obama said Mubarak "recognizes that the status quo is not sustainable and a change must take place." Repeating earlier calls for an orderly transition in Egypt from Mubarak's nearly three decades of repressive rule to a fully representative democracy, Obama said the transition "must be meaningful, it must be peaceful and it must begin now."
"Furthermore, the process must include a broad spectrum of Egyptian voices and opposition parties," Obama said. "It should lead to elections that are free and fair. And it should result in a government that's not only grounded in democratic principles but is also responsive to the aspirations of the Egyptian people."

So Obama helped pave the way for this to happen, and if Morsi wants to act in a way Obama would love to, then it's no wonder that Hollywood's "Lord and Savior" is silent.

Silence is consent.

Monday, November 26, 2012

"The President Told Me I Would Get Immediate Help," Says Victim Of Hurricane Sandy

All Donna Vanzant got after the marina she owns was torn up by Hurricane Sandy was a photo op with Richard Milhous Obama and empty promises that have not been fulfilled nearly a month later (

Donna Vanzant struggled through flooded streets and downed power lines two days after superstorm Sandy to reach the ravaged marina she owns in Brigantine.
Secret Service agents were combing the area when she finally arrived, and by the time the afternoon was over, she had met President Obama and shared an emotional hug with him.
The following morning, the image of that embrace, top right, appeared on the front page of The Record and was published and broadcast by news outlets around the world.
I was fortunate enough to be in the pool of news photographers who accompanied the president on his tour of the devastation along the Jersey Shore, and among those who got to photograph Vanzant’s presidential encounter.
I returned to Brigantine last week to see how she was doing.
All but one of the boats in her North Point Marina that were pushed as far as three blocks away by the storm surge have now been recovered, but there is much left to do. Vanzant estimates that her business losses will amount to at least $500,000, including the cost of repairing the marina.
Her son Stephen, 26, took a two-week leave from the Navy to come home to help out. He has started a Facebook page called Rebuild North Point Marina to seek contributions.
Vanzant has been moved by the many kindnesses she received from friends, family and customers. She heard from countless people after the photograph of her hug with the president was published, including from strangers as far away as Vietnam who wished her well.
She said she was honored to meet Obama, but she is also frustrated that she has yet to receive help from either her insurance companies or the government. "The president told me I would get immediate help," she said.
"Looking back on it, it wasted a lot of people’s time," she said of the visit.
The future of the North Point Marina remains uncertain. "I am just moving minute by minute, because the insurance companies are telling me no, no, no!" she said.

For Sandy's victims, it was a waste of time, but for Obama, his propaganda office and outlets called the Lapdog Media pushed these images to move the fools who vote based on emotions to help him win re-election a week later.

And Obama owed that moment to the Big RINO, Chris "Krispy Kreme" Christie.

Of course, if George W. Bush were President, he'd have been raked over the coals for how FEMA has screwed up getting aid to the people of New Jersey and New York. But the liberals false Messiah gets a free pass.

Of course when Nashville was hit with a devastating flood back in 2010, Obama couldn't have cared lessThe media didn't care either.

Celebrity Moron Jamie Foxx: "Let's Give Honor to God - our LORD and Savior Barack Obama"

Yes, he said that last night at the Soul Train Awards on BET (FreeRepublic via NewsBusters).

"It feels like church in here. Let's give honor to God - our LORD and Savior Barack Obama, Barack Obama, Barack Obama..."
No, Foxx wasn't putting on a comedy act either. People were cheering this cult-like reverence.

Why do I say "cult-like?" Well, followers of the Rev. Jim Jones were known to refer to him as "Lord God Almighty himself."

Saturday, November 24, 2012

When A Democrat Pollster Makes More Sense Than Ann Coulter

Some people cannot ever admit they were wrong.

A lot of us who didn't support Mitt Romney in the primaries, because we'd questioned the whole "most electable" narrative would have been willing to admit we were wrong, if he'd been elected over Richard Milhous Obama, and if he'd done a good job as President. That is, despite the fact he's lost more elections than he won, and he did not have a track record of being a conservative.

But Ann Coulter cannot admit she was wrong.

How can she? She couldn't explain to me at CPAC 2012 why she'd gone from saying (the year before) he'd lose if he was the nominee to being a "true believer."  Now, she's beclowning herself after she and all the others who used the "electability" argument solely to promote Romney were proven wrong.  Somehow, Romney is more superior in her mind to Ronald Reagan, (Daily Caller).  To which The Great One, Mark Levin responded:
Really Ann? You mean Romney's one debate bests Reagan's decades of advocacy for conservatism, his battles with the Republican establishment, and his building a conservative movement? Fact is Romney has done nothing for conservatism. I repeat, nothing. No leadership. No grassroots efforts. No major policy initiatives. Nothing. Reagan won two landslides. Romney won nothing. Cherry-picking facts Ann, in some strange cult-like obsession, fools no one. Same with your cheerleading for Chris Christie.
Pat Caddell, the Democrat pollster who worked for Carter's losing 1980 campaign, shows why even a Democrat makes more sense than alleged conservative Coulter in looking at why Romney lost (
Speaking at The David Horowitz Freedom Center's "Restoration Weekend" in Florida on November 16, Pat Caddell indicted what he called the Republican "consultant-lobbyist-establishment" complex for losing a presidential campaign in 2012 President Barack Obama had no business winning.
“No presidential campaign should be run by consultants,” Caddell said. “They should be run by people who are committed to the candidate and not into making big money.”
Caddell, the former Jimmy Carter adviser who consulted on the "Hope and the Change" movie that profiled disaffected Obama 2008 voters who were not going to vote for him in 2012, warned Republicans that the consultant-lobbyist-establishment complex may threaten to take the party into oblivion if not marginalized.
The Romney campaign, Caddell said, was driven be establishment consultants and was a failure of mechanics and message.
“But most of all, it was a failure of imagination,” Caddell said. ““It was the single worst campaign in modern history of a challenger who had a chance to win ... and that’s the truth and nothing can take away from that.”
Caddell said “Republicans never attempted to put a frame around the national election” because “the people who run the messaging in the Republican party and their consultants refused to do it.” 
...Too often, Caddell said the Republican consultant-lobbyist-establishment complex ignores anything that could be effective if it does not allow them to profit.
For instance, even though a Frank Luntz focus group found that the “Hope and the Change” movie was the most effective way for Republicans to appeal to independent voters, Caddell accused the Republican “consultant-lobbyist-establishment complex” of not utilizing the film because “that communication didn’t fit” in their conventional plans to make the consultant class wealthy.
Caddell said Republicans have to go away from a bureaucratic, top-down approach to messaging and outreach and be more imaginative in the future if they do not want to go the way of the Whigs. He said Republicans have been so poor on combating narratives and framing their own messages that minorities -- like Asians -- voted overwhelmingly for Obama despite sharing conservative values because they think Republicans "do not care about minorities."
He said the Republican party needed to be more imaginative -- like promoting education reform against teachers unions as the new battle for civil rights and running against corruption in Washington, which a Breitbart News/Judicial Watch Election Night poll found 85% of voters were concerned about.
“Why are Republicans not the anti-establishment party?,” Caddell asked.
Caddell emphasized a “narrative is a story” that comes over a period of time and “not just a single message.”
He cited Ronald Reagan as someone who knew how to speak to Democrats and “ordinary and common” Americans and bring them over to his side because Reagan had been one of them and came from regular Americans and shared their experiences.
“That is a quality that has been missing a long time in a search for alternative candidate," Caddell said, in reference to Reagan's ability to resonate with blue collar Americans.
He's right. That was the key to Reagan's electoral success.  It wasn't because Reagan was a "cult of personality" figure. It was because Reagan had respect for the everyday American citizen, those who "make the country work." I noted earlier how Reagan warned the GOP could not limit itself to the "country club, big business image" it had, and in many ways went back to with the first George Bush Presidency (1989-1992).
But I guess it's hard to understand conservatism and making it relate to Americans of all backgrounds when all that motivates you is the next book you can sell, huh Ann?

R.I.P. Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing)

The guy America loved to hate on Friday nights for 13 years died yesterday (Dallas Morning News).
Larry Hagman, who played the conniving and mischievous J.R. Ewing on the TV show Dallas, died Friday at Medical City in Dallas, of complications from his recent battle with cancer, his family said.
He was 81.
“Larry was back in his beloved Dallas re-enacting the iconic role he loved most,” his family said in a written statement. “Larry’s family and close friends had joined him in Dallas for the Thanksgiving holiday. When he passed, he was surrounded by loved ones. It was a peaceful passing, just as he had wished for. The family requests privacy at this time.”
The role of J.R. transformed Mr. Hagman’s life. He rocketed from being a merely well-known TV actor on I Dream of Jeannie and the son of Broadway legend Mary Martin, to the kind of international fame known only by the likes the Beatles and Muhammad Ali.
Mr. Hagman made his home in California with his wife of 59 years, the former Maj Axelsson. Despite obvious physical frailty, he gamely returned to Dallas to film season one and part of season two of TNT’s Dallas reboot.
Friends were in shock Friday, especially those who saw him only days ago. But those close to him say he knew the end was coming and he was glad to have his family in town for Thanksgiving.
The new version of Dallas on TNT that premiered this past summer was a very well done and worthy follow up to the original. I was a fan of Dallas in the 1980s, so much that I'd remember videotaping episodes on Friday nights while I was in high school marching band during football season and watch it the next morning.
Thanks for the memories J.R.!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Van Susteren Alleges Obama Regime "Punishing" Fox News Over BenghaziGate Reporting

With the exception of Sharyl Attkisson's reporting at SeeBS, only one network has tried to get to the truth about what happened at the American consulate in Libya on 9/11/2012 -- Fox News.

Greta van Susteren, host of On The Record, alleges that the Obama Regime has been trying to "punish" the network and says it is time for them to "grow up." (via Gateway Pundit).

The Obama Administration has done everything but give us the straight story and they are fighting us on getting the facts.
And why do I say the Obama Administration should grow up? Because the Obama Administration is trying to punish Fox for trying to get the facts from the Administration (do I need to remind anyone that 4 Americans were murdered?) The Administration in what looks like a coordinated effort is denying Fox access to information that they are handing out to other news organizations. Why exclude Fox? That is simple – to punish — to try to teach us a lesson not to pry, not to look further for facts.
Here is my proof. The Administration is now 3 out of 3:
1/ The State Department called a media conference call the night before its employees testified on Capitol Hill and OMITTED FOX FROM THE CALL; (they claimed it was an accidental oversight);
2/ About 2 weeks after the above State Department conference call to all in the media, the CIA had a media wide briefing and released their timeline. The CIA invited major news organizations to the briefing but THE CIA EXCLUDED FOX FROM THOSE INVITED TO THE BRIEFING
3/ and now the latest…. DNI Director James Clapper told Capitol Hill last week that the DNI did not know who took the term Al Qaeda out of the talking points that was given to Ambassador Susan Rice. It turns out that is not true and the DNI released a memo to the media last night indicating that DNI Director James Clapper was wrong last week when he said that (incidentally two plus months after the murders.) The DNI / Intelligence removed Al Qaeda from the talking points memo given to Ambassador Susan Rice. But that’s not all – it isn’t just the “who is on first” at the DNI, it is also what the DNI did to Fox last night. The DNI LEFT FOX NEWS CHANNEL OFF ITS DISTRIBUTION LIST last night when it released this new memo to the media.
You know why Fox is left out 3 out of 3. We at Fox are not simply accepting what they say, what they dish out. We are looking for facts and corroboration when there are inconsistencies and discrepancies. To the extent we get anything wrong is because the Administration is doing whatever it can to thwart us from getting the facts.
They are trying to punish us into going away — hoping we get their message that we will never have access to them as long as we dare to challenge what they put out. And guess what? What they have put out and what we have challenged shows they are cagey and not giving the straight story.
Keep in mind how the Regime has punished Fox News in the past, as well how pool reporters during the 2008 campaign were kicked off his campaign plane when their employers endorsed his opponent.  Some longtime White House reporters have even been blocked from attending events like the White House Correspondents Dinner because they dare to ask tough questions of the Regime.

BenghaziGate is significant because four Americans were murdered by Islamists, and the Regime (for some reason) wanted to lie about why this happened, because the truth might have hurt That One's re-election campaign.  It is a story that needs more Woodward and Bernsteins, instead of a compliant, sheeple media of lapdogs.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

From my home to yours, I want to wish you all a very Happy Thnaksgiving! Enjoy this time with family and friends to be grateful for your many blessings.

As always, I am ever so grateful for all your readership, support and friendship over the years. Thank you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obama Regime Refuses To Release Photos Of WH Situation Room On Night Of Benghazi Attack

The "Most Transparent Administration Evah" will not release photographs of the White House Situation Room on the night of September 11, 2012, as the US Consulate in Benghazi was being attacked by Islamists.

The request was made, believe it or not, by SeeBS. Sharyl Attkisson, someone who has earned the title "journalist," has more (via This Ain't Hell).
A White House official referred our request regarding the Benghazi attacks to the White House Photo Office. On Nov. 1, an official there indicated she would process our request quickly, but then did not respond further. Finally, this week, the White House Photo Office told CBS News it would not release any images without approval of Josh Earnest in the White House Press Office. Earnest did not respond to our telephone calls and emails.
At a press conference on Nov. 14, 2012 President Obama stated that his Administration has provided all information regarding "what happened in Benghazi."
"We have provided every bit of information that we have, and we will continue to provide information...," the President told reporters, adding, "we will provide all the information that is available about what happened on that day..." and "I will put forward every bit of information that we have."
In addition to the Benghazi images, CBS News has also requested, but not received, details concerning the president's and his staff's decisions during the attacks. Last year reporters were given details of the decision making, timeline and players regarding the Osama bin Laden raid as well as access to certain emails.
CBS News is also seeking drone and ground-level surveillance images and email communications and documents from the night of the Benghazi attacks. So far, none has been provided.
None have been provided.  But the White House was quick to release to the media photos of Richard Milhous Obama in the situation room when the Navy SEALS killed Osama bin Laden, and during Hurricane Sandy, one week before the November 6 election.

According to reports, Obama was in the situation room watching the Benghazi attack as it happened from drones flying over the consulate.

There's a reason the photos and other information is not being released. It will show how Obama could have acted but didn't, and tried to cover it up because it hurt his campaign narrative that "al-Queda has been decimated."

"F*CK YOU JEW!" The Ugly Face Of Leftist Anti-Semitism


Liberals, leftists, and Democrats have enjoyed slandering conservatives and Republicans with those two words over the years and many times will do it when there is no proof of it (see Congressional Black Caucus, March 20, 2010). It is a slur that has no basis for truth, but sticks because of GOP not fighting back hard on it.

But what none of the libs will ever confront is the vile anti-Semitic bigotry that gets tossed around in Leftist circles, especially when the topic of Israel gets brought up.

Over the weekend in San Francisco, a far-Left rally against Israel took place, and one photographer was not only physically assaulted, but had the words "fuck you, Jew" hurled back at them.

Notice also how the anti-Israel protesters yelled "Allau Akbar," the phrase used by Islamofascist terrorists who slammed airplanes into the World Trade Center and on videos of beheadings.

Ok, you might say, it's just one person. But this kind of anti-Semitism is common in San Francisco. Remember that infamous photo from an ANSWER rally in 2006?

Nor are these "isolated incidents." I saw a bunch of this at what was practically a "pro-Hamas" rally in DC in 2009, where a protester carried a sign promoting neo-Nazi David Duke, and the Hezbollah flag was seen. At the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC this year, several members booed as resolutions stating Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, as well as the very mention of God, were added back into the DNC platform.  Northern Virginia Congressman Jim Moron keeps winning re-election to Congress despite a history of anti-Semitic statements, as well as anti-military statements and his son caught on video describing how to commit voter fraud.

Witness too, the reaction of some after Obama's re-election earlier this month, as documented by Rebel Pundit (via Katie Pavlich).

Obama supporters out celebrating his win on election night gathered on State Street Tuesday evening. I asked one man why he was celebrating Obama, and what that meant to him. He said, “It really means to me, no more Israel…Mitt Romney would go to war with Iran…Obama said f*** that shit. Kill those mother f***ers.”
Another said, “Palestine was there first, and Israel moved in in the 1940s and that’s an unfair attack.” A man of Jewish heritage accompanying him said, “I really do not think that us being with Israel is a good choice for us”
Anne Sorock at Legal Insurrection found some anti-Israel protesters in Chicago who were also sympathetic with Iran.

A counter protest directed at a “Stand with Israel” rally held in downtown Chicago Tuesday chanted that Israel should “end the occupation now.”
The counter group on around 30, a coalition of pro-Palestinian forces along with Communist Party USA’s Andy Thayer and others, accused Israel of being the aggressor in the Gaza conflict.
Two men I interviewed at the rally, one holding a sign that read, “Israel murders children” and the other wearing a keffiyeh scarf, both discussed the role of Iran in the conflict.
According to the first, “in other countries like Iran, we see that they are accepting of the Jewish population in that country….I think that Iran is surrounded by 42 U.S. military bases and that it poses no threat or otherwise.” The second said, ”[Iran] is being attacked because it is on the side of democracy and justice”

So why all the Leftist anti-Semitism?  Is it rooted in trying to appease jihadis? Sympathy with America's enemies due to their hate of this nation? Or, is it part of the Left's contempt for Christianity, due to the importance of Israel in Christianity (Genesis 12:3 "I  will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you.")?

Whatever it is, the scenes above are in America, but are more reminiscent of 1930's Germany.  For the Left, who regularly accuse conservatives of racism, extremism, and fascism, they need to address their dark side and why they are willing to put on public displays of bigotry towards our closest ally in the Middle East.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Racist, Man-Hating Pig, Says GOP "Whiter & More Male"

Of course, the same media and political party who made a big deal about Mitt Romney's "47 Percent" comment he made at a private fundraiser will say nothing about this divisive public speech made by the vile DNC Chair Debbie "Thunderlips" Wasserman-Schultz (CNSNews).
Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said the Republican Party “got whiter and more male” while the Democratic caucus is “majority minority and female.”
“Take a good look when the House convenes after this next Congress is sworn in at what our side of the aisle looks like versus what the Republican side looks like. I mean they got whiter and more male, and we now have a majority minority and female Democratic caucus – first time in history,” Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said Wednesday at a discussion hosted by the Emily’s List, a group known for supporting pro-abortion female candidates.
She said when women run for office, “Democrats win.”
Now, if some male made comments the opposite of what Thunderlips said, you'd heard the cry of "racist, sexist pig" all day long. So why not say the same about Debbie?  After all, male-bashing and abortion on demand (which is what Emily's List supports) is the embodiment of modern feminism (read "feminazis"), which is reverse sexism and oppression of the supposedly "evil" patriarchy.

But that love of "diversity" only goes so far. Someone needs to ask Debbie, why did her party defeat two black Republican candidates, Allen West of Florida and the impressive Mia Love of Utah, with two "evil" white guys?  In fact, Wasserman-Schultz has an extreme hate for Allen West in particular. She personally protested outside his campaign headquarters in 2010 (when she also implied Tea Party protesters were Nazis), in this video by Javier at The Shark Tank.

She repeated attacked him over the last couple of years, even on the House floor when West was not present. When he responded with a scathing e-mail, the Debbie the Bully decided to act like a victim to the media.

I don't remember Thunderlips Debbie condemning the attack on West by his opponent's father, whose SuperPAC put out an ad depicting West as a boxer who hit white women.

More of your hypocrisy by liberals on race-baiting and divisiveness.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Home Of Occupy Wall Street Volunteer Medic Raided, Bomb-Making Material & Weapons Found

Now why would a member of the "non-violent" Occupy movement allegedly have these kinds of materials in his basement? (ABC News, via

Large amounts of chemicals commonly used to make bombs were found in the basement of a New Jersey doctor, along with assault rifles and a stun gun, prosecutors said today.
Dr. Roberto Rivera, 60, who according to some reports was active in the Occupy Wall Street movement last year, was arrested following a Friday night raid on his Ridgewood, N.J., home.
 OWS Protester Roberto Rivera, photo credit Amy Arbus for Bloomberg, via Citizen Journalist
Ridgewood police first showed up at the home around 6:15 p.m. after getting a report of potential hazardous and explosive material, according to a press release from Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli.
Inside the home, police found a "large amount" of a chemical typically used in bomb-making, the release said. The name of the chemical was not released.
Armed with a search warrant, the FBI and the Bergen County Bomb Squad then visited Rivera's home where they confiscated the bomb-making chemical and also found "several other precursor chemicals commonly used in the making of explosive devices," Molinelli said.
After the chemicals were retrieved, Molinelli said police searched the home and found various weapons, including assault rifles, other firearms and a stun gun.
Rivera faces six charges, including possession of a destructive device and recklessly creating a risk of widespread injury or damage. His bail was set at $1 million cash.
It was not yet clear whether Rivera has hired a lawyer.
Bill Dobbs, a member of the Occupy Wall Street press team, said he had no knowledge of any connection between Rivera and the movement, and said Occupy is firmly committed to non-violence.
Non-violence, yeah right! If that's true, then why are members of Occupy Cleveland facing terrorism charges for a plot to blow up the Route 82 Bridge?  What about all the anti-Semitic signs, and violence at Occupy Wall Street squatting camp.  But those of us in the Tea Party! We're "extreme right wing radicals" who peacefully assemble and clean up the areas where they've held their rallies.

The Greenwich Diva says that Rivera was a "volunteer medic" at Occupy Wall Street.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Obama Knew Within 72 Hours Benghazi Was Terrorist Operation...But Lied About It For Days Afterwards

Jennifer Rubin is a trendsetter at the Washington ComPost, actually doing something known as journalism.  She wrote the following (via FreeRepublic).:

In a blockbuster report, John Solomon, the former Associated Press and Post reporter, has ferreted out the president’s daily brief that informed him within 72 hours of the Sept. 11 attack that the Benghazi attack was a jihadist operation.
Citing officials directly familiar with the information, Solomon writes in the Washington Guardian that Obama and other administration officials were told that “that the attack was likely carried out by local militia and other armed extremists sympathetic to al-Qaida in the region.”
He adds:
The details from the CIA and Pentagon assessments of the killing of Ambassador Chris [Stevens] were far more specific, more detailed and more current than the unclassified talking points that UN Ambassador Susan Rice and other officials used five days after the attack to suggest to Americans that an unruly mob angry over an anti-Islamic video was to blame, officials said.
Most of the details affirming al-Qaida links were edited or excluded from the unclassified talking points used by Rice in appearances on news programs the weekend after the attack, officials confirmed Friday. Multiple agencies were involved in excising information, doing so because it revealed sources and methods, dealt with classified intercepts or involved information that was not yet fully confirmed, the officials said.
Solomon cautions that there were bits of evidence pointing to a spontaneous attack but, as Eli Lake of the Daily Beast and others have reported, he writes: “Among the early evidence cited in the briefings to the president and other senior officials were intercepts showing some of the participants were known members or supporters of Ansar al-Sharia — the al-Qaida-sympathizing militia in Libya — and the AQIM, which is a direct affiliate of al-Qaida in northern Africa, the officials said.”
How could the president and his senior staff then have allowed (or rather, sent) Rice to go out to tell an entirely different tale to the American people on Sept. 16 on five TV shows?

Not just that, Obama knew it was terrorism earlier than 24 hours. The attack was being seen at The White House in real time via a drone flying over the consulate.

Obama did not order the military to go rescue the Benghazi mission. Instead, they were told to "stand down."

Three days later, Obama and Hillary Rotten Clinton started "The Big Lie" and said the attack was due to a protest over a little known YouTube video mocking the prophet Mohammed.  That was 72 hours later.

Susan Rice, the UN Ambassador (as Rubin noted) continued "The Big Lie" on the Sunday shows.

The filmmaker of the YouTube video was taken in for questioning, and later arrested for "parole violation."

Obama continued repeating "The Big Lie" on the David Letterman liberal comedy show, on "The View" and at his September 25th speech to the United Nations, where he referenced the YouTube video not once..but SIX (6) Times, saying "the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."

David Petraeus, former CIA director, said in closed door testimony to the House Intelligence Committee yesterday he knew the attack on the consulate in Benghazi was terrorism, but that the CIA talking points were changed.

Who asked for the change? Who made the decision to say this wasn't terrorism? Why did the Obama Regime not only lie to the families of the four killed in Benghazi, but lied to the American people.

Even worse, why has most of the American "media" who claim there is no such thing as liberal media bias, decided to aid in the cover-up for Obama, contrary to what the Washington ComPost and other media outlets did almost 40 years ago when another President ordered a crime covered up that was no where near as bad as BenghaziGate.

No one died during Watergate, or Monica-gate for that matter.

Even the Party of Treason, the Democrap Party are marching in goosestep around Obama defending his lies, compared to eight years ago when they accused the Bush Administration about lying to go to war in Iraq, with no evidence to back up their claims.

Four Americans are dead, and the media and Democrap Party doesn't care?  SHAME ON THEM! They can all GO TO HELL!

America, and most importantly, the families of the four killed in Benghazi on 9/11/2012 DESERVE THE TRUTH.

Friday, November 16, 2012

DOUBLE STANDARD: Lib Women In Congress Defend Susan Rice From GOP Critics, Silent When Condoleezza Rice Attacked

Here's the next chapter in liberal hypocrisy.

Thanks to Kirsten Powers on Twitter, I found this story about a dozen women lawmakers in Congress (all liberals) are defending UN Ambassador Susan Rice from John McCain and GOP criticism over her BenghaziGate testimony, and the possibility of her being nominated for Secretary of State.

"It is a shame that anytime something goes wrong, they pick on women and minorities," Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, the next chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, told reporters Friday at a Capitol Hill news conference.
Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham earlier this week called Rice untrustworthy and unqualified to be the nation's top diplomat if President Barack Obama chooses her to succeed Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. The two vowed to block any Senate confirmation if she is nominated.
The House women, a majority of them African-American, lashed out at McCain and Graham and demanded that they retract their criticism.
"To batter this woman because they don't feel they have the ability to batter President Obama is something we the women are not going to stand by and watch," said Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Wis. "Their feckless and reckless speculation is unworthy of their offices as senators."
Said Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C.: "We will not allow a brilliant public servant's record to be mugged to cut off her consideration to be secretary of state."
So, as usual, its the "race card" and depicting Susan Rice as a "battered woman," instead of asking legitimate questions about who told her to falsely claim the Benghazi attack on 9/11 was due to a stupid YouTube video.
Sen. Barbara "Dont' Call Me Ma'am" Boxer joined in the criticism.
As I have listened to leading Republicans denigrate Ambassador Susan Rice, I am struck by how unfair this attack is, how untruthful it is, and how at odds it is with their past actions.
The truth is, when Ambassador Rice was asked on Face the Nation about the tragic deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, she shared exactly what she and the Congress had been directly told at the time by the intelligence community.
But she also said that this information was preliminary, stressing that an investigation had begun, and warning that "we'll want to see the results of that investigation to draw any definitive conclusions."
She was not spinning. She was not twisting the truth. She was simply being forthcoming with the best information available at the time. And for that, she is now being viciously attacked by Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.
 Never mind that Barbara Boxer on many occasions viciously attacked Bush's Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice with false claims of lying about intelligence on the Iraq War, even going so far as to claim what cost would it be to someone like the SOS who doesn't have children.

When Condoleezza Rice was nominated in 2005 to be Secretary of State, it was Boxer who led a brutal, partisan attack against her, and the snotty California Senator was not afraid to join hands with former Kleagle/Exalted Cyclops from West Virginia, the late Sen. Robert "Sheets" Byrd (D-KKK) in going after Rice

Funny, but I don't remember the Congressional Black Caucus or any of these phony civil rights groups screaming "racism" or "sexism" then.

National Papa John's Appreciation Day -- Enjoying Good Pizza While Sticking It To Libs

Just had a small Papa John's pepperoni pizza to participate in National Papa John's Appreciation Day (see earlier post).

While I was at the nearby franchise on Elden St. in Herndon, I also learned some about the DC Area franchisee, Colonel's Limited LLC and, pay attention Obama, how they built their company.
At age 23, Andy Freitas implored a family friend to invest $70,000 for a 44 percent stake in his Papa John’s franchise. The investor accepted, sealing the deal with a handshake on his couch — and probably hoarding thoughts that he was kissing that cash goodbye.
Four years later, the investor found himself with $1.4 million in returns.
By then, Freitas owned a half dozen Papa John’s locations, and his father was vindicated in his decision to retire from the Army and pursue a career in, of all things, chain pizzerias.
Co-founders of Colonel’s Limited LLC, Andy and father Bill now operate 53 Papa John’s locations throughout the Washington area.
...The family opened its first location in Sterling in 1993, when Andy was barely a year out of Hampden-Sydney College. For Bill, the franchise business was a considerable switch from his previous jobs, which included chief of conventional war plans during the Gulf War.
The two received zero salaries for the first five years — Bill’s wife took a job behind a Nordstrom’s cash register at the time — but the company slowly began opening new Papa John’s locations to take advantage of the development around Dulles International Airport. By 1999, some of those spots were churning out some of the highest sales volumes in the country.
Didn't take salaries and the wife took a job at the mall just to make ends meet for the first five years.  Yet Obama wants to tell small business owners they didn't build their company?

By the way, the pizza was great.  Tastes good when you stick it to the libs.

Petraeus Bombshell Knew "Almost Immediately" Benghazi Attack Was Terrorism....

Why Did Tampa Socialite At Center Of Petraeus Sex Scandal Have Breakfast At White House on Sept. 28?

The whole BenghaziGate episode goes up another notch, as Gen. and former CIA Director David Petraeus was scheduled to testify to a closed door session of the House Intelligence Committee that he knew "almost immediately" the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi was terrorism. (Weekly Standard, via Hot Air).
David Petraeus is going to tell members of Congress that he "knew almost immediately after the September 11th attack, that the group Ansar al Sharia, the al Qaeda sympathizing group in Libya was responsible for the attacks," CNN reports.
In his closed door meeting on the Hill, "[Petraeus] will also say he had his own talking points separate from U.N. ambassador Susan Rice. [Hers] came from somewhere other in the administration than his direct talking points," Barbara Starr of CNN reports, referencing a source close to Petraeus.
The former CIA director will move to further himself from comments that didn't accurately characterize the terror attack that Rice made 5 days after on national television shows.
"When he looks at what Susan Rice said," CNN reports, "here is what Petraeus's take is, according to my source. Petraeus developed some talking points laying it all out. those talking points as always were approved by the intelligence community. But then he sees Susan Rice make her statements and he sees input from other areas of the administration. Petraeus -- it is believed -- will tell the committee he is not certain where Susan Rice got all of her information."
Initially, Petraeus said on Sept. 14th that the deadly attack was due to a YouTube video and had downplayed any terror links. That was proven otherwise in the days that followed.

Petraeus resigned as CIA director when it was revealed he was having an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell. The FBI investigated the affair last summer, but the information did not come out until after Obama's re-election.

Some, like Charles Krauthammer, believe that Petraeus may have had the affair "held over his head" by the regime in return for favorable testimony, though that is just a theory and no proof yet has been made.

But Greta van Susteren found out an interesting detail about Jill Kelley, the woman who is also at the center of the Petraeus/Broadwell affair.
OK…this is just bizarre. See below what Tampa socialite and General David Petraeus friend wrote in an email to a reporter on September 28. Was she at the White House? Who did she see? Why was she there? (and what’s with the honoary Ambassador to US Central Command Coalition?)
“Btw I was made the (honorary) Ambassador to US Central Command’s Coalition!” she told a [Tampa Bay] Times reporter in a Sept. 28 email. “In addition to that, I was just recently appointed to be the Honorary Consulate General to South Korea! I’m in DC today - just left from breakfast at the White House. . . . I really hope to see you soon!”
So, what's is that all about?  What was she doing at the White House? Will someone on the House or Senate Committee's subpoena the White House records? Who did she meet with?

This is one area where I am in full agreement with Sen. John McCain, a Select Committee to investigate what happened in Benghazi and the response by the White House afterwards needs to be undertaken.

This past Wednesday, Senator John McCain stood up for Mr. Woods -- and the other families of those murdered in Benghazi -- by introducing a resolution to create a special eight-member select Senate committee to examine the attack on the consulate in which Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith, were killed.
McCain argued that the Obama administration had no credibility to carry out an investigation of its own actions or inaction.
Joining McCain in calling for the special committee were Senators Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H and Lindsey Graham, R- S.C., who said, “a segmented, stove-piped investigation – where you have three different (Senate) committees going off in three directions and not comparing notes…is going to lead to failure.”
Of course, Congress is no more a bastion of truth-seeking and moral courage than is the Obama White House, and McCain’s resolution drew quick opposition rooted in the prerogatives of Senate committees that are already conducting their own investigations of the attacks. Senators serving on those committees defended their ability to conduct a thorough inquiry and seemed to see McCain’s efforts as potentially encroaching on their turf.
However, we were gratified to learn that one principled conservative senator who did voice support for McCain’s idea of a special select committee was Senator Jim Inhofe, R- Okla., who serves on the Armed Services Committee and is slated to succeed McCain as its ranking member when the new Congress is sworn-in in January 2013.
The media, of course, was hostile to the whole idea of a select committee. The same media that sucks up to their President and who did all they could during the Presidential debates to help him on this issue. Why is the media covering up the cover up? Where is today's Woodward and Bernstein?  Furthermore, where is there a John Dean figure who will go on the record and testify to what we all suspect, this was covered up because it would have hurt Obama in the last months of the election, making his "al-Queda has been decimated" talking point fall apart.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Liberal Fascists Threaten Papa Johns & Denny's For Boycotts For Attacking Obamacare

The "tolerant" Left, emboldened by the re-election of Richard Milhous Obama, continues their cult like demand for Obediance to "That One," now attacking businesses that have stated they will have to raise costs of their service or cut employee hours due to the job-killing Obamacare.

Papa John's Pizza is now under threat of boycott from libs (Legal Insurrection).
Papa John’s founder and CEO, John Schnatter made headlines last week along with a slew of other companies when he announced some changes that would likely occur as Obamacare continues to be implemented. Schnatter commented that many of his company’s franchise owners will have to cut employees’ hours in order to avoid falling under Obamacare’s coverage requirements, and stay fiscally sound.
“That’s probably what’s going to happen,” he said according to “It’s common sense. That’s what I call lose-lose.”
Schnatter’s comments have outraged many of Obama’s supporters on the left who are now calling for a boycott of the pizza giant, and attacks on Twitter and elsewhere.
LI notes that Papa Johns had fallen in line to these same liberal crypto-fascists earlier this year when they wanted Rush Limbaugh booted off the air by boycotting his advertisers. They pulled ads from Rush's show.  Now look what happens.

Someone on Facebook has created a National Papa John's Appreciation Day for tomorrow, Nov. 16, similar to what happened with Chick-fil-A back in August.  Granted, I'm not crazy about helping a company that fell in line to the bullying of Rush Limbaugh, but this is also about the people who work for Papa John's in order to support their families. They do not deserve to have their livelihoods hurt because of this liberal fascism.  So I'm considering going to Papa John's tomorrow, as I did with Chick-fil-A, just to stick it to the bullies on the Left.

But it doesn't end with Papa John's. a Denny's franchisee in West Palm Beach, FL, has come under attack by the Huffington ComPost, in a post retweeted by race-baiting Democrat Strategist Donna Brazille with the hashtag #boycott these naysayers.  The reason? The owner has floated the idea of a five percent Obamacare surcharge added to the cost of each bill, just to stay in business.

It's not restaurant's either, Hobby Lobby chain stores, a Christian owned business, is facing a backlash for suing the Obama Regime over the attacks on religious freedom, as Obamacare forces them to pay for contraceptives and abortion coverage that goes against their values.

Funny that liberals attack Christians for supposedly forcing their lifestyles on the rest of us.  Well, not only are liberals bullies and economic illiterates, they're the ones forcing their way of life on the rest of us.