Saturday, September 15, 2012

SHAMEFUL! Obama Supporter Prevents Romney From Holding Moment of Silence For US Ambassador & Aides

This is shameful, and a new low for liberal Obama supporters.

Mitt Romney was in nearby Farifax, VA on Thursday and attempted to hold a moment of silence for murdered US Ambassador Chris Stevens and the three other Americans killed by jihadists when one liberal Obama supporter interrupted.

If there's one thing I learned after 9/11/2001 from liberals in the Bay Area and around the nation, they don't want unity...except if you agree with them.

One word of advice to Mitt, I'd have taken a sharper tone against this idiot at a time when everyone, regardless of political background, should be silent.

Here's how you handle idiot liberal hecklers.

One Romney supporter went Breitbart on the Obama Lapdog media, and served as an example for how we should go after the unofficial Obama PR hacks (Weekly Standard).

"I think you guys are suck-ups," the woman said. "I think you guys got your embroidered kneepads from the White House, buddy. That's what I think."

That's the way to tell them!

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