Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Evidence Obama's Electoral Ship Is Sinking...

Ever since the whole Benghazi attack, lie and cover-up, I've gone over to Larry Johnson's blog No Quarter to get another perspective.  He was real pro-Hillary and I don't always agree with everything there, but he writes some interesting things sometimes.

Today, Johnson happened to be on an airplane leaving Ft. Lauderdale and wrote that a whole bunch of the Obama sycophant press was on the same plane.

I was standing behind Chris Matthews in the security line. He is looking very unhappy this morning. Having been on his show several times in 2001 and 2002, I know his happy face and I know when he is in a major funk. He was very funky today.

Immediately to my right (on the other side of the security line) was F. Chuck Todd, oblivious to all around him, talking on the phone. I heard him say, “Yeah, Obama’s numbers are collapsing.”

Once through security I spied David Corn, Howard Feinstein, Major Garret and Candy Crowley. This looks like a frigging press charter plane for the Obama campaign. The average American really cannot appreciate the level of incest that is the so-called mainstream media. They are their own echo chamber. The vast majority are the geeks who were tortured in high school. That’s why they hate Mitt Romney so. He reminds them of the popular, successful kids they were not.

Boy, are they bummed this morning. Some may put on the happy face on TV, but they rarely tell viewers and readers what they really know. In this case, there are the real polls. Each campaign has a good handle on whether they are moving up or moving down. Obama is in free fall and did not do himself any favors last night. Why?

What are we talking about the morning after the debate? Obama’s strong, steady leadership or his claim, later denied by his spinners, that sequestration would not happen?

Are we talking about his spine of iron as commander-in-chief or is the talk about his peevish, juvenile remark dismissing Romney’s remarks about the shrinking size of the U.S. Navy?

You know the answer. Obama lost because of his misstatements and errors. Whenever your spokes people and lackeys have to hit the airwaves and try to explain what you meant to say you know you stepped in the feces.

And Obama? He was high stepping. In his effort to portray Romney as a know nothing on military affairs, Barack Obama referred to submarines as a “SHIP.” Idiot. Any sailor knows that a sub is a boat not a ship. Submariners never refer to their rides as a “ship.” Barack showed his ass on that one in more ways than one.

...While Obama may have satisfied the hardcore lefty partisans who ache for a fight and love to watch someone act like an inconsiderate ass, true adults understand that kind of behavior does not rally nor inspire independent voters. Obama’s desperate embrace of this base worked to his disadvantage with women and elderly looking for “No Drama.” Obama’s angry, petulant, in-your-face histrionics did not sway the middle. It alienated them.

That’s the dirty secret that most of the media knows and refuses to disclose to America. The election has shifted decisively in Romney’s favor and Obama’s ship, not submarine, is going under. Glug. Glug. Glug.

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