Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Obama Is Depicted In Artwork As "Prophecy Fulfilled," "Heaven Sent" As "God" Is Removed From DNC Platform

For all the talk last week about how "extreme" the Republican Party platform is, because they didn't endorse the liberal blood sacrament called abortion-on-demand, the Democrat Party has show just how extreme they have become.

Not only has the State of Israel been thrown under the bus (refuse to recognize Jerusalem as the capital and removed words condemning Hamas), but the word "God" has been removed from the 2012 Democrat Party platform (ABC News).

Also gone is a previous reference to “God.”

The Democratic Party’s 2008 platform mentioned “God” once, in this passage (emphasis added):

We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.

Why? Because according to the Democrats, "Government Is The Only Thing We Belong To."

And those who know history know that for the State to be superior, God must be removed from the public square. Because nothing can be higher than The State.

If you cannot have God, then you must have a new Messiah. Which is how Richard Milhous Obama is being presented as in artwork being sold around the convention (Todd Starnes, Fox News).

Street vendors across downtown Charlotte are selling posters and artwork depicting President Obama as Jesus Christ and the Democratic National Convention is expected to feature a stained-glass window backdrop during their meeting.

One poster features an image of the president in prayer with the headline, “Prophecy Fulfilled.”

“Barak is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is ‘flash of lightning,” the poster notes, referencing a passage in in the Old Testament book of Judges.

Hussein, they allege, is a Biblical word meaning “good and handsome.”

“So you see, Barak was destined to be a good and handsome man that would rise like a flash of lightning to win victory in a battle against overwhelming odds,” the poster read.

The posters were being sold outside security zones at the Democratic National Convention. The posters are not sanctioned by the DNC.

An Obama calendar, obtained by Fox News, features two religious images of the Commander-in-Chief.

The month of August includes a photograph of Obama’s birth certificate with the words “Heaven sent.”

The president was born on Aug. 4th.

Democrats even had their own version of The Golden Calf made, a giant sand statue that was damaged during a weekend rain storm.

This is the Cult of Personality in overdrive, worse than it ever was in 2008.

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