Friday, August 10, 2012

Obama Regime Giving Safe Harbor to Criminal Illegal Aliens, According to Leaked DHS Document

Or, it should be known as Homeland InSecurity, as they are scheming with Richard Milhous Obama to give safe harbor to criminals who have also violated our immigration laws, according to Sen. Jeff Sessions (Fox News).

Fox News has obtained an internal document detailing how the Department of Homeland Security plans to implement what critics say amounts to an amnesty policy for what could be more than one million illegal immigrants.

According to the documents, illegal immigrants convicted of felonies or misdemeanors under “state immigration laws” may be granted deferred action. Those who have repeatedly entered the United States illegally will also be eligible. And traffic violations would not be considered a misdemeanor.

“It is a direct threat to the rule of law and to the demonstrated desire of the American people for a lawful system of immigration,” Sessions said. “I believe this administration has utilized this policy to basically undermine and negate the ability of the law officers to do what they have been hired and paid to do.”

Sessions told Fox News that according to his understanding of the implementation documents, illegal immigrants who are using stolen or fraudulent Social Security numbers in order to gain employment will not be charged with a crime.

One wonders if Obama is trying to help out his two relatives, who were found to be here illegally, one arrested for DUI.  How many illegals have committed murder, assault, or sexual assualt after having been deported and come back here?

But it's no surprise he's doing this. He needs to flood the voter rolls since he can't run on his record. He'll pull any dirty trick to get elected and screw over law abiding American citizens, as well as those from other nations who want to become citizens and are playing by the rules.

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