Monday, August 27, 2012

RNC Convention, Formal Nomination Of Mitt Romney....Where I Stand...Where Will You Stand?

This is the week, in which Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be formally nominated as the Republican nominees for President and Vice President, at the Republican Convention in Tampa, FL.

If you've followed this blog during the GOP primary, you will remember that I was one who was very hard, tough, and critical on Mitt Romney. I questioned his conservative credentials. Since the time the primary has ended, I've still have criticisms (this "Nice guy, failed President" BS needs to stop.). But by and large Romney has proven he is head and shoulders a better candidate than John McLame was in 2008. Sarah Palin was the only bright spot on that ticket, and the only one who wanted to win.

Selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate was a stroke of genius for Romney, and has brought about an enthusiasm for the GOP ticket that was missing.

So where do I stand, since Mitt Romney wasn't my choice?

Well, on Election Day 2012, I will without hesitation vote for the team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Because to put it simply....Obama and Biden MUST BE DEFEATED, in order to save and preserve this nation.

To vote for any other candidate (note those of you who are thinking Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode) is to vote for Obama by proxy.

Let me sum it up with the late Andrew Breitbart's words from CPAC 2012, which was his last major speech before his untimely death a couple of weeks later.

I will march behind who ever our candidate is. Because if we don't, we lose. There are two paths! There are two paths! One is America, the other is Occupy! One is America, the other is Occupy! And I don't care, and along the way... I've realized over the last three years that the Republican Party and the conservative movement is not what ABC, CBS and NBC put on the screen. They try to portray you in the worst possible light... and when I travel around the United States meeting people in the Tea Party who care — black, white, gay, straight — anyone that's willing to stand next to me to fight the progressive left, I will be in that bunker, and if you're not in that bunker 'cause you're not satisfied with this candidate, more than shame on you — you're on the other side!

That's all you need to know!  Where will you stand?

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