Monday, August 13, 2012

SHAME! Obama Calls British PM To Congratulate Him On Olympics, Ignores US Athletes

I'm only surprised he hasn't called China and other nations to apologize that we won so many medals (Marathon Pundit).

Earlier today President Obama called British Prime Minister David Cameron to congratulate him for hosting what most people generally believe were a successful Olympic games.

The country that won the most medals--and the most gold medals--was the United States. While Obama has congratulated individual athletes and teams--such as our female gymnasts--there has been no overall congratulations from him for Team USA as a whole.

So there has been no statement from Obama along the lines of--"Isn't America a great nation--one that can offer athletes the possibility to realize their dreams--a country that has the intellectual resources to produce brilliant coaches and one that possesses the economic greatness to build first-rate training facilities?"

Obama, our first internationalist president, doesn't believe in American Exceptionalism and I agree with the many great minds who've declared that Obama believes that the United States has enjoyed the good life for too long of a time.

Of course Reagan did it right when he congratulated 1984 medal winners. And he even managed to tout capitalism as well.

Well, we know Obama would probably tell our athletes "you didn't do that, someone else did that for you."

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