Sunday, October 14, 2012

Axelrod Throws Hillary Under The Bus...Will Obama Incur Wrath Of Slick Willie?

Richard Milhous Obama cannot take responsibility for failure.

The deficit, high unemployment, every disaster of the worst four years in American history is the fault of George W. Bush and Republicans.

It started late last week from Propaganda Minister Jay Carney and continued this morning, as David Axelrod, the Obama hack so greasy he combs his hair with a pork chop, threw Secretary of State Hillary Rotten Clinton under the Obama bus (video via Gateway Pundit).

“The White House was talking about what the White House knew. There are embassies all over the world and requests all over the world and these requests go over the the security professionals at the State Department. And there’s no doubt that some of these matters went into the security department of the State Department. But it didn’t come to the White House and that’s what the White House was responding to.”
Never mind that the White House knew what was going on in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012, and did nothing.

Even the second worst President in American History, Jimmah Carter, took blame for the failed attempt in April 1980.

But the buck never stops with Obama, he passes the blame and cannot take responsibility for failure.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit says:

This is Barack Obama’s way of thanking Bill Clinton for working overtime to drag Barack Obama across the finish line in this year’s election.

Zilla at Zilla of the Resistance says Obama doesn't have a big enough bus to throw Hillary under:
Does anybody really believe that Hillary freaking Clinton is going to quietly get under those wheels without someone paying dearly for it? I don’t think so, and Kevin DuJan at HillBuzz, who knows more about Hillary Clinton than just about anybody that I’ve ever heard of, doesn’t think so:

Clearly none of these people have ever met Hillary Clinton.

I fully expect Hillary Clinton to do something to retaliate against both Jay Carney personally and also Joe Biden in the next few weeks. She’ll do it before the election…but won’t touch Obama until after he’s defeated, in which case I’m sure a lot of things will miraculously be made available to the incoming Romney administration (and its Justice Department) that were supposed to be shredded or buried in vaults somewhere. Ooops! Remember: Hillary Clinton can never do anything that harms Obama because she needs black people for her 2016 campaign…and the only thing that can keep her from being the nominee in 2016 is if she doesn’t have the support of blacks. Being Secretary of State for the last four years was to show blacks that there was no hard feelings between Hillary and Obama and that all the racial rhetoric Obama churned up against the Clintons in the primaries should be forgotten. Hillary can’t be the next nominee without blacks firmly behind her, and she knows it.

I wouldn't be surprised if something is done before the election, through a Clinton surrogate, that is damning to Obama and ensures beyond a shadow of a doubt his defeat on November 6th.  I don't think they'll wait until after the election.  Furthermore, I think BenghaziGate has damaged Hillary to the point she can forget about ever running for President in 2016, or ever.  All you need to do is bring up the video of her blaming the YouTube video when the four caskets arrived back from Libya to link her to how this Regime failed the Ambassador, the aide and two Navy SEALs, but lied to America and tried to cover it up.

Plus, this much dissention between State Department, intelligence operatives and the Regime doesn't instill confidence in our security.

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Kevin Williams, Producer said...

Agree, but the Republicans can take the Black Vote out of the Democratic Party's pocket. It would only take 20-25% of the Black Vote to split its Ticket for this to happen. Too many African Americans under 45 have moved towards registering as Independents or are openly challenging the remain Baby Boomers/Civil Rights Generation for the Dems to retain their Pre-2008 numbers.

Check out our film, FEAR OF A BLACK REPUBLICAN, which Mitt and Cornel West are both in, along with many others. It will wake up many Republicans' eyes to the opportunities available and the Democrats' eyes to what/how they could lose their power.