Saturday, August 18, 2012

Joe Biden's "Chains" - Plays a Deck Of Race Cards But Led Lynch Mob Against Justice Thomas

This is hilarious!

Chris Plante, the morning host of WMAL, Washington DC's talk station, put on his website a recording made by his engineer of Joe Biden singing "Chain of Fools," in response to Vice President Bite Me's statement to a mostly black audience that Mitt Romney would "put y'all back in chains!"

Of course, Bite Me didn't just play a race card, he played an entire deck with that slur. Even Democrat former Governor of Virginia Doug Wilder, who is black, was offended by Biden's "chains" comment.

It might be inconvenient for Bite Me, but while he tries to scare blacks to not stray from the Democrat Plantation, he was the leader of the Senate Judiciary Lynch Mob against Clarence Thomas in 1991 (CNSNews).

“Joe Biden has had his finger in every tawdry hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee in my memory,” (Mark) Levin said. “He has lowered the standard of debate. He has politicized the confirmation process. He has used his position to defame a number of nominees, including Bob Bork and Clarence Thomas, and there’s no road too low that he won’t travel.”

...In the Thomas hearings, meanwhile, Biden allowed another “smear campaign” – one which “went from partisanship to being very personal,” (Stephen) Calabresi said.

“The Thomas hearings were, if anything, even worse, because they descended into the personal, and became really, almost a circus because of Sen. Biden’s inability to control the hearings,” he added.

Hausknecht said Biden allowed the Thomas hearings “to degenerate” into “a personal show trial” by letting University of Oklahoma law professor Anita Hill make accusations about alleged improper remarks and actions she attributed to Thomas.

Levin said Biden’s handling of the case had reduced the Senate confirmation hearing to the discussion of “pubic hairs on Coke cans” – a reference to the most notorious allegation Hill made of a “sexually harassing” comment, supposedly from Thomas.

Thomas’s recent autobiography, “My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir,” accuses Biden of unfair treatment, noting that Biden had promised Thomas “would be considered on the basis of his qualifications alone.”

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