Friday, September 07, 2012

Will Listeners Of Classic Rock Be The New Swing Voters?

For a ligher political fare on Friday, you hear alot about certain "demographics" who are labeled as "swing voters."

Here's a new one, the "classic rock vote."

Greg Kihn, classic rocker (remember him? The Breakup Song and Jeopardy) and disc jockey at KFOX in San Jose, has an interesting piece at his website.

It looks like both political parties will be courting the CLASSIC ROCK VOTE this year. It was clear last night during Paul Ryan’s speech at the RNC when he made fun of Rommney’s music and said that the music on his iPod went from ACDC to Zep. I believe him. No reason to lie about that. Besides, it’s the music of our generation. The Classic Rock Demographic is perfect for both parties. The night before, Chris Christie mentioned listening to “Darkness At The Edge Of Town” while hanging out on the Jersey Shore when he was 19. He quoted Bruce Springsteen, even though to my knowledge Bruce is a liberal democrat. Will we hear from Bruce on the Christie thing? Will he demand to be removed from the man’s iPod? I don’t know.

All I can say is that this year the CLASSIC ROCK VOTE will make a difference. So, it would be smart for either party to woo those Baby Boomers that love their Led Zep. That’s you and me, man. Suddenly everybody wants our approval. Enjoy it while you can.

I read an interview where Obama revealed some of what is on his iPod- The Rolling Stones, Al Green, a lot of classic RandB, and some rap and hip-hop. He mentioned Lil Wayne and Nas. I don’t know who either of those guys are. This morning Chris and I tried to find a minute of Lil Wayne or the Nas to play on the air and we literally couldn’t find ONE 60 SECOND SOUND BITE THAT WASN’T full of profanities- the F word, the N word, raunchy sex, your name it. We couldn’t find one section that was playable. That’s incredible. Is the president really listening to Lil Wayne? Is this what they play on the radio nowdays? Is this what our kids are listening to? Holy crap! I would advise him to steer away from the gangsta rap because it’s undignified for a president to be grooving to such thugish music. I would suggest some jazz and classical. Maybe a little Ray Charles too.

(C)Rapper Nas....and Obama likes this guy's "music"? 
With the Democratic Convention coming up, I’ll bet we hear alot more about what the candidates are listening to. Some of it will be real, some not.

Now that this has become an issue, we should be hearing from Joe Biden soon. God knows what’s on HIS iPod. Maybe he’s still got a boom box. Or 8 Tracks. It’s a world gone mad.

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John Holliday said...

I went to high school in the 70s and this is my 1970s playlist for my MP3 player. Not a big fan of AC/DC or Led Zeppelin. Which is strange because I used to hang out with the head-bangers and that was all they listened to. I guess I wanted music and not noise.