Thursday, October 25, 2012

BREAKING: Criminal Investigation Launched Into Rep. Jim Moran's Son In Vote Fraud Video

James O'Keefe of Project Veritas stuck again yesterday, releasing a video that featured the Congressional District 8 (next door to me) in Northern Virginia, a deep blue district.  It is represented by Democrat Jim Moran (or, as one health care town hall protester refered him to me as, the "Alexandria town drunk").

Anyway, Moran's son, Pat, who is the field director for his dad's campaign, was caught on video talking to an undercover reporter about faking utility bills in an effort to commit voter fraud.

Moran stepped down as his dad's field director yesterday afternoon, but his troubles are just beginning.

This morning, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli appeared on WMAL and said only the Arlington (VA) County Prosecutor has the authority to investigate. The only time the Virginia Attorney General gets involved is when the Board of Elections asks for the AG to investigate.

Just this afternoon, Arlington County authorities have started a criminal investigation into Pat Moron  (
The Arlington County Police Department has opened a criminal investigation into a video of Patrick Moran, son of Rep. Jim Moran and former field director of his reelection campaign. 
The video, released yesterday by conservative activist James O’Keefe, allegedly shows Moran offering advice on how to cast fraudulent ballots. The advice was given to an undercover reporter who approached Moran with a scheme to fraudulently vote on behalf of 100 people. 
Moran has since resigned from the campaign. 
From an ACPD press release:
The Arlington County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and the Arlington County Police Department have been made aware of a video released yesterday allegedly depicting Patrick Moran, former Director of Field Operations for the Jim Moran for Congress campaign organization, assisting another to vote illegally.

The Arlington County Police Department has initiated a criminal investigation of this matter.

Of course, it remains to be seen if this will have any effect at all on his father's re-election. Rep. Moron has been re-elected 11 times, despite anti-Semitic slurs, spousal abuse claims and other assaults, including an attack on an eight year old African American child.

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