Thursday, August 09, 2012

Did Obama 2012 Break Campaign Laws?

It's a fair question to ask.

After all, "Dingy" Harry Reid makes allegations that Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes for 10 years, based on a source he has whom he won't reveal.

But we don't need an anonymous source, we have proof (HotAir).

What you’re about to see is the absurdity of that fiction taken to its logical conclusion. So eager is lifelike talking-points robot Stephanie Cutter to keep the campaign’s fingerprints off the cheap lies in the PAC ad that she claims at 4:00 below not to know the facts about when Soptic’s wife got sick or when she died. Minor problem: The campaign itself featured Soptic in not one but two ads several months ago and had him tell the story of his wife’s death after he lost his insurance during a conference call with — ta da — Stephanie Cutter. You’ll find the audio of that below too; look out for Cutter’s cameo at the very end. Granted, Soptic didn’t give precise dates on the call about when his wife got sick and passed away, but that’s no defense for Team O. Some campaign researcher must have gone over the detailed timeline of his story with him at some point; if they went ahead and put him on a call with Cutter anyway, it’s only because they were so eager to push this smear that they downplayed the long interim between his layoff and his wife’s death in hopes that the media wouldn’t ask questions.

So, not only is Stephanie Cutter a liar, but so is "Baghdad" Bob Fibbs, and his replacement as Regime Propaganda Minister, Jay Carney who claim they don't know about it but won't distance themselves from it. They'll go around lecturing us about "civility" and "new tone," and then they act in the most uncivil manner. It's the Chicago Way. Have someone else do your dirty work for you. But the real question here, is the obvious coordination between the Obama Campaign and this Super PAC run by Bill Burton. A blind man could see it, and what the campaign did is illegal.  So who is going to hold them to account? You know that Obama has a real problem when even a knee-jerk lib like Lanny Davis says this ad that Bill Burton's PAC ran goes too far.

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