Sunday, September 02, 2012

September 3, 2012 (Tomorrow) - Empty Chair Day (My Contribution Added)

Forget about Labor Day, tomorrow is a day to rib Richard Milhous Obama, and support actor/director Clint Eastwood.

Michelle Malkin has decreed tomorrow, Monday Sept. 3 as Empty Chair Day.

What better way to commemorate the Labor Day holiday than to send a message to the AWOL campaign-in-chief — and support Clint Eastwood, to boot!

Twitchy has the story of the latest Eastwood-inspired social media phenomenon. First, #eastwooding.
Now: #EmptyChairDay.

Tomorrow, Monday, is the day.

Decorate yours any way you want it: Nobama stickers, Romney/Ryan yard signs, golf clubs, mom jeans, etc. Email/tweet us your best entries.

My decoration’s going to be “We own this country!” sign, in tribute to Eastwood’s best line from his speech.

Have fun! You know they’re going to call it racist, anyway.

Feel free to send any photos if you'd like me to publish them. My contribution:

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