Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Does Sen. Barbara Boxer Hate Unborn Children?

Barbara "Call Me Senator" Boxer from California came up with her latest lunacy just the other day.

According to Boxer (via the Huffington ComPost) the Republican Party and Todd Akin (who I and most any conservative/Republicans with half a brain have distanced themselves from) have issues with our mothers or first wives, and that makes us want to restrict abortions or conduct some "war on women."

That's not only crazy, it's outright stupid!

So, in turnaround, I'd like to ask: Why does Barbara Boxer hate unborn children? Fair question to ask. I mean, she's one of the most vocal proponents not just of "choice" but abortion on demand, including the barbaric partial birth abortion, which anyone with a heart knows is infanticide. Is is some sort of modern feminist idea of having power over the evil patriarchy? I mean, come on, we know how much Babsie hates the military and men in uniform, proving she has to be superior than them.

How someone as vapid as Boxer could even be elected Senator is the biggest question of all.

I feel sorry for Mr. Boxer.

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