Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fast and Furious Expose Not Mentioned By ABC, NBC, SeeBS...Mark Levin Calls Media Racist For Ignoring Story

The explosive expose by Spanish-speaking network Univision into the Obama/Holder-run Operation Fast and Furious was ignored by the Obama Lapdog Media (Newsbusters).

Over the weekend the Univision network broke major news in the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal. They found 57 previously unreported guns used in crimes by Mexican cartels, but ABC, CBS and NBC have yet to report the Spanish-language network’s findings.

There were zero mentions on Sunday night’s ABC's World News and CBS's Evening News (NBC's Nightly News was pre-empted by Ryder Cup coverage) or on any of Monday’s morning shows. The blackout on ABC’s broadcasts is particularly confounding since they have an excerpt from Univision's September 30 report on ABC's official Web site.

Mark Levin, aka "The Great One" took on the lapdog media on his radio show last night for ignoring this scandal, calling the white liberals who make up the anchors and reports on the legacy networks "racist."

You must hear this, audio at The Right Link.

Univision is doing at least one job that many Americans refuse to do...journalism.

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