Monday, September 10, 2012

"(Biden) Reminded Me Of Someone's Drunken Uncle at Christmas Dinner"

This line was from one of the last pages of "Mark Owen"'s book "No Easy Day," about the killing of Osama bin Laden by Navy Seal Team Six. Was reading through it yesterday at Barnes & Noble.

That line describing Vice President "Bite Me" stuck out, especially after seeing a picture of him yesterday snuggling up to some biker chick sitting on his lap.

Really? Is this something the vice president of the United States does?

"Owen" also said Biden cracked a lot of jokes no one understood. For those who don't remember, it was Biden who also was the one who told the world the identity of the Special Ops team who killed bin Laden (Gateway Pundit).

The Vaughns revealed a couple of weeks ago in Tampa, FL that Obama had sent form letters signed by autopen to them and the other parents of fallen Navy Seals.

Which brings me back to the "Owen" book. According to "Owen" when Obama came to visit Seal Team Six after the bin Laden raid, he'd invited the whole team to the White House residence for a beer.

Time went by and, as "Owen wrote:

We never got the call to have a beer at the White House. I remember I brought it up a few months later to Walt. We'd just come back from the range and we were walking back into the team room.

"Hey, did you ever hear anything about that beer?" I asked.

Walt's smirk was back.

"You believed that shit," he said. "I bet you voted for change too, sucker."

Impersonal form letters to fallen Navy Seals signed by autopen and refusing to have a beer with the men who did the job he goes around claiming credit for, spiking the football for his re-election bid.

No wonder the Dick-in-Chief is trying to prevent overseas military from voting, because he obviously has nothing but contempt for them.

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