Thursday, October 25, 2012

A NEW LOW - Obama Campaign Compares Voting To Losing Virginity

Mark Levin was talking about this earlier and the ad was being passed around on Twitter.

This is from the Obama Campaign, targeting first time women voters.

Sister Toldjah writes:

And here I thought women were more than just the sum total of our “lady parts”? Apparently not. Is nothing sacred and innocent anymore? Most “first time” voters are those who have turned 18. This video is aimed at young teenage women! has a tweet round-up of the enthusiastic supporters of this disgusting tactic – like (unsurprisingly) actress Ashley Judd, as well as comments from critics. This one pretty well sums it up for me:
Make sure you (respectfully) let Obama campaign manager Jim @Messina2012 (who is promoting this video) know how you feel about it, especially if you’re a woman sick of being treated like you need to be extra nice (hint hint) to Uncle Sam to make it in the world.

With this whole birth control, "lady parts" meme being run by the Obama Campaign, I've felt and stated that they treat women like sex objects. This disgusting ad is further proof of that.

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