Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Obama Bypasses Congress & Buys Old Prison To Bring Gitmo Terrorist Detainees To US

While the race tape is damning, we also have the scandals of Fast and Furious as well as BenghaziGate to go after Obama well as a new one that is being ignored by the Lapdog Media. I did hear Mark Levin talk about this last night. 

From 9/11 Families for a Safe and Strong America.
9/11 Families: Thomson Prison Purchase First Step to Bring Gitmo Detainees to U.S. Soil

Oct. 2, 2012
9/11 Families for a Safe and Strong America
Debra Burlingame

New York, NY, October, 2, 2012 — 9/11 families strongly object to the Obama administration’s plan to purchase Thomson Correctional Facility in Thomson, Illinois without Congressional approval. As stated in our July 27 letter, signed by more than 100 family members, to House Speaker John Boehner, 9/11 families believe this purchase is a back door effort to circumvent Congress and the will of the American people. Though Senator Dick Durbin and Attorney General Eric Holder have denied that the prison would be retrofitted to receive Guantanamo detainees, this would not be the first time the Department of Justice defied Congress in an effort to bring terrorists inside the Homeland.

Recent news that the terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi was led by a former Guantanamo detainee has underscored the dangerous profile of current detainees. They continue to pose a serious national security threat to the U.S., and should not be viewed as political pawns which can be moved from a safe, secure off-shore military installation to the heart of America in order to satisfy a small, left-wing political constituency. This is the same constituency that agitated for the release of prior detainees who have returned to the battlefield and who engage in anti-U.S. propaganda and terrorist recruiting.

Mr. Durbin admitted in today’s announcement that the purchase, made in open defiance of the House subcommittee which overseas federal prisons, was unprecedented. Coupled with President Obama’s 2011 signing statement on legislation barring funds to transfer Gitmo detainees to the U.S. — calling the legislation “an extreme and risky encroachment on the authority of the executive branch” — we have no confidence that the Obama administration will defer to the wishes of the American people and their elected representatives on the matter of Guantanamo.

This misappropriation of funds and flouting of Congressional authority goes to the very heart of the public’s distrust of the Obama administration and the ever-widening gap between what it says and what it does.<
Burlingame noted in an update that the Department of InJustice added, in a notice of condemnation to take possession of the prision, the following was added...“… as well as to provide humane and secure confinement of individuals held under authority of any Act of Congress, and such other persons as in the opinion of the Attorney General of the United States are proper subjects for confinement in such institutions.”  The Guantanamo terrorist detainees were held by an act of Congress, Authorization to Use Military Force of 2001.

Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia also added a letter on his website and wrote on his Facebook page.

President Obama’s unprecedented directive to Attorney General Holder to circumvent Congress to purchase Thomson prison is deeply troubling. It directly violates the clear objection of the House Appropriations Committee and goes against the...
bipartisan objections of members in the House and Senate, who have noted that approving this request would allow Thomson to take precedence over previously funded prisons in Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia and New Hampshire. Notably, it also flies in the face of concerns raised by scores of family members of 9/11 victims, who signed a letter in July objecting to the purchase of this prison.

This is more of why Obama MUST be defeated in almost a month. He will not have any constraints in a second term, and will run roughshod over the Constitutional separation of powers and Congress if it stands in his way (and we know the cowardly crybaby John Boener wont). He obviously doesn't care about the safety of American citizens, given what just happened in Libya and Egypt, and is more concerned with the well being of Muslim terrorists instead of the citizens he swore an oath to protect.

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