Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Magic Is Gone: Obama's DNC Speech Moved From BofA Stadium To Time Warner Arena

It's probably the biggest sign that Richard Milhous Obama is in electoral trouble. His much touted acceptance speech at the Democrat National Convention has been moved from the giant Bank of America stadium (seat 65,000) to the smaller Time Warner Arena (seat 15,000).

The reason given? Weather, namely severe thunderstorms.

I don't believe it (Virginia Virtucon).

A 30% chance of rain with isolated thunderstorms early? That means there is a 70% chance that it won’t rain at all. In fact, Politico points out:

Brad Panovich, a meteorologist at Charlotte’s NBC affiliate, who wrote “there are actually very little weather concerns Thursday night” and said the “severe threat is almost zero.”

Let’s stop pretending. We all know the REAL reason why this is being moved despite the campaign previously saying this would go on rain or shine.

The REAL reason? To quote Obama....You can't fill that stadium.

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