Thursday, September 27, 2012

OBAMA REGIME LIED! Attacks on 9/11/12 Were Al-Queda, He Should Be Voted Out On This Alone

Of course an economy that is not creating jobs, not creating prosperity, and stifled by overregulation is important. But if you do not have a secure nation, you can forget about economic security.

In the last couple of days, it has been revealed that the attacks on our embassies in Egypt and Libya were not over some dumb YouTube video, as Obama, Hillary Rotten Clinton, and Ambassador Susan Rice repeated.  They were the work of al-Queda.

The Obama Regime knew this within twenty-four (24) hours.

They repeated the "it was a YouTube video" propaganda.

Not only did Richard Milhous Hussein Obama, Hillary Rotten Clinton and Susan Rice lie to the American people, they tried to cover it up.

Now, the filmmaker of this YouTube video has been arrested tonight on a "parole violation." Parole violation my ass, he's being punished for embarrassing The Anointed One, less than 50 days before he is up for re-election.

Make no mistake, as much as he has wrecked the economy, Obama should have his ass voted out of office on November 6th for this alone.

This isn't "lying about sex" as the libs claimed about Bill Clinton.  Obama and his Regime lied to us about the primary role of government--national security, while also attacking two key elements of the Constitution he swore an oath to uphold--freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  You know them, they're two out of three things called the First Amendment.

Richard Milhous Nixon lied to America about covering up a "third-rate burglary" known as Watergate. But no one died during Watergate. We didn't have an ambassador killed to the shouts of "Allahu Akbar."  Obama lied to America about something far worse than Watergate, but, unlike Nixon, he has a fawning, activist media who are willing to help in the cover-up.

And yet he is out campaigning, redefining "patriotism," as redistributing wealth.  What? It's patriotic giving free cell phones to a bunch of deadbeats? I don't need a lecture about patriotism from this same jerk who called President Bush "unpatriotic" for running a deficit, something Obama outdid Bush on by leaps and bounds.

Folks, don't get down and don't let the media dispirit you.  You want to know what is patriotic? Defeating Obama and making him a One-Term President is the most patriotic thing you as an American can do in the next month. You sit at home or you vote for a 3rd Party because you don't care for Romney, you have just voted for Obama, and as the late Andrew Breitbart said in his last major speech, "more than shame on you, you're on the other side!"

It's not just about the economy. It's about been free here at home and around the world, not submitting to the threat of Islamofascist terrorism.  It's about preserving our way of life and the founding principles of this nation (and let's make Chris Matthews cry in his beer on Election night).

Obama needs to be held accountable for lying to America.  It's your duty and mine to do that on November 6, 2012.

The same goes for Hillary Rotten Clinton.  She can forget about 2016 because she should never be made to forget how she lied to America about a terrorist attack on our nation.

Thank God we have leaders like Bibi Netanyahu, who has the moral clarity that the Muslim-sympathizing Obama doesn't have.  We need a President who will stand by our allies like Israel and England, and stand up to our enemies like those regimes that harbor and promote Islamofascist terrorism.

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Trish said...

You are 100% correct. This one horrid but not exclusive- bad behavior ought to mean Obama's reign's end. However that would mean that "the folks" would have to be paying attention. While there are a LOT more of us today who do pay attention, there are still way too many sheeple who don't notice, or seem to care that the major networks and lefty cable news don't inform them anymore. The propagandize entirely and the sheeple just move along.