Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Democrats Boo As God & Jerusalem As Israeli Capital Are Put Back In Platform

The (rightful) criticism over removing the word God and refusing recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital from the 2012 Democrat Party platform caused party bosses to make an amendment today to the platform (Fox News Insider).

After taking heat Tuesday for the removal of Jerusalem discussion and ‘God’ language from the Democratic platform, news broke just moments ago that the party had revised the platform to now include both once again. Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland took the mic at the DNC, asking for a vote from his party to put the words back in — a vote that required a 2/3 majority to pass.

In another video, you can hear not only was there not a 2/3rds majority to add the amendment (it sounds 50/50 to my ears), Democrat delegated booed the addition of God and Jerusalem as the Israeli capital back into the DNC platform.

No, this is no longer the Democrat Party of either Truman or JFK.

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