Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dry Drunk Lib Bob Beckel Uses Anti-Semitic Slur ("Diamond Merchants") About Romney Fundraiser In Israel

The angry liberal hack Bob Beckel has shown just how vile liberals really are.

He claims to be a recovering alcoholic, but acts like a dry drunk instead (one who only put the cork in the jug but still acts and thinks like a drunk). He's a vile misogynist who has attacked women with violence and obscenties on the show (ask Pamela Geller and Michelle Malkin).

Now he's fallen to using anti-Semitic slurs on Fox News' "The Five" (Twitchy).

“He (Romney) had one (fundraiser) in Israel with a bunch of diamond merchants, we don’t know the names of them.”

The only video is can find is at The Right Scoop, you have to go to the link to see it. Here's the clip also, via FireAndreaMitchell and Breitbart.TV.

That comes 24 hours after Beckel called the RNC chairman the slang word for female genetailia on the same Fox news show.

Really? Thanks Bob for showing how liberals really are angry bigots at heart, everything they accuse conservatives of being.

Seriously, Bob, go get some help!

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