Saturday, September 01, 2012

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz' Sexism: GOP Women Are "Shiny Packaging"

Contrary to "Thunderlips" and the rest of the Democrat's claims, it is they who have such a demeaning view of women (Daily Caller).

Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said Thursday that the female-heavy line-up of speakers at the Republican National Convention was merely “shiny packaging” to distract voters.

“I think we believe that women can see through that nice shiny packaging that the Republicans have been putting out there, through to what’s inside, which is really a disaster for women’s future, extreme policies,” said Wasserman Schultz at a press conference at the Democratic National Committee war room, nestled in the heart of enemy territory just blocks from where the RNC is being held.

Wasserman Schultz was flanked by Illinois Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky, contraception activist Sandra Fluke and Massachusetts state Sen. Karen Spilka.

Shiny packaging? How insulting to demean Mia Love (mayor now running for Congress), Suzanna Martinez (Governor of New Mexico) and Condoleezza Rice (former Secretary of State), among others, who have actually accomplished something own their own, as just shiny props. I mean, wasn't that was "feminism" was supposed to be about?

Instead, "Thuderlips" Debbie and the feminazis are looking down upon women as sex objects. Case in point...while she's uttering her latest absurdity, she's flanked by a 30 year old woman known for not being able to close her legs and wants the taxpayers to pay for her contraception (which her boyfriend apparently isn't responsible enough to buy) she can't afford from all her overseas vacations. Or you have the hags from Code Pinko dressing up like vaginas.

This is the problem with Democrats. Women and minorities who dare to think for themselves, and succeed on their own, are demeaned and ridiculed. Look at how "Thunderlips" Debbie attacks Florida Rep. Allen West. Why? Because Debbie's a bigot, angry that West doesn't buy into the liberal victimology plantation mentality.

Meanwhile, the Obama/Democrat economic wrecking machine has hurt women the most. Statistics have shown men gaining jobs quicker than women. Not just that, look at how women are treated in the White House, which has been called a "hostile environment for females that treats women like meat"

Meanwhile, the accomplishments of GOP women who worked on their own are dismissed, while "Thuderlips" and the Democrats think women are so shallow all they care about is abortion and contraception. Which is why I said earlier Democrats are treating women as merely sex objects.

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