Monday, October 08, 2012

Why Are Obama & Libs More Concerned About Big Bird After Our Ambassador, Two Navy SEALS & Aide Are Killed?

Eleven years after the act of war committed on American soil by Muslim terrorists, America was attacked again, as our embassies in Cairo, Egypt and Benghazi, Libya were attacked by al-Queda.

In Libya, our ambassador, Chris Stevens, was sodomized and murdered, as were his aide and two US Navy SEALS, who died trying to defend the ambassador.  This was the first time since the Jimmy Carter malaise that a US ambassador was killed.  Obama gave an emotionless statement the next day before flying off to a campaign fundraiser in Las Vegas.

The Obama Regime ignored warnings of the security risk in Libya, as well as requests for more security, instead blaming the terror attacks on a stupid YouTube video, and sent the authorities out to arrest the filmmaker.

But the Regime's cover-up is falling apart. This weekend, it was revealed that a 16-member Special Forces team was recalled from Libya one month before the attack.

But what issue is most important to Obama and his liberal lapdogs?

Not going after the Islamofascist terrorists who attacked us on 9/11/2012.

No, it's defending a big yellow muppet by the name of Big Bird (New York Slimes).

On the conference call convened by aides in Denver and Chicago even as the candidates were still on stage, there was no debate in the Obama campaign about the debate. None of the advisers fooled themselves into thinking it was anything but a disaster. Instead, they scrambled for ways to recover. They resolved to go after Mr. Romney with a post-debate assault on his truthfulness. Ad makers were ordered to work all night to produce an attack ad. And they would seize on Mr. Romney’s vow to cut financing for Big Bird.
Obama is even showing more anger about the cutting of Big Bird's corporate welfare than he is about the murder of Ambassador Stevens.

Oh my, like Big Bird can't make it on his own.  If you look at the statistics, Sesame Street makes million of dollars in merchandising.  There's even an amusement park outside Philadelphia with high-priced admission fees. Yet Sesame Street are getting by by leeching off the taxpayers.

So, why is a big yellow muppet a bigger concern to Obama than the murder of our ambassador & staff by Islamofascists?  Is corporate welfare for a liberal network that can survive without the money more important than the security of the American people?

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