Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Damn You, Todd Akin! You've Become The Next Clayton Williams

Todd Akin said a really stupid and unintelligent thing on Sunday, talking about "legitimate rape" and alleging (without proof) that a woman's body would automatically miscarry a child conceived out of rape, because of the stress.

I mean, c'mon!!!! Where the hell did you get that information?

It was hoped, by many of us in the conservative movement (including this blogger), he would realize the race was bigger than him and withdraw before a deadline of 5 p.m. today.

The fool didn't do it, and with it, the chances of Republicans picking up a seat held by an unpopular and corrupt incumbent (Claire "Air" McCaskill) are dimming. This could also affect Republican take over of the Senate and the possibility of killing ObamaCare.

McCaskill is happy and thinks he shouldn't drop out. Why shouldn't she be happy? She and the Democrats spent $1.5 million to help him in his primary win against John Brunner and the Sarah Palin backed Sarah Steelman. So she and the Democrats got what they wanted...another distraction from her disastrous record and the failure of the Obama Regime.

Gaffes are a hard thing to come back from, especially one that has to do with the horrible crime of rape. One gaffe can also be a precursor to a repeat offender status (which Joe Bite Me Biden gets a pass for by the media). In that sense, because Akin has put his ego ahead of the best interest of the nation and his party, he's becoming the 2012 version of Clayton Williams.

Who is Clayton Williams? He's a Texas oilman who acts like a stereotypical "good ole boy." He can be blamed in large part for Ann "Ma" Richards becoming Governor of Texas in 1990 because of a string of gaffes that began when he made a stupid "joke" to volunteers and the media at a cattle roundup.

He compared the cold, foggy weather spoiling the event to a rape, telling ranch hands, campaign workers and reporters around a campfire, ''If it's inevitable, just relax and enjoy it.''

Williams apologized, but that, as well as a few more instances of "foot in mouth" disease, cost him the election.

Another instance of repeated gaffes? How about Texas Agriculture Commissioner Reagan Brown, who lost the Democrat Primary in the early 1980s to Jim Hightower for a racial slur about Booker T. Washington that was caught on tape.

Yes, Brown was a Democrat, at a time when the state offices in Texas were largely controlled by Democrats, and before the party earned the protected by the media status it has today.

Mark Levin went off on Akin at the beginning of his radio show, deservedly so. Not only has Akin's boneheaded comment taken the focus off the failures of Obama, it's given the Democrats the opportunity to tar and feather every Republican with the comment and open up their usual talking points. Never mind that the Democrats embrace a serial gaffer like Vice President Joe Bite Me, or the drunk driving, woman drowner named Ted Kennedy. The keynote speaker for the DNC convention is alleged rapist Bill Clinton.

And guess what? A Democrat State Senator in Minnesota named Kerry Gauthier was caught having sex with a teenage boy. But what is dominating the news? Todd the Clod Akin.

Thanks a lot, asshole!

Sister Toldjah points to this article, indicating all might not be lost.

Akin made another appearance on Sean Hannity's radio show and, well, check out the audio at Legal Insurrection.

Hopefully, someone can force him out by September 25th, which is the final opportunity where a replacement can be added.

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