Friday, August 17, 2012

#NEW TONE: Liberal Spits In Face of Female Romney Supporter

The intolerant Left strikes again, this afternoon in Paul Ryan's home state of Wisconsin (, via Twitchy)

A bus tour event on behalf of Mitt Romney turned ugly Friday afternoon when a protester interrupted a rally and spit in a supporter’s face.

The event featured Wisconsin state Sen. Alberta Darling and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. During Darling’s remarks, the protester, Mary Hoglund, 83, of Appleton, interrupted the event to ask about Republican opposition to Planned Parenthood. A local Romney supporter began arguing with Hoglund, who then spit in her face. Hoglund was escorted out, and received medical attention for a scratch she received on her neck. The supporter declined to give her name as she left the event, but said she was unharmed.  
...Chris Hanson, owner of the benefits provider, said the altercation caught her off guard. “This is a private business and we invited a small group of clients and friends,” Hanson said. “Whatever happened to grace and mercy in politics? This isn’t a town hall meeting.”  
Ben Sparks, a Wisconsin-based Romney spokesman, called the incident a “stunt” and said the woman refused to leave when asked.
One of the old liberal hag's friends played the victim card.
Romney protester Kathy Lefebvre, of Green Bay, was escorted out with Hoglund. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before, to me it’s unacceptable,” Lefebvre said. “Getting upset is one thing, but (Romney supporters) attacked Mary.”  
Mary Jones, of Oneida, attended the event and was standing in the crowd of two dozen people near the altercation. “It was very disrespectful,” Jones said. “One woman decided to be rude and was politely asked to leave. It was shocking.”

For those who keep track of liberal incivility, incidents like this aren't shocking. Liberals act incivil, and yet blame conservatives for all the "hate" and "incivility" in politics today.

I guess the Romney supporter won't be getting a phone call from Richard Milhous Obama.

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John Holliday said...

It's all the koolaidians know. They have no idea how to be civil only to be disrupters. Just look at their leader — a community organizer. Read as: marxist activist.