Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Only Intolerance & H8 Seen At Chick-Fil-A Has Been Against The Restaurant & Christians

From all the reports I've seen, the "kiss in" counter protest against Chick-fil-A by gay activists and the Left was a bomb.

Despite their best efforts, the only acts of intolerance we've seen thus far has not been against homosexuals, but against several franchises of the national chicken chain, their employees, and Christians.

I pointed out one instance of blasphemy seen in Hollywood on Friday. Another Chick-fil-A in Southern California was vandalized by a gay activist. Just outside of St. Louis, another restaurant was vandalized as well.

In Chicago on Friday, only about 20 to 30 showed up for the "kiss in." While there, another act of anti-Christian bigotry occurred. Anne Sorock, writing at Legal Insurrection, captured it on camera.

While there, a group formed around an elderly African-American homeless man, who was reading his bible while seated along a fence rail off to the side of the protest. Some in the group confronted the man, who was reading the bible aloud, and engaged him in theological debates. A few others took the opportunity to mock the man, which I captured on video:

Nearing the end of the protest, someone from the group wrote on the sidewalk in front of the homeless man, “He’s Really Gay Deep Down,” with an arrow pointed to where he was seated.

Now of course, if this had been conservatives at a Tea Party doing the mocking, they'd have been called racist, and you can bet this video would be shown in an endless loop on CNN, SeeBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC.

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