Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mother Of State Dep't Official Killed On 9/11/12 Being Ignored By Obama Regime...She Names Names

The video below speaks for itself...

Meanwhile, the liars in the Regime are still spreading their bullpatties.  Jake Tapper, to his credit, called out the Propaganda Minister Jay Carney yesterday.

Michelle Malkin was on Hannity last night and went after the Democrat enablers of the Obama Regime and the "lying liars and crapweasels" involved in BenghaziGate.

Malkin is right when she says if you're not mad, you're not paying attention. We rightfully held Richard Nixon to account for Watergate and no one was killed as a result of that.  But here were have a terrorist attack on Americans overseas with a body count that the Regime has been caught trying to cover up and no one is being held to account.

Not only that, Democrats, who slandered President Bush (without any proof) with accusations of lying about WMDs in Iraq are aiding in the cover up.  It's this "My Party...Right or Wrong" attitude that always disgusts me about Democrats, and is why I could never vote for one today.

There's only one solution to all their asses out on November 6th

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Anonymous said...

Every time I see Jay Carney, I want to cry. It makes me very sad about Tony Snow--an intelligent, articulate gentleman who died too soon. To think that a slob like Carney is in the same position that Mr. Snow held is disgusting.