Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Black Conservative Woman Kicked Out Of MSNBC Pavillion At DNC Convention Because She Showed Support For Romney

The hosts at MSNBC (Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap) like to accuse Republicans of RAAAAACISM for any criticism of That One, their false Messiah. But can we now accuse them of being the real racists? (Lee Stranahan,

Security officers, accompanied by a US Secret Service agent, removed Davis from the area after displaying a sign saying she was a black conservative who intended to vote for Mitt Romney in the November presidential election. Davis, who made headlines for a video response to MSNBC personality Touré's use of a racial slur, was approached by security just seconds after she posted her handmade sign.

Ms. Davis immediately complied with the order to put down her sign and ask if she could remain in order to get a drink and food at the pavilion. The private security guard said that she had to leave immediately even if she threw away her sign, because her companions, including Tabitha Hale, Brandon Darby, and me, had cameras. When it was pointed out that most other people at the pavilion also had cameras and were using them, the security guard was unmoved.

Another guard was asked whether it was official MSNBC policy that people could not have cameras and he indicated that it was.

The guards were quickly joined by a man in a suit who was identified by the security guards as Secret Service. It is not clear why a Secret Service agent was involved in MSNBC security.

After Tabitha Hale tweeted about the incident, the local Fox affiliate asked Ms. Davis to appear in a segment on the incident.

My good friend Sister Toldjah, who lives in the Charlotte area, has first hand video and reports from the scene (and smells) around the convention area in Charlotte.

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