Monday, October 15, 2012

OUTRAGEOUS! TSA Thugs In Phoenix, AZ Harass Dana Loesch In Private Screening Without Witness, Violation Of TSA Policy

The list of abuses by TSA agents at United States airports grew yesterday. What happened was documented and should be something that no American traveler should have to endure.

Talk show host, editor of Breitbart's Big Journalism website and conservative activist Dana Loesch was in Phoenix, AZ over the weekend for FreePAC, an event put on by FreedomWorks, when she was pulled out of line for a security check at Terminal 4 of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. She told her Twitter followers what happened.

Here's the video, which was taken by her husband, Chris Loesch, who was also the subject of an intrusive search by TSA agents in Rhode Island back in June.

Seriously, when is this all going to end?  Will this subject come up during the remaining Presidential debates?  It should.  This isn't an isolated incident either. You can check in the archives at this blog as well as many others and find a long list of TSA abuses. Other women who have been molested, children who have toys taken from them, TSA agents found in possession of child porn, grandma's ashes dumped out in front of the grandkids, dream vacations to Disneyland and final vacations of dying persons ruined, and a deaf man having candy stolen from him, as well as being called a "f-king Deafie."

True, there needs to be some form of security at airports, especially after 9/11. But it needs to be common sense security measures, not physical and emotional harassment by government bureaucrats who show no restraint in abusing their power, all done because of political correctness.

As Loesch said, the only way this can stop is if you get involved. " Call your elected officials. It only continues because we allow it."

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