Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Free Speech? Bay Area Radio Hosts Suspended After Complaints From Area Muslims

Say goodbye to the First Amendment, as we're on the road to Shariah Law.

Conservative radio station KNEW in San Francisco has suspended longtime morning show hosts Armstrong & Getty for comments they made on Monday (The Right Perspective).

“Some of you people that are good with the computer – make an anti-Mohammed ad post it to Al Jazeera,” said Jack Armstrong of the San Francisco Bay Area morning team Armstrong and Getty on Monday. “We need to swamp them with ads until they grow up.”

The comments were brought about during a heated discussion about last Friday’s rioting in the Muslim world over a YouTube video defaming the Prophet Mohammed and Islam. “It’s absolutely unbelievable that we [the United States] have been put in a position where we’re apologizing [for the video], and nobody condemns them [for their violence],” Armstrong said.

Armstrong and Getty also mocked President Obama and the US State Department for what they described as an “apology” to Muslims about the video.

“Nobody delivers the incredibly complicated message of, ‘listen, you can burn this embassy or you can ignore it [the video] completely, the results will still be the same,’” added co-host Joe Getty. “Just settle down.”

“You apologize this time, and everything is going to be fine,” Getty said. “No, they [the Muslims] shove you back on your heels one step and take another step forward.”

The next day, fans of the popular radio due found a “best of” show and a terse “on vacation” excuse from radio management. Podcast archives of the previous day’s controversial show were also taken down.

It was only later in the day that it was revealed that local Bay area Muslims had complained to NewsTalk910, the radio station the duo broadcasts from.

So how much longer will it be until Richard Milhous Hussein-Obama publicly attacks Armstrong & Getty in a speech and apologizes to Bay Area Muslims for these comments?

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