Monday, August 27, 2012

Hollywood Stunned! Obama-Critical Documentary "2016" Exceeds Box Office Expectations

Is this a foreshadowing of what will come in November? Author Dinesh D'Souza's film "2016: Obama's America" ranked number four in box office receipts this week, and grossed higher than the top three movies that opened this weekend. (Entertainment Weekly)
In fourth, the conservative doc 2016: Obama’s America expanded from 169 to 1,091 theaters and grossed a hefty $2.3 million as a result. The independently produced and distributed documentary scored a higher gross than the three studio-distributed titles that entered theaters this weekend. Not only did 2016‘s national ad campaign kick off in earnest this week, it has recently enjoyed a groundswell of curiosity and is riding a wave of Republican National Convention publicity. The film is no Fahrenheit 911 just yet — that film earned $119.2 million — but its takeoff at the box office is notable.

2016 may earn about $7 million over the three day frame, which would give it almost $10 million total. That’s enough to make the film the second-highest grossing documentary (behind Disney’s Chimpanzee) this year, surpassing Bully‘s $3.5 million cume, as well as the highest grossing conservative documentary of all time — passing Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, which grossed $7.7 million in 2008. To be clear, its performance isn’t shocking, despite the numerous headlines suggesting it is — just look at the film’s trajectory over the past few weeks.

Stacy on the Right: Movie Review: 2016 Obama’s America

I honestly could not wait to see this film. So much so that in hot anticipation of a sold out show, we bought our tickets on Fandango three days ahead. So glad that we did because the show was indeed standing room only. And by the way, it’s the number one seller on

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Anonymous said...

Just saw your site on a Google search. We've just existed from a showing of 2016 here in the Claremont section of San Diego.

I heard a lady said how she so depressed after viewing it. In truth, after seeing it we're in much more trouble than I imagine. Please spread the word. Everyone has got to see this movie.

Our beloved Country is hanging by a thread. Obama MUST be removed if we are to survive as a nation!!

Vincent L. Diaz