Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NEVER FORGET! - September 11, 2001....Eleven Years Ago

Never Forget: What the lapdog media has called "disturbing" and decided to show you no longer, so they can lull you to sleep and give a false sense of security. What CAIR and other "grievance groups" want you to forget and will slander you as a bigot if you dare to question and bring up the murderous legacy of radical Islam.

American Airlines Flight 11, headed for Los Angeles from Boston's Logan Airport, was flown into the side of the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46, Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

This is the audio of a phone call between American Airlines and Flight Attendant, Betty Ong.

As reported on CNN that day.
as United 175 crashes at 4:48 in the video.  
American Airlines Flight 77, a 757 headed from Washington Dulles Airport to Los Angeles, was hijacked by Muslim al-Queda terrorists, who took over the plane and crashed it into the Pentagon. Killed were 59 people on Flight 77, and 125 at the Pentagon.
Footage (from the air)    
From Pentagon Surveillance Camera
The Pentagon Memorial, Arlington, VA Never forget those who decided to escape the smoke and fire. Knowing they would die anyway, they jumped to their deaths. Video footage. Show this to your liberal friends who support the Victory Mosque.
Melissa Doi's 911 call, as she's trapped in the South Tower:
Kevin Cosgrove's 911 call as building collapses.
At 9:59 a.m., the South Tower of the World Trade Center, hit by United Flight 175, collapses.
Air traffic control audio of "Mayday" as Flight 93 taken over by Muslim al-Queda terrorists.
Final phone call from CeeCee Lyles from Flight 93:
Alice Hoglan remembers the final phone call from Flight 93 hero, Mark Bingham.
The Heroes of Flight 93 fight back.
Lauren Place, San Rafael, CA.
The North Tower of the World Trade Center, hit by American Airlines Flight 11, collapses.
2,604 people died in both towers of the World Trade Center. On American Airlines flight 11, 87 people were killed, as were 59 on United 175.  
There is a reason I have these videos and photos posted here every year. America and future generations must never be allowed to be lulled back to sleep by a false sense of security, or that you can reason with people who want to kill you. It may be eleven years since 9/11, but radical Islam is still on the march. We see how our empty suit President enabled the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, throws Israel under the bus, and dithers while Iran builds a nuclear weapon. Never forget, evil exists in the world. You cannot negotiate or reason with it. It must always be destroyed!
"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance," Thomas Jefferson.

Never forget, Never submit.

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